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“Immediately inform the Academys Enforcement Department to organize the strongest rescue team! The rescue team must have no less than three instructors!”

After Andy finished speaking, he glanced at the screen.

“Theres not much time left for us.

Hurry up, Ill activate the teleportation array immediately.”

As his voice fell, stone tablets appeared on an empty ground in the eastern part of Cloud Mist Academy.

The stone tablets were emitting a pale yellow light, and the words on the stone tablets were flickering with a mysterious and unfathomable light.

These words were like the divine words of the world, filled with a simple and ancient feeling.

“What is this thing”

Someone saw the light and luster that was being emitted from a distance, and asked with a face full of doubt.

Although the spiritual energy tide was like a rainstorm and would not completely cover the blue planet, there was no spiritual energy tide phenomenon near Cloud Mist Academy.

Therefore, they naturally excluded the effects of the spiritual energy tide.

“This is the teleportation array, Teacher Andys masterpiece!”

“The Academy might have to send out reinforcements.

The scale of a normal spiritual energy tide is huge, and the creatures on the other side of the Water Training Hall are all different in strength.

If they are strong, they will be even stronger!”

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“There are many creatures in the Water Training Hall, and this is the most dangerous place.

Although the contestants have been able to survive until now and have eliminated the weaker ones, they still cant hold on at this scale!”

“I hope they can come back safely.

After all, they are the people with the greatest potential in Chinas future.

If anything happens to them, it will be a pity!”


At the same time, in the Enforcement Department of Cloud Mist Academy.

In an open space in front of the entrance.

Dozens of people were standing in unison.

A middle-aged man named Zhang Lan was standing in front of them with a very serious expression.

He was an instructor of the Academy and was also the head of the Enforcement Department.

The people standing in front of him were all the officers of the Enforcement Department.

Many departments had been established in Cloud Mist Academy.

These departments were similar to a kind of power structure, and they were responsible for the operation of the enormous Cloud Mist Academy.

The instructors were the direct leaders of the departments, and the agents within the departments were all made up of students.

The nature of the department within the Academy was different from that of a society.

Those who were able to join the department would also receive a corresponding salary, various resources, and a huge amount of equipment to support them.

And the Enforcement Department of the Academy was different from the other departments.

The Enforcement Department accepted agents through invitations, and there was no such thing as open recruitment.

Other departments could recruit students and then conduct open interviews and other procedures.

However, the Enforcement Department could only accept new agents through invitations.

This also meant that since its establishment, the Enforcement Department had been the most powerful and mysterious existence in the Academy.

The ones gathered there were all very powerful students.

Moreover, only the most outstanding students of each batch could join.

Therefore, those who stood here were the elites of the elites, the most outstanding students.

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Clearing his throat, Zhang Lan said, “Everyone knows the situation, right There was an unprecedented spiritual energy tide that landed on Earth, and the spiritual energy tides range happened to involve the Water Training Hall.”

“Your future junior brothers and sisters are all waiting for our rescue inside.

Therefore, we are gathering everyone today to choose seven people with good strength to form a rescue team and go to the rescue with the other three instructors.”

Zhang Lan glanced at the crowd and cleared his throat again.

“Considering the complicated environment and the creatures brought by the spiritual energy tide, I would like to ask your opinion first.

Is there anyone who is willing”

As soon as he finished speaking, a white rabbit beauty stood out.

She was wearing tights, revealing her slender thighs, full breasts, and a hot figure.

The white rabbit beauty looked at Zhang Lan and said firmly, “Im willing to go.”

“Student Lin Xiaoyue, this is a bit risky!” Zhang Lan frowned slightly.

“As the team leader of Group A, you cant get hurt, otherwise…”

“Dont worry, Teacher.

Dont forget that my symbiotic body is a Light Elf.

Without some strength, I would have been kicked out long ago.” Lin Xiaoyue covered her mouth and chuckled.

When the others heard this, they were also quite surprised.

There were several groups in the Enforcement Department.

It was convenient for them to quickly move around and manage the mission.

As the team leader of Group A, Lin Xiaoyue naturally had some fame.

However, even though she was in the same department, there were many people who didnt know her.

When they heard about the Light Elfs symbiote, they were all in a daze.

This symbiote was very rare.

The Light Elf was a divine-level symbiotic form.

Its main body was a light elemental lifeform, and it was extremely powerful.

However, this kind of lifeform was extremely difficult to capture, and they had never even heard of it before.

Moreover, once it disappeared or died, the Light Elfs soul would disappear, disappearing from the world.

And the Light Elfs main body was also extremely powerful, even stronger than some divine beasts.

They didnt expect that it would appear here, and in their Enforcement Department.

This soft-looking big white rabbit was actually so powerful!

This Lin Xiaoyue wasnt simple!

Lin Xiaoyues identity shocked them.

At the same time, they also had a trace of hope.

Could this Lin Xiaoyue be their companion and go to the rescue together

If they could have intimate contact…

Zhang Lan listened to Lin Xiaoyues words and pondered for a moment.

Then, he nodded and said, “In that case, Ill give you a chance to protect yourself.”

After that, a few more agents stepped out one after another.

Each of them was strong and vigorous, and their symbiotic bodies were all top-tier rare species.

Their cultivation levels were basically maintained at B .

Some of them were extremely strong and directly broke through the perfect B grade shackles to reach A- grade.

Seeing that everyone was prepared, Zhang Lan nodded slightly, “Alright then, since everyone has decided to participate, lets act according to the plan!”

After that, Zhang Lan looked at the group of students around him.

“Remember our mission objective, to save people.”


“The rescue team will be led by me.

Professor Siman and Professor Lei, the two professors will lead the team.

We will head to the rescue together.”



This teleportation array belonged to the ancient building of Cloud Mist Academy.

It was able to teleport to any place more than a person.

Although there was a limit to the number of people that could be teleported, it could only teleport a maximum of 10 people at a time.

Moreover, it had a cooldown of at least 24 hours.

However, this teleportation array also allowed Cloud Mist Academy to reach the most efficient speed in supporting various places on Earth.

For example, a mysterious energy fluctuation appeared in America.

With permission, the research team of Cloud Mist Academy could appear at the designated location within a few seconds.

This was efficiency.

Other people might need to spend a period of time to take a plane or travel long distances.

Moreover, the appearance of Cloud Mist Academy wasnt necessary.

The rescue team that had just been established appeared right in front of the teleportation array.

Teacher Andy saw that everyone was in position.

He ordered, “The effect of the spiritual energy tide will also destroy your consciousness.

While it will strengthen you, remember to protect your consciousness.

You must also guide the freshmen.”

“Once they fall into the state of demonization, bind them immediately and inform the instructor to go over and solve it!”

“I hope everyone can return safely.”

After saying that, Andy activated the teleportation array.

A white light lit up on the large mysterious ancient teleportation array.

A huge circular light door appeared in front of everyone.

The white light dissipated and the instructors wearing Academy robes and academy badges disappeared from everyones eyes.


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