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“Its okay.” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Go prepare the surfboard.

I will call you when we are ready to go.”

“This… Okay.” The coach nodded and went to prepare the surfboard.

The temperature and airflow now were very suitable for people to surf in this area, which was a perfect place for novices, as the height of the waves was basically no more than 1.5 meters.

Most of the time, it was about one meter.

However, today, the water conditions showed that there would be greater waves, so more people came to have fun.

Under ordinary circumstances, there would be about 10 yachts.

Now, there were around 30.

Obviously, there were many veterans here, who were all waiting for greater waves.

However, the ocean was always moody, so it was impossible to predict exactly how high the waves would be.

As the coach walked down to prepare, he suddenly saw a relatively large yacht coming from not far ahead.

There were nearly 20 people on it.

When he fixed his eyes on it, he saw some of the figures and muttered in astonishment.

“Isnt that Lu Zongguang He also came today Hey Pang Yilei, Yue Da… Oh my, all the great surfers of the south island are here!”

This coach had been working on the south island for a long time and had an understanding of the surfing circle.

The people he had just mentioned were all great players in this circle.

They had surfed for six or seven years.

The coach was not so surprised when he saw them.

However, when he saw a blond man who was just like a sun surrounded by the stars, he was shocked.

“Damn it, isnt that David Hes also here”

Davids full name was David Kerr.

He was a North American who was famous in the worlds surfing circle.

He had once won the American Surfing Championship and conquered the 15-meter wave.

He had not expected that David would come today.

He knew that these small waves were just a piece of cake for David!


Since when did David surf on small waves

Could big waves be coming there today

The coach squinted his eyes and started to guess.

He couldnt help but take out the walkie-talkie to speak to the head coach of the club.

“Head coach, David Kerr is here.

Will there be big waves today”

However, he received no response.

The head coach was now on Davids yacht.

“Theres about five minutes left.

David, lets go prepare.

This time, I want to compare with you! Hahaha!” Pang Yilei told David.

“Okay, okay.” David nodded and smiled.

“Ill bring you the surfboards,” said the head coach, who was by his side.

Their conversation showed that David had just gone there to have fun and had been invited to surf by Pang Yilei.

In addition to a few veterans who were going to surf, the rest were all people who loved surfing.

When theyd heard that David was here, they had come to watch.

They were all preparing.

On the other side, Zheng Chenyu and the others had already started surfing.


Zheng Chenyu screamed at Zhang Han and Zi Yan, who were not far from them.

As they were standing on the deck and watching the ocean, he began to show off his skills.

While waves came, Zheng Chenyu began to show his movements.

Sometimes he was ahead of the waves, and sometimes he was standing on them.

With a quick turn, he jumped on the waves and then jumped again.

He repeated his movements to show off.

“Poof… Seems like hes quite capable.

This man is really funny.

He has so many friends, but he always wants to play with us.” Zi Yan grinned.


Zhang Han let out a long sigh.

“Whats wrong” Zi Yan turned to look at him.

“Youre so charming and beautiful.

I can imagine how many people will be chasing you in the future.” Zhang Han laughed while speaking.

“I wont be with anyone but my childs father.” Zi Yan bit her lower lip lightly and took a look at Zhang Han meaningfully.

The implication was that if she hadnt had a child with him, she probably wouldnt have been with him either.

Zhang Han couldnt help but laugh.

He reached out with his arm and grabbed Zi Yans waist directly while whispering in her ear, “You are destined to be with me.”

“Silly.” Zi Yan twisted her lower back and gently hit Zhang Han with her pretty buttocks.

So naughty!

After seeing this, Zhang Han squinted his eyes and whispered, “Im looking forward to the days that youre not on your period.”

Such aggressive words…

They made Zi Yan… Oh!

Her face flushed.

She felt her body become stiff as her waist heated up where Zhang Han was holding it.

As soon as she thought about that moment, she became a little nervous and shy.

She couldnt express herself very well.

Thus, she spoke coyly.

“You… You… I… I… I dont want it! In your dreams! I havent finished testing you yet.

Its still so early, yet youre showing your true colors.

Who knows what will happen in the future”

“Go on!” Zhang Han only said two words.

Crimson creeped onto Zi Yans cheeks.

Fortunately, the coach came up suddenly and said, “Sir, the surfboards are ready.”

Zhang Han nodded before taking Zi Yans hand and going down.

When he saw that there were two surfboards, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “One is enough.

I will take her.”

