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As for Lin Qiye, he didnt feel anything in his heart.

He was just a little tired.

After all, he had killed 400,000 cultivators.

His arms were a little sore, and his eyes were quite dry.

“Phew – Killing people is really tiring! If I hadnt already lit up the Four Gates of Heaven, Im afraid I would have collapsed from exhaustion…”

Lin Qiye heaved a sigh of relief.

At the same time, he swept his cold gaze across the Qing Xuan Sect.

“The remaining survivors are basically good people.

There are also some common people who were captured and brought here to serve as laborers…”

Without a doubt, the Qing Xuan Sect had been destroyed.

He had achieved his goal!

And so, Lin Qiyes cold voice resounded through the clouds.

“Today, the Qing Xuan Sect is reduced to ashes! The remaining disciples must live a good life.

If you dare to kill common people, my butchers knife will be stained with the blood on your neck.”

Lin Qiye warned.


His cold and indifferent voice was like a law, deeply imprinted in the survivors minds.

“The Qing Xuan Sect is gone.

Next, it will be the Dragon Snake Sect…”

Lin Qiye turned around and faced the direction of the Dragon Snake Sect.

But suddenly, Lin Qiye heard the intermittent weak cries of a woman.

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It was like a heart-wrenching wail before death.

Her mournful wail made the listeners heart ache subconsciously.

Even Lin Qiyes heart was faintly torn apart.

He frowned andquickly stepped into a core disciples palace.

The palace was resplendent.

Crystal chandeliers, jade candlesticks, spiritual stone stairs, Nanmu beams, fur beds… It was extremely luxurious.

However, in the resplendent side room, there were thirty-seven iron cages.

More than fifty naked, bruised women were tamed like dogs in the iron cages.

They were already dead.

When this core disciple was escaping, he killed them in passing.

Before they died, their eyes were dull, and there were no emotions on their faces.

There was only relief.

However, a few women were still alive.

Due to the pain caused by their fatal injuries, they wailed in despair.

They had been struggling in pain for a long time when Lin Qiye arrived, and they slowly took their last breaths.

Looking at the innocent womens corpses, Lin Qiyes gaze was cold, and flames of anger burned fiercely in his eyes.

“They were all young girls in their prime, and they should be falling in love.

“But just when life should bloom, just when their life should be full of flowers and infinitely beautiful…

” They were caught by these sc*ms and locked in a cage like an animal to be used…

“These sc*ms even had to kill these poor commoners before they escaped!

“In comparison, the Hell I created isnt a real Hell…”

In this regard, Lin Qiye was ashamed of himself.

He could only lower his eyes and check the palaces of a few core disciples.

The second palace was as luxurious as the imperial palace.

In the side room, there were dozens of unsuccessfully conceived babies soaked in a glass container in some spiritual liquid.

In the back gardens dry well, there were many corpses.

There were also some female corpses thrown in two days ago.

Some of the important organs on their bodies had been removed.

In the third palace, eleven pairs of boys and girls around the age of nine were tied up by dog chains.

They were already dead.

Lin Qiye stopped in front of the fourth palace.

He raised his footsteps but halted.

He couldnt step over the threshold no matter what.

He couldnt bear to check them anymore.

Lin Qiye turned around and glanced at the corpses on the ground of the Qing Xuan Sect, silently twirling the hilt of his saber.

No one knew what he felt at the moment.

Lin Qiyes cold facial features became even colder.

“Ill ley Eunuch Cao go and kill these peoples entire family! Be neat and tidy.

Dont leave a single one alive…”

After uttering these words, Lin Qiye summoned his wings of lightning and thunder.

He wanted to return to the stone gate and hand over this task to Eunuch Cao.

However, just as he turned around, a faint cry of pain like that of a tiger or dragon could be heard in the depths of the Qing Xuan Sect.

The dragons cry was rather weak and passed in an instant, so faint that it was difficult to notice.

