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Chapter 114 A Chimpanzee

What came into their views was a chimpanzee.

Exactly, it was a chimpanzee.

It lay on the back side of the megalith, like a slope, which could be used as a bed for it to lie on.

The chimpanzee looked young and was obviously injured, with a little blood beneath its body.

It was somewhat weak, whose breathing was short and rapid.

Besides, it was rather confusing.

However, it looked sharp-featured and 80% similar to Kaiser inRise of the Planet of the Apes.

It was definitely a chimpanzee with a good look in its race.

Mengmengs shiny big eyes stared at it for a few seconds and considered it looked like Kaiser.

So the little princess said with timidity,

“Are you Kaiser”

The chimpanzee opened its eyes hearing the sound of Mengmeng.

When it saw a human in front, its eyes narrowed.


It hurt so badly and was injured by humans! Abominable humans!

The chimpanzees eyes obviously had violence.


Little Hei felt its hostility and its eyes suddenly became hideous.

Its nose and face wrinkled up, showing a fierce expression.

The fangs in its mouth, which reflected cold light, seemed to say that if the chimpanzee dared to have any conation with the little master, it would let the chimpanzee be aware of its force.

In the meantime, Little Hei was a little angry.

He took care of it to get several chickens for the chimpanzee to eat and let it stay in the territory.

Now, how dared it to show its horns to his little master

The chimpanzee came to itself.

Seeing Little Heis manner, it showed fear.

“Are you Kaiser” Mengmeng asked again.

The little princess also thought it was Kaiser.

After all, this handsome chimpanzee only existed in the movie.


The chimpanzee ignored Mengmeng and leaned its head back again.

It felt weaker and weaker, knowing that it would not last long.

The reason was abominable humans.

It still remembered those ferocious human beings holding something like long sticks, shot small stones into its body.


The chimpanzee exhaled a long breath again.

“Hum, why do you ignore Mengmeng”

Mengmeng said, pouting.

Her big eyes were full of suspicion because she did not see the blood hidden under its black hair.

Mengmeng stepped forward with curiosity, stretched out her small palm to pat on the chimpanzees hair and said in a childish tone at the same time,

“Well, whats the matter with you”

When Mengmeng touched the chimpanzees hair with her hand, it gave a violent shudder.

Out of self-protection, its body moved in a confusional state.

It stared at Mengmeng, opened its mouth, letting out a cry and raised his arm to push Mengmeng.


Little Hei, which had been very cautious, became angry at this time.

He roared and rushed forward like lightning.

Hardly had the chimpanzee raised its arm when Little Hei threw it to the ground.

Little Heis fangs showed a sense of killing for the first time, biting at its neck.

The sharp teeth easily punctured the chimpanzees skin and the blood flowed out at that time.

Simultaneously, Little Heis claws pressed firmly against the chimpanzees limbs, making it unable to move at all.

Confronted with Little Hei, the chimpanzee was defenseless.

Even the strongest chimpanzee would accept such an outcome in the face of Little Hei, let alone this chimpanzee which was underage.

Witnessing this scene, Mengmengs eyes gradually widened, then,


Mengmeng screamed with fear.

On the other side, Zhang Han and Zhao Feng had just planted the rice seedlings in the rice field.

“Boss, its undeniable that doing farm work occasionally is really romantic.” Zhao Feng said, putting on his shoes and smiling.

“Thats right.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

“Now I indeed envy bosss life.

Im bound to experience this kind of life later.” Although Zhao Feng occupied a high position in the corporation, he did not like his present life.

The pastoral and leisure life of the boss was exactly what he yearned for.

“Youll have a chance…”

No sooner had Zhang Han began to speak than a scream of Mengmeng came from the forest.

Zhang Han stopped instantly and his face changed.

“Hurry up…” Zhao Feng was about to have a look.

However, as soon as he said this, even his foot had not been lifted yet, Zhang Hans body began to move.


Zhang Han ran towards the dense forest at tremendous speed.

As his tiptoes pointed on the grass tip, he ran 10 meters in a step.

It took only 10 seconds for him to ran 200 meters.

Faced with the fish pond, Zhang Han did not stop.

His tiptoes suddenly pointed on a holly, which made his body leap up.

After going forward about 20 meters, Zhang Hans feet touched the surface of the water a few times and he got across the fish pond, like lightning, running through the livestock area and disappearing in the jungle.

While Zhao Feng still kept the posture.

Even his feet had not lifted.

His eyes gradually widened, filled with shock, horror, and disbelief.