“Youll take her” The coachs voice sounded higher as he said doubtfully, “Is… Is this okay”

“Just make the right arrangements,” Zhang Han replied firmly.

“Well… Can both of you swim” After he said that, the coach himself realized that he was talking nonsense.

Who would dare surf in the sea if they couldnt swim Zhang Hans expression and tone showed that he was obviously a veteran.

After thinking about it, the coach nodded and said, “Alright, but Ill give you safety straps.”

Zhang Han nodded.

The coach took two straps that looked like handcuffs and handed them to Zhang Han before saying, “Buckle these on your waist.”

Zhang Han took over and put them on himself and Zi Yan.

There was a rope connecting the two buckles, while another rope on Zhang Hans buckle was held by the coach on the surfboard.

They reached the surfing spot.

David and the other masters were already ready.

The waves kept becoming higher and higher.

When they became three meters high, not so many people were still playing there.

Then, high waves of six and seven meters came.

David and the others expected that the next waves would reach about eight meters.

They might be the highest there today, so they naturally had gone there to prepare in advance.

Zheng Chenyu and the others returned to the yacht.

“Big waves are more refreshing, but I still cant control them well.” Zheng Chenyu shook his head.

“Only the veterans dare to play like this.

Novices will definitely fall into the sea.” Huang Wen grinned.

When he saw another motor-boat moving on the sea, he fixed his eyes on it in astonishment.

“Oh Isnt that the couple Are they going to surf right now”

“Its them.

Damn it! Theyll surf on one surfboard Great! Can they make it” There was a dramatic expression on Zheng Chenyus face.

“If they cant make it, theyll have to fall into the water.

However, the big waves are too dangerous.

Are they being too bold” Huang Wen frowned and said, “If that beauty is hurt, Ill feel sorry for her.”

“Cut the crap! If they dared to come, they must have the ability.” After Zheng Chenyu said this, he looked at the back and said, “Look, the high waves are coming.

Damn it! They must be ten meters high! Sh*t! Who are those surfers”

Ten meters… Higher than an ordinary three-story building… The waves were just coming massively.

They were so magnificent that they filled people with fear of the sea.

Suddenly, a sound came from a yacht not far away.

“Dear friends, let me introduce the players who are about to surf to you.

The leftmost one is David Kerr from North America.

The second one is surfing master Pang Yilei.

The third one is…”

As soon as he said that, screams came from many yachts.

Even Zheng Chenyu was a little surprised.

He took a look at Huang Wen and said, “Is this the same David who won the American Surfing Championship Damn it! This genius is here.”

“The others are also great surfers on the south island.” Huang Wen repeatedly shook his head and said, “Oh I know.

They didnt start just now because they were all waiting for the greater waves.

They are all great!”

The other people on the yacht were also surprised.

“Thats the American champion.


“I remember that Pang Yilei won the first place in the competition of the south island Deepwater Bay Club that we held last time.

Hes great.”

“These are masters! Lets see what theyve got today.”

“They began! Its so high! They are so cool!”

Before all these spectators, those people began to surf on the high waves.

Quite a few professionals noticed that Davids surfing posture was very standard.

There was also some casualness to his moves.

He seemed very relaxed, as if he was enjoying the happiness brought by the huge waves.

As for the others, Pang Yilei was quite ordinary.

Obviously, these huge waves were a big challenge for him.

The two people beside him were similar, yet their movements were somewhat cautious.

However, the huge waves had just taken shape.

They had not yet swept through, so they were all able to stand this.

There were also two motor-boats on the left and right side of the waves.

They were following the waves, guarding the safety of the surfers.

If they fell into the water, they would be rescued immediately.

Meanwhile, Zhang Han and Zi Yan had just reached the surfing area.

They were fluctuating with the waves as if they were flying.


Zi Yan screamed, feeling very interested, nervous, excited and fearful of the sea.

The stimulation brought by this uncontrollable power could not be described.

After the waves passed, the surfers couldnt be seen.

However, everything was quite clear for the yachts on the other side.

When the waves rose to a certain extent, a large amount of water came over very quickly.

Suddenly, several people began to surf sideways, but two people on the back didnt control themselves so well.

After being lapped by the waves, they lost their balance and fell into the sea.

The motor-boat rushed over and brought back the people who had fallen into the water.

After David and the others finished surfing and went back to the yacht, they chatted and said that this feeling of controlling nature was really wonderful.

Zhang Han, Zi Yan and the coach in the surfing area had waited for a while before a few waves of eight and nine meters had passed.

