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But when he saw the price of this magic book in Zhutian Mall, he was shocked.

“The price of this magic book is over one million!” Ye Feng was speechless.

It must be known that this price was not cheap.

To be able to sell this magic book at such a high price, it also showed the power of this magic book.

The price of this magic book was not something that ordinary people could afford.

Even some high-level families might not be able to afford it.

With such a magic book, Ye Feng could save his life in times of danger.

Moreover, if he could learn this magic book, his [Water Breaking Arrow] could be greatly increased.

Although Ye Feng could also release his [Water Breaking Arrow], the speed at which he released it was pitifully slow.

“The price of this magic book is not ordinary.

I have to study it carefully.

After all, the better the item, the more expensive it is!” Ye Feng sighed.

This principle had already been deeply engraved in his mind.

Thinking of the Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture that his parents had bought for him before, Ye Feng felt a little heartache.

He looked at the many Spirit Fruits, potions, and other items below.

They were all things that Ye Feng needed.

After roughly understanding them, Ye Feng did not hesitate and directly clicked to apply for the goods.

With a flash of white light, all the items in the storage appeared in front of Ye Feng.

Ye Feng took out the bracelet, opened his storage space, and took all of them into his bag.

These resources were very important to him.

It could even be said that without these cultivation resources, he would very likely fall into a life-threatening situation.

After all, the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul was still residing in his body.

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If the seal was disturbed, his life would be in danger.

However, Ye Feng was not overly worried about this.

On the contrary, he was worried about how to find the city in the sky.

Only by finding that place could he open the spatial door and enter [Eden].

This was also the only chance for Ye Feng to kill the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul and escape.

Therefore, the current ye Feng had to seize the time to cultivate.

Ye Feng closed his eyes and began to absorb the surrounding elements.

This method was to increase his strength as soon as possible and on this basis, refine the strongest water element power.

After all, this was Senior Walters strongest power.

Ye Feng currently did not have the ability to fully use it, but he could grasp most of it.

Although it still needed to be strengthened, it was already in a very good state.

The surrounding elements were absorbed into Ye Fengs body and then flowed through his meridians.

They were absorbed by his body and converted into his own energy.

Ye Fengs aura also became stronger as the surrounding elements changed.

Finally, a yuan qi ball condensed in his body.

The yuan qi ball grew bigger and bigger until it became the size of a basketball.

Its color changed from white to cyan, then gradually faded.

Finally, it turned yellow, then red, and finally completely disappeared.

The moment the yuan qi ball dissipated, a powerful aura erupted from Ye Fengs body and spread in all directions at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Ye Feng opened his eyes, and two rays of light shot out from his eyes.

He felt very comfortable now.

Every part of his body was filled with power, as if there was an endless amount of strength.

“My strength seems to have increased quite a lot!” Ye Feng could not help but exclaim in surprise as he felt the change in this power.

Although this change was not too obvious, it made him very excited.

‘I really made a big profit this time! Ye Feng thought to himself.

He knew that he must have gotten a blessing in disguise.

Not only that, he also obtained a lot of Dragon Seed purity.

These were things that could be used to refine.

It could also provide more energy for his seal.

This time, Ye Feng obtained a large amount of Dragon Seed purity as well as the power of the ultimate water element.

It was enough for Ye Fengs strength to soar by leaps and bounds.

“This wont do! I still need to continue absorbing the elements to raise my strength!” Ye Feng shook his head and then took out some of the items he had just obtained from the storage space.

During this period, Ye Feng also discovered the Dragon Scales, Dragon Armor, Dragon Fangs, and quite a few Spirit Fruits he had obtained from the Water Training Hall, as well as all sorts of rare and precious fruits.

These could all be used as his cultivation resources.

Under the accumulation of these resources, Ye Feng quickly stabilized his cultivation.

Immediately after, Ye Feng took out a Spirit Herb and directly stuffed it into his mouth.

A strong and pungent smell instantly filled his entire mouth.

Following that, this pungent smell turned into a burst of sweet fragrance, from the tip of his tongue to his throat, all the way to his stomach.

The entire process was incomparably smooth.

A whole hundred Spirit Herbs were devoured by Ye Feng.

These were extremely rare Spirit Herbs.

Even in the Zhutian Mall, one would have to spend a lot of money to buy them.

However, Ye Feng ate all 100 stalks of Spirit Herbs in one go.

For a moment, a surge of energy was emitted from within.

This was the effect of the spirit Herbs, providing a powerful spiritual energy!

‘What a powerful impact! Ye Feng exclaimed in his heart and immediately entered into a state of cultivation.

In an instant, he raised the sealing technique in his body to its peak state.

Ye Feng also injected all the excess spiritual energy into the seal to stabilize the seal.

It could also be considered as cutting off the last trace of the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul to escape.

Ye Feng opened his eyes once again.

His eyes were filled with spiritual and combat strength, making him look brand new and full of vitality.

A terrifying aura was also brewing in Ye Fengs body.

Ye Feng believed that if his realm was strengthened for a period of time and he refined some of the ultimate water element power, he would definitely use an even more powerful power!

“Hu…” Ye Feng let out a long breath and opened his eyes.

His eyes were shining with a bright light, and a powerful feeling of power came from his body, which made him enjoy it very much.

Ye Feng took out the Spirit Fruit again and continued to eat it.

Due to the strengthening of the seal in his body, he had consumed too much spiritual energy.

The current situation was that he could not make ends meet.

Therefore, Ye Feng had to conserve his energy.

While cultivating, Ye Feng ate the Spirit Fruits at the same time.

He sensed the elemental energy around him and continued to absorb and refine his body.

One day later, Ye Fengs body reached its saturation state.

He also stopped cultivating.

This time, Ye Feng gained a lot, and his control of power became even more proficient.

But at the same time, most of the resources obtained in this assessment had been used up, leaving only a few potions, Spirit Fruits, and pills.

They were almost all swallowed by Ye Feng.

Fortunately, the energy of these resources was not wasted, but a good way to increase his strength.

While strengthening the seal, Ye Feng also noticed that this energy was not actually lost and sealed.

Instead, it would be stored in another form.

Moreover, Ye Feng also discovered something very important.

Strengthening the seal would open up an opportunity for him to use the [Divine Sequence: Dragon God].

However, the current him was far from being able to control such a powerful sequence.

Moreover, even if Ye Feng had already used up all of his reward resources, this was still far from enough!


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