“Whats this”

Zhao Feng murmured.

He only sensed scalp numb at this moment and even his body was totally stiff.

He could not believe what he saw, but this scene actually happened in front of him.

“Boss, boss, he, he, hes really a martial arts master! Oh, my god!”

Zhao Feng suspected his life at this point.

He had thought the boss was very strong, but he had not expected to be so formidable.

The boss walked on the top of the grass and ran on the water, which was beyond his imagination.

“I, I have to go to see.”

Zhao Feng shivered and found himself stiff and staggered as he stepped forward.

“Its so terrifying.”

Zhao Feng gave a wry smile, stayed in position to move his body and then hurried to the forest.

But the phone in his pocket rang after he just ran a few steps.

Zhao Feng picked up the phone as he ran.

When he heard the news, Zhao Fengs face changed.

“I know it.”

Zhao Fengs face was drawn, He stopped after hanging up the phone.

On second thoughts, he still ran to the dense forest, intending to take a look at the situation before making any plans.

When arrived at the site of the incident, Zhao Feng was slightly shocked.


Zhao Feng shook his head with a wry smile.

This scene also exceeded his expectation.

A chimpanzee, lay on a stone, seriously wounded.

Little Hei glared at it while Zhang Han was comforting Mengmeng, holding her in his arms.

Mengmeng was not afraid in the arms of Papa.

She stared at the chimpanzee with tears.

“How did the chimpanzee get here” Zhao Feng asked doubtfully.

However, he still had something urgent to deal with.

So after he made sure nothing happened, Zhao Feng said to Zhang Han, “Boss, I have something to deal with.

Ill go back first.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

Zhao Feng hurried away.

“All right, all right…” Zhang Han stroked Mengmengs back with his right hand and whispered, “Dont be afraid; its all right.”

Zhang Han reproached himself when he appeased Mengmeng.

Subconsciously, he thought Mount New Moon was absolutely safe, but he did not expect a chimpanzee would come here.

Fortunately, Mengmeng was not frightened; otherwise, Zhang Han would have blamed himself more.

“PaPa, seemingly, it doesnt like Mengmeng…”

Mengmeng felt aggrieved, pouting.

She still remembered the chimpanzee frightened her just now.

“Papa loves you; dont worry about other things.” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“But, but it looks so pitiful.” Mengmeng looked at the chimpanzee with her big eyes unblinking and said.

“Mengmeng, I told you once.

We dont need to pity anyone, including animals.” Zhang Han, holding Mengmeng, turned to walk outward and said at the same time, “Well, lets go home.”

Little Hei glanced at the chimpanzee calmly and turned to leave.

Chimpanzees neck was bitten.

Although Little Hei did not exert too much force, it shed a lot of blood, making its gradually blur.

He stared at the sky, remembering its parents and other relatives.

In order to protect him, its parents were killed under the gun of human beings.

He came here after twists and turns and managed to find a chance to escape, but he was shot and failed to escape at last.

At that time, its eyes were mixed with sadness, soreness, remembrance, happiness, etc.

It subconsciously looked at Mengmeng and shook its head slightly at her with regret gleamed in its eyes.

“Uh-huh, PaPa, its so poor; whats wrong with it Is it going to die Mengmeng doesnt want it to die…”

Mengmeng wriggled constantly in the arms of Zhang Han after seeing this.

Zhang Han stopped walking and touched Mengmengs head helplessly, sighing slightly, “Mengmeng is really kind.”

Then he turned around, glanced at the chimpanzee and said coldly, “If you can walk to the top of the mountain from here, then Ill give you a chance.”

When the words fell, Zhang Han stepped away directly.

Little Hei and the chimpanzee were both stunned.

Little Hei could understand it and it was a little excited, while the chimpanzee was in a daze.

It could only figure out some simple sign language rather than what he said.

Little Hei pointed to the top of the mountain and made some gestures.

After a while, the chimpanzee finally realized that it would be saved as long as it reached the top of the mountain.

Therefore, the chimpanzee roused itself, spared no efforts to stand up and staggered to the outside.

It was seriously injured.

When it came out of the dense forest, it was too tired to climb.

However, after a few seconds, it stood up firmly again.

While Zhang Han had already stood under the thunder yang tree holding Mengmeng at this time.

“PaPa, its too poor; lets help it, ok” Mengmeng murmured.

“Itll come up”

Zhang Han replied in a low voice.

Meanwhile, he sized up the chimpanzee, squinting his eyes.


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