Suddenly, the huge waves formed at the back subsided for a few seconds.

“Okay, its our turn.”

Zhang Han squinted his eyes as he spoke.

He put the surfboard down and asked Zi Yan to stand up first.

Then, he stood behind Zi Yan and stepped into the buckles with his feet.

There were only two buckles and Zhang Han stepped on them to control the surfboard.

Zi Yan stepped on the front of the surfboard with bare feet and turned to him in confusion.

“I dont have one Where should I step on”

“You dont need that.

I will hug you later,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Ah You will hug me Are you sure” Zi Yan licked her mouth.

“Of course.

Well, the waves are coming.

You squat down first.

You dont have to do anything else,” Zhang Han said.

Zi Yan squatted down and Zhang Han squatted down as well, waiting to slide the surfboard forward with his hands when the waves came.

The two of them were ready.

They were just waiting for the arrival of the waves.

Upon seeing that they were not in a standard position, the coach on the motor-boat on the other side of the sea felt worried and muttered to himself.

“Can they really do it”

“Look at their posture.

I am afraid that when the waves come, they will fall over!”

On the other side, a group of people got off from several yachts and got ready to surf.

They were all ready to go to the surfing area.

The big waves were gone, so there would be one-meter-high waves now.


The ocean was moody.

“I… Look over there! Damn it! Huge waves!” Zheng Chenyu was watching Zhang Han and Zi Yan, who were preparing to surf, when he saw the sea water behind them suddenly sink before huge waves rose and rushed over!

“They are 17 or 18 meters high!” Huang Wen widened his eyes.

“Oh no! That couple is about to surf.” Zheng Chenyu, who was worried, hurriedly shouted in the direction of Zhang Han on the deck, “Hey! Hey! Huge waves are coming! Be careful!”

Even the people on the yacht also saw that.

They all widened their eyes in shock.

The huge waves just came unexpectedly!

The people who had been about to go there had stopped and were now watching the waves in silence.

The coach, who was a few meters away from Zhang Han, realized that something might go wrong and looked back in shock.

“Oh my! So huge!”

17 or 18 meters high! Those were really huge waves!

As soon as he realized that, he quickly looked at Zhang Han and shouted, “Hey! Hurry up and lie down! Hold the surfboard! Dont move!”

The power of the huge waves was terrible and dangerous for surfing.

Thus, the coach told them to hold the surfboard in place and wait for the huge waves to leave.

He didnt expect that the handsome guy wouldnt listen to his words at all.

His palms swept deep into the sea as he prepared to start surfing.

“Oh no!”

The coach was shocked.

They were going to surf on such huge waves

He felt desperate.

If they got hurt, he would also bear responsibility!

However, it was too late to say anything now.

On the other side, David and the others were on the yacht.

“Its a pity.

These waves are what I wanted!” David squinted and looked at the huge waves up ahead.

“These huge waves seem to be about 18 meters high.

The world record is 23.7 meters.

This kind of waves are too difficult to deal with.

If it were me, I am afraid I would not control myself well.” Pang Yilei sighed again and again.

Deep down in his heart, he also wanted to conquer huge waves, but he still did not have such an ability.

“Hey Whats going on Those two people will still go ahead If it was one person, it would be okay.

But he will surf on the huge waves with another person They must be kidding!” Suddenly, David saw Zhang Han and Zi Yan, who were not far from the huge waves, and frowned.

He enjoyed surfing but was also afraid of huge waves.

He knew that waves were beautiful yet terrible.

Just because of this, he wanted to conquer one big wave after another.

He thought this was also a breakthrough.

When facing this kind of huge waves, even he had to be extra careful.

He had not expected that two tourists who had come out of nowhere would be so arrogant.

They even dared to surf on one board!

In his opinion, that man was just an amateur.

If he really knew how to surf, he would not choose to surf under the circumstances.

However, when they saw what happened next…

David said, “How is this possible”

Pang Yilei said, “What did I just see”

Everyone was shocked.

“What the hell”

As they looked at the huge waves, everyone felt very nervous.

Zhang Han also felt that way.

“Ill begin,” he said.

When he pressed his hands in the water, the surfboard went forward as if driven by a slight force.

This was also the moment the coach shouted that they should hold the surfboard.

Zi Yan looked back and saw that there were huge waves as tall as six or seven floors behind her.


Zi Yan screamed.

The sudden huge waves gave her a lot of pressure.

