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A moment later, Roan appeared on Rean\'s side, holding Thael by the hand.

Thael simply couldn\'t do anything against it since Roan was using both Spatial Power and Rean\'s Light Element.

\'Seems like your Light Element allowed those souls to enter the reincarnation path.

I don\'t think it would be possible any other way.\'

Rean nodded in response.

\'I see...\'



It was then that Roan slapped the back of Rean\'s head.

Now, the plan was not to get involved.

What were you thinking Look at the mess you caused!

Rean looked around and could see both the humanoids, the ones out and the ones locked, looking at what had happened.


my bad, my bad.

I really didn\'t want to get involved.

But in the end, I just couldn\'t watch while they had their souls extracted.

But hey, look at the guy you have! Since we captured a devil, surely it will give us some good information.

Is that so Roan asked with a snort.

Maybe you didn\'t notice it, but Dark Element is useless in torturing devils.

That means the interrogation will have to be done by you and not me.

Rean obviously wasn\'t very good at it.

I would rather use one of my Soul Binding Contracts.

He\'s only in the Transition Realm, so he can\'t defend against it.

Whatever. Roan could only agree with that.

Rean\'s contract couldn\'t be denied, so it was a lot more useful.

Take it out.

We\'ll decide what to do with the rest later.


Rean quickly brought out one of his contracts.

However, as soon as Thael saw that, he immediately implored him to spare him.

No, please! You know very well that devils can\'t sign Soul Binding Contracts! Don\'t do that!

Rean and Roan looked at each other with confused expressions.

Still, there were quite a few eyes on them, so the twins decided to first bring the guy into the Dimensional Realm.

Well, Rean didn\'t really go into the Dimensional Realm, only Roan and the guy.

Rean stayed outside to look after the humanoids there.

Inside the Dimensional Realm, Roan asked the devil called Thael.

What do you mean devils can\'t sign contracts

Hearing that, Thael was the one to look at Roan with a confused expression.


could it be you aren\'t an actual devil Sure enough, Thael began to doubt Roan\'s real identity.

Roan pondered over it for a bit and decided to return to his real form, showing the devil that he was nothing but a human.

You guessed right.

I\'m just pretending to be a devil.

Seems like it worked pretty well since you couldn\'t tell the difference.

I see... Thael understood why Rean and Roan didn\'t seem to know why Clanti could find their location at first.

J-Just, just don\'t make me sign the Soul Binding Contract.

I don\'t care how you pretended to be a devil, but our souls will be destroyed if we sign any of them.

It doesn\'t matter whether we agree with it or not.

Then you\'ll have to tell me a lot.

Plus, you\'ll have to convince me you\'re telling the truth, Roan said in response.

Of course, it didn\'t mean he believed the guy.

Unfortunately, Thael shook his head.

I\'m under the influence of the Huopis Clan Master.

If I try to say anything, I\'m done for.

Roan coldly smiled after hearing that.

Is that so Then I have no reason to keep you alive. He didn\'t need to ask about that so-called influence since it was obvious that it worked like some seal that prevented the leak of information.

Wait! Thael obviously couldn\'t wait to be killed.

I can\'t say anything, but I still have some importance in the Huopis Clan.

You can definitely exchange me for a few benefits.

Roan pondered over it for a bit but quickly gave up the idea.

Instead, he forcefully drew a drop of blood from Thael and used his Spatial Power to force the devil to sign the contract.

I would rather see if Soul Binding Contracts are actually useless or not.

Wait! Don\'t do this! Thael tried to use all his strength to resist, but he simply couldn\'t do anything against Roan\'s might.

In the end, the drop of blood was used to sign the contract.



Unfortunately, it really didn\'t work.

Before the seal could attach itself to Thael\'s soul, Thael felt his soul being torn apart by some foreign power.

The seal of the Soul Binding Contract couldn\'t find any soul to attach itself to in the end.

That\'s because Thael\'s soul had already been destroyed when it reached that phase.




More souls began to flow out of Thael\'s body, every single one tainted with Thael\'s Dark Element.


Roan snorted and quickly exchanged elements with Rean, using them to purify the souls before they disappeared.

Thael didn\'t have anywhere near the number of souls that Clanti had, but Roan still helped them transition to the underworld by cleaning them.

Oh! I didn\'t expect you to care about that, said Kentucky, who was watching the fun.

Yet, Roan\'s answer surprised him.

My job in my previous life was as a soul guide, a Death Spirit.

Even now, I still consider myself to be one of them.

Making sure the souls enter the reincarnation path is just what I should do.

[That\'s quite thoughtful of you.] Even Sister Orb couldn\'t help but comment on that.

[Perhaps you do have a heart, after all...]

Roan completely ignored Sister Orb\'s words.

Following that, he changed back into his devil form and used the Dimensional Realm to teleport outside.

Bickering with Sister Orb in the Dimensional Realm never ended well, after all.

Back in the Realm of Gods, Roan appeared in the same place he had left.

Rean, of course, saw everything that happened in there.

All hail the Lord of Death.

What a prime example of a Death Spirit!

Roan glared at Rean for a moment before saying, Go ** yourself.

Finally, he walked in the direction of the female cultivator.

In the end, there were no more devils to interrogate, only those humanoids.

Now then, where should we start


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