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“This is to prevent the creatures from directly attacking our Academy through the wormhole.

Thats why the Academy has established a special space.

Everyone who has arrived at Cloud Mist Academy will be teleported to that space before being teleported back through the mirror.” The leader of the men smiled, took out a document, and handed it over.

“My name is Zhang Xinzhe.

He is my assistant, Mai An.

We are the support staff of your Special Task Force this time.

If theres anything you need, you can tell us directly.

We will do our best to cooperate with you.

This is the guide to your mission, as well as the corresponding mission location and blueprint.”

Zhang Xinzhe handed a sealed document bag to Lin Xiaoyue and pointed at his assistant, Mai An, who had come to welcome them.

It seemed that both of them were not old, but since they could become support staff, they must be indirectly participating in this mission.

So, their grades should not be low.

At least second grade and above.

“Okay, I hope we can successfully complete the mission!” Lin Xiaoyue took the document bag and smiled.

“According to the plan, you should borrow the library, right” Zhang Xinzhe said with a smile.

“Yes, we need to borrow a book,” Ye Feng said.

“Okay, no problem.

The level that can enter the library is A Grade.

Mai An will take you there.

I need to help you arrange the travel tools, as well as some weapons and tools that you will use.”

“According to the plan, you will be leaving tomorrow, so you still have one night to prepare.

We have already arranged your accommodation.

Mai An will tell you about it.

We will contact you then!”

After Zhang Xinzhe finished speaking, he turned around and left.

“Hehe, my student card is only B Grade, so I shouldnt be able to get into the library.” Lin Xiaoyue stole a glance at Ye Feng and smiled helplessly.

“Then Ill go by myself.

Are you waiting for me outside” Ye Feng said.

Lin Xiaoyue pursed her lips.

“Im not waiting for you outside.

Its not easy for me to come to this campus.

I definitely have to go find my sisters to catch up on old times.

Just call me when youre done!”

After saying that, Lin Xiaoyue skipped away like a kite that had lost its string.

“Who… who is the team leader!”

Ye Feng looked at Lin Xiaoyue who was far away and didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

But hearing Lin Xiaoyue say that there were sisters in the campus that she knew, Ye Feng was a little surprised.

Usually, those who could enter the main campus were very outstanding existences in the branch campus, or they had obtained some kind of reward and got a place in the Academy.

For example, Ye Feng had just taken the Promotion Exam last month, and the top 10 would get a chance to enter the main campus.

So, perhaps Lin Xiaoyue had the chance to study here

Or perhaps, it was not actually her first time here, and many questions troubled Ye Feng, but these did not matter because he had more important things to do.

Ye Feng turned to Mai An and said helplessly, “Okay then, Brother.

Please take me to the library.”

“Okay, Brother!” Mai An was very active.

He was a third-year student.

His appearance was the standard European and American face.

Moreover, his aura was not bad, so he was also qualified to be Ye Fengs assistant in this special operation.

‘Theres actually a symbiotic body that is a sponge Ye Feng thought to himself, somewhat surprised.


When Ye Fengs perceptive ability touched Mai An, all the information about him instantly appeared in Ye Fengs mind.

His strength was not bad.

The sponge itself leaned toward defense.

Ye Feng thought it was quite strange, but he did not expect that someone could actually coexist with the sponge.

There were all kinds of strange things in the world.

Most importantly, the sponge symbiotic body could actually enter the main campus.

This guy definitely had some skills.

“Brother, get in the car.

The library is not far from here.

It will be faster if you take the car.” Mai An sat in a convertible and raised his hand to call Ye Feng to get in the car.

“Okay! Thank you, sorry to trouble you!” Ye Feng smiled and nodded, then walked up.

“Youre welcome.

Its a pleasure to meet you, Brother!” Mai An waved his hand at Ye Feng.

With the roar of the car, Mai An drove away in the convertible sports car.

Ye Feng sat in the passenger seat.

Through the convertible, Ye Feng saw a large forest.

There were many small hills in the forest, and there were many birds flying.

“Wow, its so beautiful.

I didnt expect the scenery in the main campus to be so much more beautiful than ours! Its like sightseeing in a scenic area.”

Ye Feng looked out of the window and couldnt help but exclaim.

“Haha, thats natural.

The Symbiotic Continent is an extremely large and primitive continent.

With so many primitive scenery, how can it not be attractive”Mai An said happily.

The car sped along.

Not long after, Ye Feng was brought to his destination.

Soon, Mai An brought Ye Feng to the side of a building.

The building towered into the clouds and was five stories tall.

The outer wall was made of reinforced concrete.

The appearance was very solid, showing its majestic grandeur.

The library was a three-story tall building.

The entire building contained a lot of books and resources.

Because of the highly confidential resources, only students with A Grade and above could enter.

Students below this level were not qualified to enter at all.

The interior of the library was very spacious.

Neatly arranged shelves of books could be seen everywhere.

In the center of the library, a three-meter-tall sculpture stood there.

The body of the sculpture was inlaid with a lot of gemstones and diamonds.

It made the entire sculpture look magnificent.

Beside the sculpture, there were a few doors that were closed.

It was unknown if they were the keys to close the doors.

Mai An led the two of them to one of the doors.

Moreover, the walls of the corridor were hung with all kinds of decorative items.

Some of the lamps were even made of crystals, making it seem particularly luxurious.

“Wow, this place is simply too beautiful.

There are actually gemstones here!”

After entering the library, Ye Feng looked at the layout inside and could not help but exclaim in admiration.

In his impression, only those antique auction houses abroad could have such a layout.

“En, this is our Academys most authoritative library.

If you study here, you can learn a lot of interesting things, such as some cultivation methods,” Mai An explained.

Mai An stopped at the library door and said to Ye Feng, “There are a lot of books here, all of which belong to the Academys forbidden books.

If you want to learn any books, you can only register at the door.

I wont go in.

I can wait for you at the door.”

“Okay, I got it!” Ye Feng nodded and walked to the door to register.

“Your name is Ye Feng, right”


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