She was very scared as she said anxiously, “Theyre huge! Zhang Han, Zhang Han, what do we do Well drown.

Now! Hold the surfboard!”

“Hahaha, its fine! Rest assured, Im here.” Zhang Han held Zi Yans hands and stood up.

His feet stepped on the buckles as he took Zi Yan in his arms.

Amid these huge waves, he kissed Zi Yans tender cheeks leisurely.

“You want it to be more exciting or steadier” Zhang Han asked.

“Ah I, I…” Zi Yan didnt know what to say for a while.

Zhang Han laughed upon seeing this.

When she saw Zhang Hans smile, Zi Yan gradually felt reassured.

In a moment, Zhang Han grabbed Zi Yans waist and lifted her over the top of his head.

When he realized that supporting Zi Yans weight only by holding her waist might make her feel uncomfortable, Zhang Han stretched out his right hand.

He pressed on the sexy buttocks of Zi Yan, who was wearing a bikini.

Although there was a layer of fabric, it felt…

He immediately gurgled…

Zhang Han suddenly felt his throat go a bit dry.

He was so naughty that he even used his right hand to pinch and rub her buttocks a few times.

Zi Yan was so nervous that she did not notice.

This way, Zhang Han supported Zi Yan steadily while the huge waves behind them came.

The surfboard, which was constantly being lifted, quickly rose to a height of nearly ten meters amid the huge waves.

It was already very exciting for Zi Yan to surf like this.

However, Zhang Han didnt plan on having fun simply like this.

It was almost time.

Zhang Han transferred the spiritual force in his body to his hands and feet.

His arms, which were holding Zi Yan, did not move, but his legs stepped down heavily.

Suddenly, the entire surfboard fell into the sea and Zhang Hans body quickly sank.

When the water reached his chest, he used less power and the surfboard floated up quickly.

As he was about to emerge from the water, Zhang Han exerted force again.


Zhang Han jumped out of the water with the surfboard.

Then, he performed a backward somersault in the air.


Zi Yan also turned around a little nervously and screamed.

When Zhang Hans body went down, he fell into the water once again.

Then, he got out of the water, performed another backward somersault, and repeated it again and again like a dolphin playing happily in the sea.

This made the others widen their eyes.

So did David, who had won the championship.

It was the first time he had seen something like this.

How could someone surf like this

Many people also began to wonder whether they were watching a movie with special effects.

However, this was real.

It was actually happening in front of them.

“He… His surfing skills are much better than mine! This is definitely the top level in the world!” David muttered with some disappointment.

He remembered the last time he had seen such gorgeous movements, when he had met the third top European surfing king in the world.

His movements had also been difficult, but they had been performed by one person.

This man also had a woman with him.

He hissed!

This was terrible!

While thinking about this, David couldnt help but inhale deeply.

Zi Yan was so scared that she closed her eyes at first.

Then, she gradually…

Huh She was fine!

She opened her eyes and looked around her in amazement.

Upon seeing Zhang Hans movements and the huge waves in the back, she began to yell excitedly.

After a while, the huge waves rose to the highest level and, suddenly, a huge water flow fell down from the top like a splitting bamboo.

“Ah! Its coming! Zhang Han, I am scared!” Zi Yan exclaimed.

Zhang Han stopped any other actions, put Zi Yan down and made her face him.

Then, he said, “Hold me tightly!”

Zi Yans slender legs were around Zhang Hans waist and her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck.

She closed her eyes nervously.

As he looked at the beauty in front of him…

Zhang Han couldnt help but get closer to her.


The two of them french-kissed while they were surfing.

The water flowing from the waves, of course, did not fall on their bodies.

While Zhang Han was kissing Zi Yan, he also turned and started surfing horizontally.

Then, the water from the waves flowed over their heads and fell on the sea a few meters ahead.

Hua, hua, hua!

This sound reached everybodys ears.

Meanwhile, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were hidden in the huge waves.

It seemed like a cave formed by a water curtain.

They could still see the outside world from the side, but since they were inside, even the swirling sea water was within reach.

After a long kiss, Zhang Hans lips left Zi Yans red lips and he whispered, “Open your eyes and take a look.”


Zi Yan, who was very obedient, opened her eyes.

After taking in the scene in front of her, her eyes gradually widened.

“What a nice view!”

Zi Yan was intoxicated by it at once.

She even stretched out her slender fingers into the sea water swirling above.

The rhythm of the water flow and the water curtain… were stunningly beautiful.

“Beautiful, right” Zhang Han asked as he laughed.

