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Ye Fengs expression changed greatly when he heard this.

The other party actually did not do anything and saw through his symbiotic body with a single glance.

Such a powerful existence had no choice but to make Ye Feng put in 120% of his energy.

An extremely powerful and imposing feeling penetrated deep into the heart of the Water Elemental Guards.

This power seemed to be irresistible, causing the bodies of these Water Elemental Guards to involuntarily tremble.

This was not fear, but an attack that came from the spiritual level!

As a second-generation sub-Dragon, the purity of the Dragon Seed in the body of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast was already very high.

This kind of spiritual level penetration attack.

Basically, it came from the suppression of the bloodline.

Ye Feng was no exception.

Although his strength had already reached the perfect C grade, he still felt a suffocating pressure when facing the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

“What should we do now” Yis expression changed greatly.

They were trapped in this water area and had no way to retreat.

“Looks like we can only use the most primitive method!” Ye Feng said.

“What method” Yi asked.

“Break its defense.

As long as we can break its defense, we have a chance to escape!” Ye Feng said.

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“Good idea.

Lets test it out first.

If we can really break through its defense, we can successfully leave this barrier!” Yi said.

“Okay, you guys pay attention.

If there are any unusual movements, immediately take action.

I want to use the fastest speed to kill this Dragonscale Thorn Beast!” Ye Feng said.

“Dont worry.

We will do everything!” Yi said.

Ye Feng took a deep breath.

His body turned into a black shadow and instantly disappeared from the spot.

He held the Sea Stone Trident in his hand and slashed at the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts body with a fork.

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast seemed to have been prepared.

With a sweep of its huge tail, Ye Feng was thrown out and crashed into a large tree.

The tree was cut in half with a loud explosion.

‘So powerful! Ye Feng was extremely shocked.

This guys strength was too powerful.

“Haha, you dare to provoke me with just your strength!” The Dragonscale Thorn Beast let out awave of arrogant laughter.

Almost at the same time, the Dragonscale Thorn Beast directly shot out.

Its huge figure did not hinder its terrifying speed at all!


The Dragonscale Thorn Beast clawed at Ye Fengs chest.

Ye Fengs figure continuously retreated, narrowly avoiding this claw attack.

However, a few wounds appeared on Ye Fengs body, and fresh blood flowed out.

Ye Feng wiped away the blood stains on his body, and a cold expression appeared on his face.

“Your attack power isnt good, but your speed is quite fast.

Im very surprised that your symbiosis body is so weak, but your strength is so strong.

Unfortunately, you met me, and youre destined to die here today!” The Dragonscale Thorn Beast laughed arrogantly.


Ye Feng snorted coldly and his body shot out again.

He raised the trident and heavily fell.

Since there was no flaw in its body, then he would just hit a random spot!

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If it was effective, then he would continue to attack!

With a thought, Ye Fengs figure was like a ghost.

No matter how the Dragonscale Thorn Beast tried to intercept him, Ye Fengs advantage in speed allowed him to completely dodge the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts interception!

He wanted to pierce through the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts abdomen with one strike!

Ye Feng had seen the power of the Sea Stone Trident before.

This was also the most powerful divine weapon that Ye Feng currently possessed.

Since this trident could defeat the third-generation Sea Monster, then this second-generation Dragonscale Thorn Beast could also be defeated!

Ye Feng had this confidence.

Seeing Ye Feng flying over, its huge tail swung, and the sharp Dragon horn on the tail slashed through the air, emitting a sizzling sound.

Ye Fengs trident was directly intercepted by the Dragon horn.

Although this Dragon horn was the dragon horn on the tail, it was about a foot wide.

Moreover, it was covered with barbs and was exceptionally sharp.

Ordinary weapons were extremely fragile in front of it and could be easily torn apart.

“Eh” Ye Feng was surprised and had a trace of fear towards this Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

“This Dragonscale Thorn Beast is extremely powerful.

Even a true Dragon of the Dragon race might not be able to hurt it,” Yi said.

“From a certain perspective, it has the advantage of becoming a true Dragon!”

“Yeah, I didnt expect its physical body to be so powerful.” Ye Feng frowned.

This Dragonscale Thorn Beast was more powerful than any of the sub-Dragons he had seen.

It might even be stronger than those sub-Dragon kings.

It was no wonder that such an existence would be so arrogant.

Ye Feng waved the Sea Stone Trident again and continued to attack.

Bang, bang, bang…

Ye Feng continued to attack.

Every time he attacked, it would hit the body of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

It made a deafening sound and caused the surrounding water to shake continuously.

Ye Fengs repeated attacks made the Dragonscale Thorn Beast seem a little angry.

“Roar! These bugs, youre too arrogant.

Ill let you have a taste of my power!” The Dragonscale Thorn Beast roared in anger.

Its huge body suddenly shot up and charged toward Ye Feng.

“Good timing!”

Ye Feng shouted loudly and his body also rose into the air.

The Sea Stone Trident in his hand exploded with a piercing white light.

This sword directly slashed toward the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts body.

The distance between the two was getting closer and closer.


The Dragonscale Thorn Beasts huge claw suddenly clawed toward Ye Fengs chest.

Ye Feng did not dodge and allowed this attack to land.

This claw of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast seemed to have grabbed onto a piece of iron, makingkacha kacha sounds.

However, it was unable to scratch Ye Feng.

This Dragonscale Thorn Beast was clearly a little surprised.

Its Dragon claw contained a powerful force.

Even a thousand-pound boulder would be crushed in an instant.

However, Ye Feng in front of it… Did not even have a single scratch on his skin.

Ye Fengs expression darkened slightly.

He had also felt the strength of this Dragonscale Thorn Beasts claw.

He could not help but be secretly shocked.

The strength of this Dragonscale Thorn Beast was indeed extraordinary!

Fortunately, he was wearing the Sea Stone Armor and the Sea Stone Crown, giving Ye Feng the confidence to withstand this attack.

However, this scene stunned the few Water Elemental Guards below.

“To actually be able to withstand this attack head-on, Brother Ye Feng has quite the style of Master from back then!” Yi was pleasantly surprised by Ye Fengs defensive ability, but at the same time, he also thought of Walter and could not help but sigh.

“Humph, bedbug, this move is my, Dragonscale Thorn Beasts, innate skill.

To actually be able to withstand it, it can be considered a miracle!” the Dragonscale Thorn Beast said, its voice filled with ridicule and pride.

Ye Fengs expression was calm, and the trident in his hand slashed out once again.


Ye Fengs trident once again slashed onto the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts body.

Ye Feng sensed that a faint blue light appeared on the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts body.

“Humph, these defenses are indeed very thick, even thicker than Sea Monsters skin!” Ye Feng coldly snorted, and once again increased the strength of his attack.

Attack after attack, he continuously attacked the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts body.


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