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Hearing these words, the people beside them were all shocked.

Although they were the core figures of Cloud Mist Academy, they had never seen the legendary divine artifact of the Murlocs with their own eyes, not to mention that this was the divine artifact of the ancient race!

“If this is true, then Ye Feng has brought a brand new discovery!” Professor Lei shouted excitedly, and then continued, “It just so happens that I lack a research topic on divine artifacts.

Ye Feng has helped me greatly this time!”

Professor Siman glanced at him and grumbled unhappily at the side, “Hehe, how can you be sure that he can escape unscathed”

“He definitely can!”

“Dont fool around.

Up until now, he hasnt used his symbiotic body ability once!”

“Compared to the other contestants, I think more highly of Ye Feng!”

Professor Lei was very proud, already treating Ye Feng as his proud student.

“He has never used the symbiotic ability.

Do you think its possible that its because his symbiotic ability is too inferior!” Professor Siman mocked.

In fact, it was not that Professor Siman did not think highly of Ye Feng.

On the contrary, Ye Fengs various performances determined that he must be a very talented student.

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It was just that he had never held the same opinion as Professor Lei.

As long as they were opposites, they would not hold the same opinion.

It was the same from their university roommate relationship until now.

Water Training Hall, River Area.

Ye Feng looked at the group of Murlocs in front of him with a puzzled expression.

Then, the leader riding on the giant piranha walked over.

It held a spear in its hand and wore a light green armor with sticky liquid on it.

Although he couldnt tell how strong the resistance was, he could at least tell that the armor was still very fresh.

After all, the moss was mixed with the sticky liquid.

If it didnt exist in the river all year round, it wouldnt have reached this level.

And that long spear was also an eye-opener for Ye Feng.

It was an extremely sharp spear made from the bones of an unknown fish.

That bone did not look like an ordinary fish.

Ye Feng guessed that it should be a fish-type creature in this area.

No matter what kind of creature it was, in the river, the Murlocs were the most powerful existence.

Seeing the Murlocs small leader riding on the giant piranha, Ye Feng knew that if he were to fight this giant piranha alone, he would not be able to escape in a short time.

Its rank was at least around D grade!


Just as the Murloc approached Ye Feng, a stinky smell assaulted his face, making Ye Feng not know whether to vomit or run for a while.

“This is too stinky!” Ye Feng muttered to himself and immediately covered his nose.

Looking at the Murloc who came forward, he frowned.

“&%*@%!” the leader said, then looked at Ye Feng quietly.

“What did you say” Ye Feng did not understand their Murloc language, but this Murloc was obviously here to negotiate with him.

If he did not understand, wouldnt it be very awkward

‘System, is there any way that I can understand this language Ye Feng thought to himself.

At this time, the system could be of help.

[Ding, Host can use [Mimicry] to learn the Murloc language, and then you can communicate with it.]

[Judging Hosts learning efficiency: Instant.]

The systems voice echoed in Ye Fengs mind until here.

Ye Feng immediately slapped his head.

‘Oh right, [Mimicry] is a good thing.

When I was mimicking the Army Ants, I learned their language too!

Ye Feng suddenly became spirited.

He originally thought that [Mimicry] could only imitate the other partys form at most, but he neglected the language aspect.

‘Quickly imitate!

With a thought, Ye Feng released the [Mimicry] sequence ability.

“Hey, say it again!” Ye Feng said.

As he spoke, he discovered that his language had completely transformed into Murloc language!

‘Success! Ye Feng thought to himself, extremely happy.

This time, he could know what this group of Murlocs was planning.

Even if he snuck into their tribe later, he would be able to better search for resources.

“You can understand our language!” The leader of the Murlocs was extremely surprised.

“I can.

I didnt listen carefully to what you said just now,” Ye Feng said indifferently and glanced at the people behind it.

They had already finished worshipping and looked at Ye Feng in unison.

Among them, there were more complicated expressions.

After all, a creature that looked like their race but was not completely their race and did not speak their language just now…

In the blink of an eye, he had mastered it.

Moreover, the whirlpool that could control the flow of water gave off water vapor that could trap them.

What kind of creature was this!

They looked at Ye Feng as if they were looking at some kind of great terror.

“I am the Royal Head Knight of the Murlocs! I am in charge of patrolling this area.”

“This area belongs to our [Waterfall Murloc Clan]s territory, and its even bigger!”

As it spoke, the Head Knight pointed out an area.

The general meaning was that almost the entire river was theirs.

Ye Feng nodded, but he still didnt know what it was trying to express.

Their territory was big.

What did it matter to him He wasnt here to snatch their territory.

Although he didnt know what the Head Knight wanted to say, Ye Feng still caught a trace of useful clues.

[Waterfall Murloc]

What was this thing

Was it their tribal group

Ye Feng thought and thought of a better explanation.

That was that their Murlocs actually subdivided into many tribes.

Among them, [Waterfall Murlocs] was a large tribe.

This also meant that there should be other tribes here.

But at least for now, Ye Feng had not discovered them.

The Head Knight saw Ye Fengs calm expression and continued, “The waterfall stone wall here is the sacred land of our Murloc tribe, the [Tianqing River].”

Ye Feng continued listening to the Head Knights explanation and learned more information.

It was probably their patrol team that came here to patrol every day.

All along, Tianqing River did not allow outsiders to enter.

Even the Murloc tribe would not let their own in easily.

Those who could come here were basically all rather prestigious elders.

But Ye Fengs sudden arrival seemed to have broken all of this.

And the Murlocs on the patrol team…

Immediately after they discovered Ye Feng, they immediately blew the Murloc conch.

When Ye Feng heard this, he understood.

This also explained why even if he wanted to release the [Mimicry] skill and disguise as them, these patrol teams still blew the Murloc conch without any hesitation.

This was because they simply did not allow anyone to enter this place!

And a large team led by the Head Knight could also hear the horn and rush here in less than 30 seconds.

This was enough to show that this place was important enough for them!

‘Tianqing River, this name is really domineering! Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

But what was the use of being domineering!

He still didnt know what had happened here.

Didnt sacred lands usually have some kind of divine artifact or treasure

Why was there nothing here As far as the eye could see, there were only rivers and water.


Was this also considered a sacred land

If this was considered a sacred land, then every place here could be considered a sacred land.

Because this place almost all looked the same.

It was all water!

Otherwise, how could it be called the Water Training Hall!

Ye Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

But the Head Knights next words instantly slapped ye Feng in the face.

“Tianqing River, as a sacred land that others cannot invade, contains the supreme divine artifact of our Murloc race!”

Hearing this, Ye Feng was stunned.

“Divine artifact! There really is one!”


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