“Yes, its wonderful!”

“Is it pretty”

“Yes, its pretty!”

“Ha ha ha! No matter how beautiful it is, it cant compare to you,” Zhang Han said as he looked at Zi Yan.


Zi Yan felt both her body and mind get attacked by love as she looked at Zhang Han affectionately and spoke.

“Dont speak.

Kiss me!”


After the kiss, Zi Yans face was flushed.

She raised her head, sometimes looking at the water curtain and sometimes looking at Zhang Han, feeling like this was a dream.

However, the waves would eventually end.

When they were about to leave, Zhang Han controlled the direction and got out of the cave made by the water curtain.

The huge waves of more than ten meters ended.

When the people not far away saw them, they all cheered up.

The coach hurriedly drove the motor-boat toward them.

He looked at Zhang Han in admiration and gave him a thumbs-up.

“Buddy! Youre amazing!”

He was really convinced now.

Totally convinced.

It turned out that he had just been waiting for the huge waves.

His surfing skills had already reached their peak! It turned out that he was a great surfing master!

Compared to him… Ahem… They couldnt even be compared.

He was totally convinced by his skills.

“There are no big waves anymore.

Will you continue” the coach asked while looking back.

After the huge waves, the sea became peaceful and the waves became one meter high again.

He believed that, for the handsome guy in front of him, these small waves were nothing at all!

However, he did not know that the earlier huge waves had also been a piece of cake for him.

“Shall we continue” Zhang Han asked as he looked at Zi Yan.

“No, I want to go back and lie down for a while.” Zi Yan shook her head.

“Uh… Then you… I will take you back!” the coach told them.


Zi Yan suddenly realized that she was still holding onto Zhang Hans body like sticky candy.

After she heard these words, she hurriedly got down.

Finally, the coach brought them back to the yacht.

As she was lying on the reclining chair on the deck, Zi Yan patted her chest and exhaled deeply.

She looked at Zhang Han excitedly and said, “Its really exciting.

Its fun.

You are amazing!”

“Youre… It seems that you still want to play.” Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and said, “Want to go there and play for a while”

“Uh, are there big waves” Zi Yan raised her head and looked at the sea.

She felt that the one-meter small waves seemed less exciting for them.

“It seems that there are no big waves.”

“Then lets not go.

Lets lie down and rest for a while.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Later, I will take you to surf on the greatest waves! I will also take you to the bottom of the sea and have fun with you all over the world!”

“Haha, I am waiting!” Zi Yan giggled.

After they had been lying on the yacht for a few minutes, the coach walked up to them.

“Sir, David on the yacht over there wants to come and visit you.”

“I have no time.”

One minute later…

“Sir, Mr.

Zheng, who offered the wine, wants to come and play with you.”


“Okay.” The coach nodded and went away.

This time, Zhang Han said directly, “Sail the yacht in a circle.”


The coach went down and Zhang Hans yacht left, wandering in the nearby waters.

Zi Yan played very happily.

In the next hour or so, she said many times, “This is really exciting! Its so much fun! You are amazing!”

At last, Zhang Han replied, “I can be more powerful.”

Then, he smirked and pressed his body against her.


This way, the two of them looked at the scenery while hugging each other.

It was 12:30.

Zhang Han said, “Are you hungry How about we go for lunch”

“Im a little hungry.

Will we go back to the restaurant to eat” Zi Yan muttered in Zhang Hans arms.

“We wont go back.

If we go back now, Mengmeng wouldnt be happy.

Zhou Fei has prepared so many snacks that she cant eat under ordinary circumstances.

I believe she is enjoying them now!” Zhang Han laughed while speaking.

“This little girl!” Zi Yan also laughed and said, “Lets go eat Western food.”


Thus, the two of them went back and the yacht sailed back to Deepwater Bay.

Meanwhile, Mengmeng was really doing what the two of them thought.

On the first floor of the restaurant, Mengmeng was holding a lollipop and licking it happily.

“Auntie Feifei, I… I am hungry! Why dont you cook” Mengmeng said while watching TV.

“Cook I cant cook!” Zhou Fei curled her lips and pinched Mengmengs cute little face while saying, “You forgot Well go eat KFC at noon.”

“I dont want to eat that.

I dont want to eat KFC.

Auntie Feifei, where is my cake I want to eat birthday cake,” Mengmeng said as she pouted her little mouth.

“Oh my little princess, I told you.

Well eat cake at night,” Zhou Fei said helplessly.


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