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“Where did this notebook come from”

Andys eyes revealed a trace of shock as he turned to ask everyone.

“Its one of my students.

More accurately, it should be a prospective freshman.”

“His name is Ye Feng.”

Professor Lei stood out with an expectant expression on his face.

“Ye Feng Thats right.

This notebook is real, but the strange thing is that the last secret text, the Sequence 13 secret text, has disappeared.”

“But what we can be sure of is that the contents of the other notebook are indeed authentic.”

“If I didnt see it with my own eyes, I wouldnt even believe that this long-lost secret manual could actually return to the world.”

As Andy spoke, he waved his right hand, and six copies of the secret manual were instantly duplicated.

“This secret manual belongs to the common property of humanity.”

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“Other than the thirteen core sequence secret texts, there are also many notes.

As core members of the Board of Education, you should each take one.”

“As for the deciphering and verification of the thirteen sequences, its up to you.

This is a major change for the symbiotes.”

The more the members of the Board of Education heard this, the more they nodded.

How could they not agree to such a good thing

The Water Element Secret Manual was hard to come by in this world.

Now that Andy had distributed it and gathered the strength of the Board of Education to decipher the secret manual together, it was supposed to be a long and arduous task.

But because it was such a rare secret manual, there was no embarrassment on everyones faces that the secret manual was hard to decipher.

Instead, they were all beaming with joy.

Such a good thing was simply something they could only dream of!

“There are a large number of notes contained within.

Ill have to trouble everyone to verify them.”

“The secret text is too obscure and can not be deciphered in a few days.

Therefore, it can not be used as the scope of verification for now.”

“Once it is verified by the Board of Education, select a day to popularize and promote the notes within the school!”

“I believe that the changes this secret manual will bring to the children will definitely progress by leaps and bounds!”

After Andy finished speaking, he finished all the notes and handed the original to Professor Lei.

“Alright, Dean, arent you going to keep one”Professor Lei said.

Although Andys strength was similar to that of the water element Ceiling, it was still an extremely good thing to be able to obtain such cultivation.

The problem was that Andy did not intend to keep a notebook for himself.

“I dont need it.

I have already copied the relevant secret texts into my office.”

“I need to study these secret texts carefully.

If youre interested, you can come with me,”Andy said with a smile.

Everyone nodded.

It was almost impossible for them to run away from such a research topic because there were only seven people in the Board of Education including Andy.

These seven people were all the most important people in the school.

They also had to participate in such a highly confidential matter.

Moreover, with their qualifications and strength, they were the most suitable.

“Its my honor to be able to study this Water Element Secret Manual!”

Professor Siman seemed to have changed into a different person.

He was already very interested in the secret manual, but he could not tell whether this secret manual was real or fake, so he had always held a skeptical attitude.

If it was real, then he was more excited than anyone else!

Andy nodded.

“Very good.

Regarding this notebook, Ive decided to reward the discoverer of this notebook.”

“What do you gentlemen think”

Everyone nodded when they heard this.

Professor Lei was the first to speak.

“Thats a very good suggestion.

The notebook belongs to him.

No matter how he discovered it, he can be considered as our main focus.”

“This notebook is simply too important to us!”

The others nodded in agreement with Professor Lei.

“Ill leave the details to you, Mr.

Lei Gulong.”

“You can use my name.”

After Andy finished speaking, he suddenly turned around and looked out of the window.

A low hum was heard, and then the sky darkened, as if it was the precursor to a violent storm.

However, this change was too sudden, and it scared everyone present.

In the next moment, an extremely pure spiritual power was released in an instant.

It was so fast that no one could catch it.

Their expressions changed and they looked out of the window with a serious expression.

It was indeed impossible for ordinary people to catch such a subtle spiritual power attack.

However, they had lived for too long and had experienced too many things.

Moreover, their cultivation level was above the people in the world.

Even this trace of fluctuation was extremely surging in their perception.

“Is it the fluctuation of that fellows spiritual power”

“It should be.

Recently, its energy veins have been very active.

According to the speculation of those lunatics in the Enforcement Department, its activity will reach its peak in the next few days.”

“But I didnt expect it to be brought forward.”

“It seems that our schedule has to be brought forward.”


Everyone spoke one after another with a worried look on their faces.

If others saw it, they would think that their entire family had died.

“Lets proceed according to the plan.”

“You guys dont need to interfere in this matter for now.

Ill go and see whats going on first.

There are officials watching over there.”

“Youre saying that the Symbiote Organizations Executive Department, that bunch of complete lunatics” Professor Siman cried out in surprise.

Andy nodded.

A gentle breeze blew past and disappeared from the spot.

Those people from the Chinese Symbiote Organizations Enforcement Department could be said to be a bunch of lunatics.

There was a reason why the Enforcement Department of Cloud Mist Academy was labeled as a lunatics by the school.

However, this kind of lunacy was only for high-tech equipment that sought destructive power.

The Enforcement Department was formerly known as the Science and Technology Department.

It only sought precise guidance and eliminated targets quickly and accurately.

The destructive power it produced could be ignored.

However, the Enforcement Department of the Chinese Symbiotic Organization…

That department had always been shrouded in a layer of incomparable terror.

At the mention of this department, the first word that popped up in their minds wasdevil.

What they pursued was the most extreme violence.

In order to achieve their goal, they could ignore all destruction.

A mission not too long ago was called the most terrifying blow.

In the South China Sea, an A grade Flood Dragon suddenly woke up and rose into the air.

Its overwhelming aura suppressed the Transcendents who had rushed over to help.

When the people from the Enforcement Department arrived, at that time, the people along the coast could enjoy the fireworks that lasted for several hours.

During that battle, only two people from the Enforcement Department were sent out.

However, the destructive power produced by the two of them was enough to squeeze the entire South China Sea dry.

After that, people were surprised to discover that the entire coastline of the South China Sea had dropped by a full centimeter!

Such terrifying fighting strength, anyone would feel their scalps go numb.

“With those lunatics spying on us, what are we afraid of”

“But, thats a big bug! TheSouth China Sea plan is just a small bug.

Its not like you dont know how many civilian symbiotes died in that battle.”

“You said it yourself.

Those are civilian symbiotes.

Their levels are uneven.

Maybe theyre B grade and C grade people who are seeking death”

“Maybe theyre even lower.”

Professor Siman and Professor Lei started arguing one after another.

The people at the side shook their heads and sighed before leaving.

All along, these two old fellows had looked down on each other.

They wanted to be first in everything.

Ever since they entered the school, they had been like this.

This kind of thing was not strange anymore.


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