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Although it was very powerful, it did not dare to fight with humans.

It only relied on its tough skin and thick flesh to barely withstand a few attacks.

The injuries on its body became more and more serious.

It did not want to continue to be entangled.

If it continued to delay, it would definitely be exhausted to death by this human!


The sub-Dragon suddenly let out a long roar, shaking the entire area.

This sound contained some kind of strange power, causing the nearby water flow to create huge ripples.

It used its last strength, and its body rapidly swam towards a small path, hoping to escape this place!

“You want to leave” However, at this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

Immediately after, the sub-Dragon heard a “huff huff” sound by its ear!


With a muffled sound, a high-speed rotating harpoon-like object suddenly slashed across its back, scraped through its defensive skin, and pierced deep into its muscles!

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The sub-Dragon let out a pained cry, its body suddenly sped up, and it quickly dashed forward.

At the same time, its tail suddenly swept across, rolling up the lake water, turning into a huge whip, and lashed out at the human in front of it!


This time, the cold figure was caught off guard and was actually hit by the whip.

His body was instantly sent flying about ten meters, and he flew backward to hit the stone mountain and shattered it with a loud bang!

Countless pieces of gravel flew in all directions, creating huge waves.

“Im actually fine!” Ye Feng was secretly shocked.

He saw that his body was completely unharmed, and his body did not suffer any damage at all.

This was all thanks to the Sea Stone Armor on his body!

Ever since the battle with the Blue Drake, Ye Feng basically did not need to take off the Sea Stone Armor and the Sea Stone Crown on his body.

This was because the two of them basically merged into one, which was equivalent to a type of external support.

He basically did not feel anything when he wore them.

Moreover, these two pieces of equipment could not be seen by others either.

It was similar to something that had been transformed.

“The three-piece Sea Stone Set is really too useful!” Ye Feng sighed to himself.

Then, his body erupted once again.

The Dragon Seed in his body carried a small portion of Dragon blood.

It was constantly boiling and burning.

An incomparably violent power surged into Ye Fengs body.

It was as if he had been injected with a super serum, causing Ye Feng to be filled with the desire to fight.

This also gave Ye Feng a combat strength that was far stronger than before.

It also made his physical body much stronger.

If that punch just now was just a simple fist technique…

For example, the fist technique that was used together with [Starfire Meditation] to increase the magic power in his body and then released after that, the fist technique that was thrown out together.

When it landed on the body of the eighth-generation sub-Dragon, it was probably not painful or itchy.

This was because the sub-Dragons defensive power was extremely strong.

If it was not a powerful attack, the sub-Dragon would basically be completely immune!

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However, the few punches that Ye Feng threw were different.

With the support of the powerful strength of the Dragon Seed, Ye Fengs punches landed on the flesh of the eighth-generation sub-Dragon and heavily injured it!

If his attacks were more ruthless, the eighth-generation sub-Dragon would probably have died on the spot!

The sub-Dragon saw that this figure was actually able to withstand its attack, and a wave of anger immediately surged in its heart.

It suddenly shook its head to get rid of the mud on its body.

Then, it suddenly jumped up and fiercely clawed at Ye Feng with its huge claws.

At this moment, the air seemed to freeze.

The figures body suddenly stopped.

He slowly raised his head, and a huge claw appeared in his pupils.

The claw was getting closer and closer to him!


Almost instantly, Ye Feng raised his hand, and a whooshing wind blew out.


Its claws fiercely collided with Ye Fengs fist.

The sub-Dragons sharp claws were at least five to six feet long.

If one of its claws were to strike down, it would be able to smash the stone slabs, let alone a mortal body


Blood splattered everywhere!

However, it wasnt Ye Feng who was injured, it was this eighth-generation sub-Dragon that was injured!

The sub-Dragon was instantly sent flying!

Almost instantly, the incomparably powerful impact caused all the bones in its body to explode.

Its body fell heavily to the ground, and its chest caved in.

Its ribs were fractured, and fresh blood spewed out wildly.

It looked incomparably miserable!

However, the sub-Dragon was still able to resist the counterattack!


The sub-Dragons scarlet eyes flickered with a fierce light, and it pounced over once again!

Its target was firmly locked onto Ye Feng!


Ye Feng staggered and fell to the ground after being struck by the huge impact.

A suffocating pressure suddenly attacked!

Ye Feng lay on the ground, his body curled up.

The instant he was struck by the pressure, he seemed to have lost the ability to move.

“Could this be bloodline suppression!” Ye Feng was a little surprised.

After all, he also had a Dragon Seed in his body, and the purity of the Dragon Seed in this eighth-generation sub-Dragon was obviously higher than his.

Ye Feng guessed that if it was divided according to the generations of the Dragon race, at present, the purity of the Dragon Seed in his body could at most be ranked among the eighth-generation.

This sub-Dragon in front of him was an eighth-generation sub-Dragon, so the natural bloodline suppression had a certain effect.

The sub-Dragon laughed ferociously.

Its sharp claws were merciless as it swung down.

However, just as its claws were about to touch the human, a blue and white light flashed past!


The sub-Dragons right claw was cut off, and fresh blood splattered out!

The sub-Dragon let out a miserable cry.

Its huge body fell to the bottom of the lake, causing water to splash in the sky.

It kept wailing, trying to get rid of the control of its body!

Its right claw was actually cut off just like that!

How was this possible!

One had to know that the sub-Dragons scales could be said to be the hardest existence in the world.

Other than an existence that was stronger than it, nothing could harm it!

But today, there was actually someone who could use a weapon to cut off its claw!

Ye Feng held the Sea Stone Trident in his hand as the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

“I wonder who the Blue Drake is to you A relative Or a brother In short, it died under my trident just like that, and you are no exception!” Ye Feng snorted lightly, and with a flash, he appeared in front of the eighth-generation sub-Dragon.

Following that was a trident that carried rolling divine power!


The trident was like a bolt of blue lightning, and it ruthlessly slashed at the sub-Dragons neck!


The neck of the eighth-generation sub-Dragon was directly chopped into pieces!

Fresh blood spurted out!

Ye Fengs expression was calm as he put away the Sea Stone Trident.

It was not difficult at all to kill this eighth-generation sub-Dragon.

If it was not for the fact that the opponent was an eighth-generation sub-Dragon, he would definitely tear it into pieces without mercy!

Looking at the huge sub-Dragon in front of him finally dying, Ye Feng finally let out a breath.

He had finally succeeded in killing this big fellow!

Although Ye Fengs strength was enough to rival it, he still used a lot of time to consume it.

This was only the eighth-generation.

If it was a more powerful seventh or sixth-generation, Ye Feng might need to spend more time.

But it didnt matter.

At least he had successfully killed this eighth-generation sub-Dragon, right!

According to this development, it was only a matter of time before Ye Feng collected more than 50% of the Dragon Seed.


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