If it werent for the Thousand-year Dragon Body and lightning dragons within Lin Qiyes wings that trembled as they felt the faint cry, Lin Qiye wouldnt have stopped.

“There really is a dragon roar.

Although I didnt hear it, the lightning dragons and Thousand-year Dragon Body both trembled slightly.

“Should I take a look Perhaps I should!”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye swiftly flapped his wings and followed the direction of the dragon roar, descending into the abyss in front of the back mountain.

“Did the dragons roar come from under the abyss”

Lin Qiye was a little curious.

His intuition told him there was an unknown secret sealed under the abyss.

Moreover, it felt like an important opportunity.

Therefore, Lin Qiye did not hesitate.

He flapped his wings that flashed with lightning and thunder and jumped into the abyss.

Without the wings, Lin Qiye wouldnt have dared to jump down.

But with his wings, he had nothing to fear.

Even if he was attacked in the air inside the abyss, Lin Qiye could use his wings to create a point of leverage at any time.

He could complete all the difficult aerial movements and fight the enemy with ease.

It could be said that even if Lin Qiye was sent flying, he could immediately reverse his inertia and counterattack at the very moment.

It was the reason why Angels Wings was his Natal Divine Weapon.

It was indeed ridiculously powerful!

One had to admit that Qin Xingtong, who was able to develop such a heaven-defying gene reagent, was truly an ultimate research talent!

At this point, even Lin Qiye had to bow his head in admiration!

Unfortunately, to take away the three heaven-defying technologies, Lin Qiye had no choice but to burn his lifespan and leave early.

In the end, he couldnt see Qin Xingtong create more heaven-defying reagents.

Moreover, Qin Xingtong left the Angel Universe in Year 200 of the Angel Calendar to obtain more scientific inspiration.

No one knew where he went.

If he was not immortal, he would probably die in another universe.

After all, Golden Core cultivators only had a lifespan of 500 years, and Nascent Soul cultivators only had 2,000 years.

“I really hope that Qin Xingtong can obtain immortality.

I wanted to see his new creations.”

After sighing in his heart, Lin Qiye immediately discarded the messy thoughts in his mind.

He fell to the bottom of the abyss.

At the bottom, there was no daylight, and it was filled with an unpleasant cold aura.

Fortunately, Lin Qiyes thunder wings had the natural effect of dispelling the cold, allowing him to be completely unaffected.

After falling for ten minutes, Lin Qiye landed on the ground.

He looked around, and the first thing he saw was an altar at the center of the abyss.

A jade dragon head with a diameter of ten meters was sealed on the altar.

The dragon head was not a real living dragon.

Instead, it emitted a bright milky white light, like a jade dragon condensed from jade marrow.

However, only the head was lying on the altar.

Everything below the dragon heads neck was cut off by a sharp weapon.

Golden blood coagulated on the wound.

As for the dragon body, it had long disappeared.

On the dragon heads jaw, neck, eyes, temples, and the middle part of the head, seven pitch-black Dragon Suppression Spikes were embedded deeply in the flesh.

The Dragon Suppression Spikes were more than ten meters long and as thick as a mans arm.

They pierced through the dragon head from every part!

It was like the nails hammered into an eel when it was being slaughtered.

However, the dragon head in front of Lin Qiye had been pierced through seven parts by the seven Dragon Suppression Spikes.

This technique could be said to be ruthless with vicious intentions.

The Dragon Suppression Spikes emitted a dense killing intent and black aura that continuously corroded the white jade dragons dragon head.

It was in extreme pain, laying at the bottom of the abyss on its last breath.

It no longer had any strength left but still opened its squinted eyes slightly.

Its turbid eyes shot out a light, pleading for help.

Lin Qiye furrowed his brows, thinking about it.

“It looks like a dragon.

What kind of creature is it

“Is it some spiritual object between heaven and earth

“And who cut off the dragons head and sealed it in the bottom of the abyss with such a cruel method”

With many doubts, Lin Qiye silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Deduction of Genesis!”


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