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Jiang Kangning was an official, so according to the law he could not be engaged in business.

Therefore, Jiang Kangning could only openly assist Jiang Kangchen and Eunuch An, while they were the main responsible persons.

But since eunuch An had many responsibilities in the palace, there were many things that were not good for him to step in, so the first person in charge was Jiang Kangchen.

In Shao Yunan’s opinion, the Emperor might intend to train Jiang Kangchen into an imperial merchant. 

The son of the Marquis of Hengyuan was doing a lot of business, but he didn’t do business for the Emperor.

The money he earned was his, except for the taxes he paid each year.

But imperial merchants were different.

Marquis Hengyuan was already very rich, so it was impossible for the Emperor to give him another business to make money.

Jiang Kangchen was Jiang Kangning’s Elder Brother, who was backed by Master Weng.

Shao Yunan guessed that this may be the main reason why the Emperor was willing to entrust this matter to Jiang Kangchen.

Eunuch An would not stay here for long.

After determining the amount of tea and wine in Shao Yunan’s hands, and confirming the amount for the next year, he would return to the capital.

Other related matters would be discussed when he returned to the capital with the goods.

Shao Yunan and the Emperor’s relationship could be considered cooperative.

The Emperor didn’t need to pay Shao Yunan for the goods first, while Shao Yunan would receive 30% of the profit from the sale of the wine and tea.

How the rest was distributed was the Emperor’s business, but Jiang Kangchen’s side would certainly not receive any less.  (30% It’s a really bad deal since SY is the only person putting money in this business, labor, cost of barrels etc.

Don’t do business like this in real life) 

This time, Shao Yunan was left without even one barrel of wine or kilo of tea, as they were taken away by Eunuch An and Jiang Kangchen.

Jiang Kancheng would be in direct contact with Shao Yunan.

After the first sale of wine and tea, Jiang Kangchen would send a confidant to Yongxiu County.

Later, this confidant would directly contact Shao Yunan and Jiang Kangchen would come in person when necessary.

Jiang Kangning was an official, so in order to avoid suspicion, business matters would be handled by him as little as possible in the future. 

What Eunuch An wanted to take away was not only tea and wine, but also chrysanthemum tea, jasmine tea, rose tea, and bamboo tea recipes, as well as the manufacturing method for various types of jam, together with the recipes for 200 dishes and two dozen simple desserts.

Therefore, when Jiang Kangchen returned to the capital, he would not only open tea shops and fruit wine shops, but also open flower tea shops, jam shops, dessert shops and restaurants.

Shao Yunan would get from 10 to 20% of the profit from the sale of the goods in these shops. 

Jiang Kangchen signed the contract, including the most profitable tea and wine contract, with Shao Yunan and Shao Yunan asked Wang Shijing to sign it, as well as put his fingerprints on the contract.

His actions surprised both Jiang Kangning and Jiang Kangchen, but Shao Yunan just replied that Wang Shijing was the head of their family and the fields and houses of the family were all in his name, so the bulk of their family income would be in Wang Shijing’s name. 

Wang Shijing himself did not expect Shao Yunan to do so, but he did not reject it, as he calmly signed his name and pressed his hand print on the deeds.

Others may be afraid that he will do something to betray Shao Yunan in the future, but he knows that no matter how many deeds were in his name, it was Shao Yunan who was in charge of their family.

Also no matter how much money their family made, it was Shao Yunan who held all the financial power, so Shao Yunan did this as a sign that he liked him and he was happy with it.

Eunuch An and Jiang Kangchen were going back to the capital.

In addition to the goods they would take away, Shao Yunan also had to prepare some specialties.

Using the greenhouse, Shao Yunan took out many vegetables from the space, such as eggplant, cabbage, leek, bean sprouts, white radish, and pumpkin, which Jiang Kangchen and Eunuch An would bring back to the capital to eat. 

He packed all these vegetables in wooden boxes and sprinkled some spiritual spring water so they would keep fresh for more than 10 days.

The vegetables planted by Wang Shijing in the space were all ready to eat and the tea trees were growing fast.

The goat’s milk trees would also bear fruit in half a month at the latest.

As for the cucumbers and other western vegetables, they needed to be kept secret and could only be eaten in secret. 

In addition to these vegetables, Shao Yunan also packed dried crab feet, peach gelatin, dried mushrooms, fungus, and so on.  Eunuch An and Jiang Kangchen had never seen crab foot and peach gelatin, since people at this time did not know the value of these things.

Shao Yunan told the two people about the efficacy of crab feet and peach gelatin, and as soon as they heard it was good for their health, Eunuch An immediately said that he would give it to the Empress which revealed that Empress’ health was not good. 

Shao Yunan couldn’t help but be curious.

“Is there something wrong with the Empress The roasted crab legs and peach gelatin are a bit cold.

If you have a cold constitution you should not eat much of it.” Eunuch An sighed and said worriedly, “The Empress was injured when he went out with the Emperor in his early years and then he had a miscarriage.

After that, his body was not very good.

He often has abdominal pain and no one could find out what was wrong.

The Emperor and the Empress are very affectionate, so I can’t help but worry about it day and night.”

Shao Yunan knew from Jiang Kangning that the Empress was still childless so he asked, “Is that poor health caused by miscarriage or was it left after the injury” Eunuch An said, “The Empress has been seriously injured several times and was also poisoned once, so his body was already in bad condition.

But after the miscarriage, his body grew even worse.”

After staying here for seven or eight days and being served with Shao Yunan’s delicacies and desserts every day, Eunuch An no longer avoided speaking of this matter.

The most important thing was that Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing’s attitude toward him often made Lord An forget that he was just a eunuch.

Although Eunuch An could be regarded as a powerful person in the eyes of others, he was still a castrated man.

Other people’s respect for him was also due to his identity, so few people really respected him. 

Eunuch An was a person who could see clearly who was sincere or false to him.

Shao Yunan’s respect for him was not due to his contempt.

While talking to him about small or big matters, he was also never dismissive, but treated him like an ordinary male elder.

That’s why Eunuch An was willing to talk to Shao Yunan about these things. 

Hearing Eunuch An say so, Shao Yunan secretly thought that there might be some hidden injury that caused the miscarriage.

The frequent abdominal pain might also be because the miscarriage was not clean, right The Empress never had a child, but the Emperor still loved him.

This time, the Empress would also be responsible for the tea and wine business.

It could be clearly seen that the Emperor loved the Empress very much, since there were also not many people in the Emperor harem. 

Eunuch An said, “After we go back, we will let the doctor see if the Empress can take it.

If the Empress can eat it and it really has the effect of nourishing the body, in the future we will ask little brother Shao to pay more attention to this crab feet and peach gelatin.” Shao Yunan hurriedly said, “Lord An, don’t say that.

It’s just a little crab feet and peach gelatin, not to mention the fact that it’s good for the Empress, the Emperor and lord An should also eat it.

I didn’t intend to sell these either.

After collecting them, I will just ask Brother Kangchen to send them to you.”


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