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Everyone looked at the big screen.

The physical parameters of the two contestants were very close.

The only difference was that Ye Fengs heart rate was obviously higher than Xu Yuans!

And it was more than one value higher!

Therefore, everyone believed that this was the power released by Xu Yuan.

Otherwise, Ye Fengs heart rate would not be running so wildly.

In the red fog, Ye Feng grinned.

His heart rate was indeed increasing, but this was the heart rate that was running wildly after being excited and thrilled.

Looking at Xu Yuan in the distance, Ye Feng waved his hand.

Countless rolling thunder and countless lightning bolts appeared, followed by an endless pressure!

This energy, with extreme destruction, swept toward Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuans expression suddenly changed.

This should be such a powerful force, to actually be able to release another spatial skill in the space he released!

This also meant that Ye Feng had now completely broken free from all the shackles of the [Black Fog Domain].

Ye Fengs [Eternal Nightmare] was released crazily in the [Black Fog Domain].

In almost an instant, it completely covered the entire [Black Fog Domain].

He knew that he had discovered Ye Fengs secret, and now he wanted to kill him.

How could he dare to be negligent He immediately fled into the distance.

“You want to run”


Ye Feng snorted coldly.

His right foot stepped on the void, and his entire body instantly flew out.

After teleporting, he arrived behind Xu Yuan, grabbed Xu Yuans shoulder, and pulled him back forcefully.


The muscles on Ye Fengs right arm expanded and forcefully pulled Xu Yuan back, smashing him onto the ground.


Xu Yuan cried out in pain.

However, Xu Yuans expression became ferocious.

Because, at this moment, his spirit had completely collapsed.

He had already failed.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have obtained a new subsidiary body, [Nightmare Slime]!]


Following the system notification, Ye Feng flashed, feeling a little incredulous.

He did not expect to be able to break through in battle!

This was too lucky!

‘Its actually a Nightmare Slime.

After I release the little Slime, Ill be able to carry out a spiritual attack!

Ye Feng was a little excited, indeed worthy of being happy.

After all, this was an incomparably powerful spiritual attack!

Moreover, Ye Fengs spiritual power was actually not weak.

In fact, it was even powerful to a certain extent.

Before he awakened [Eternal Nightmare] and Nightmare Slime, his powerful spiritual power was only used to augment his perception.

But now, his powerful spiritual power could be used in other places.

Moreover, the attacks of spiritual power were not something that ordinary defenses could block.

This type of attack could penetrate all places.

If the opponents spiritual power was weak, Ye Feng did not even need to expend any strength to directly defeat the opponent!

This was the advantage of a powerful spiritual power attack!

After being happy, Ye Feng looked at Xu Yuan.

A trace of pity flashed in his eyes, but he did not hesitate at all.

His right foot ruthlessly stepped on Xu Yuans chest.

Instantly, Xu Yuans chest caved in under Ye Fengs step.

He spat out a pool of blood from his mouth, and his eyes turned white.

He was completely dead.

What Ye Feng had killed was only Xu Yuan in the [Black Fog Domain], which was equivalent to a spiritual body.

His main body was still in the real world, but he had already knelt on the ground.

His entire face was extremely pale.

It was as if he had just experienced an unforgettable nightmare.

In fact, his entire person was already mentally abnormal.

After all, his spiritual body in the [Black Fog Domain] had been severely injured by Ye Feng.

Putting aside whether he could release this skill again, at least for now, Xu Yuan had already lost more than half of his strength to Ye Feng.

The reason why he did not really kill him was very simple.

After all, they were all classmates.

Moreover, Xu Yuan was his senior.

Most importantly, there was no need to kill him at all.

It would also cause a bad reaction in the school.

With a wave of Ye Fengs hand, the entire [Black Fog Domain] instantly collapsed.

However, the audience still could not see them.

After all, outside the [Black Fog Domain], there was still a layer of powerful spiritual space released by Ye Feng, the [Eternal Nightmare]!

Ye Feng let go of his steps and turned around to walk in front of Xu Yuan.

Looking at Xu Yuan, Ye Fengs expression did not change.

But Xu Yuans eyes were filled with fear and terror.

Looking at Ye Feng, he wanted to beg for mercy.

He wanted to live, but Ye Feng would not let him leave alive, so he wanted to beg for mercy.

As long as he begged for mercy, he still had a chance of survival.

As long as he had a chance of survival, he could still live.

He would not be completely dead like now.

However, Ye Feng did not give Xu Yuan the chance to beg for mercy.

He punched Xu Yuans stomach hard.

Xu Yuans intestines were about to be broken by Ye Feng.

He wanted to scream, but he opened his mouth and blood spurted out.

Xu Yuan looked at him with hatred and despair in his eyes.

He clenched his fists and wanted to attack, but he did not even have the right to attack Ye Feng.

He could only watch Ye Feng walk toward him.

Xu Yuan wanted to stand up.

But Ye Fengs legs were like a mountain suppressing him, making it impossible for him to stand up.

He knew that Ye Feng wanted to kill him, and when he killed him, he would torture him until he was worse than death!

“I was wrong.

Please spare my life! I give up the match! I surrender! I give up!”

Xu Yuan knelt on the ground and begged bitterly.

Ye Feng then sneered and threw Xu Yuan aside.

He walked to the edge of the arena and glanced at Xu Yuan, saying, “You can surrender, but you cant announce the result of this match.”

Hearing this, Xu Yuan immediately pounded his head and said pitifully, “Okay, okay, okay, Ill listen to you!”

Xu Yuan naturally did not want to announce the result of this match.

Before he went on stage, everyone had high hopes for him.

Moreover, his morale was also very high.

In addition, the [Black Fog Domain] that he released had already blocked everyones vision.

No one knew what had happened.

If he said now that he had lost the match…

That would simply be embarrassing!

Moreover, he was a B grade symbiote!

To be defeated at such a high level was simply too shameful!

After finishing off Xu Yuan, a gratified smile appeared on Ye Fengs face.

He walked out of the [Eternal Nightmare] realm and conveniently deactivated the domain.

Soon after, under everyones shocked gazes, Ye Feng and Xu Yuan, who was forcefully supporting himself, slowly emerged from everyones line of sight.

The big screen on the stage also showed the end of the match!

“What the f*ck”

“Is it a draw The match ended just like that Theres no result either.

Could it be that they kept it a secret and didnt announce it Seeing that Ye Feng wasnt injured, did he win How is that possible This shouldnt be right!”

“This… is too terrifying! The strength that Xu Yuan unleashed just now was simply heaven-defying.

So who won D*mn it, they actually didnt announce it!”

After hearing these words, Ye Feng also slowly walked down the stage and received everyones enthusiastic applause.

And just as Ye Feng walked down the stage, Xu Liusi, who was beside him, went up and asked, “Brother Ye, how did you win just now”

“Eh, I didnt say that I won” Ye Feng asked with a wicked smile.

Xu Liusi frowned, thought for a moment, and suddenly exclaimed, “Brother Ye, cant you tell me!”

“Haha, what do you think” Ye Feng asked back.


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