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Chapter 604 Good Luck

“Just the beginning”

Gai Xingkong knew what Wang Zhanpeng wanted to say, so he smiled and said, “OK, Ill wait for your surprise.”

“Uncle Gai, come here and sit down.

Hey, Xiaofeng, please call someone to send some fruit here,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

After Zhang Hans transformation, the former canopy had been removed and replaced by some stone pavilions.

The terrain of the pavilions was slightly higher, and there were about 10 pavilions in the whole back mountain and a row of pavilions in the water pond so people could fish.

The pavilions were of different sizes, and the group of guests chose a relatively large one.

There were a rectangular stone table and chairs made of warm stones in the pavilion, and they didnt feel cold or wet when sitting on them.

If the stone chairs were cold like normal and made people suffer from hemorrhoids after sitting on them for a long time, Cold Immortal School would become a joke.

Zhao Feng went to pick the fruits himself instead of calling others for help.

When he walked to the orchard, he met Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran.

Liu Jiaran was still on holiday, so she was willing to travel to Hong Kong with Ah Hu.

Liu Qingfeng was reluctant at first, but his daughter was an adult now and he couldnt control her.

He trusted Ah Hus character and knew that Ah Hu would obey Zhang Han and would not eat forbidden fruit before he was engaged to Liu Jiaran.

After several days of observation, Liu Qingfeng agreed that Liu Jiaran could go to Hong Kong with Ah Hu.

Liu Jiaran was curious about everything in Cold Immortal School.

“What beautiful houses.

“What beautiful flowers.

“What a tall tree.

The castle is really impressive.

The boss is rich.

“There are so many pets.

They are beautiful.

Oh, isnt that a gorilla So big.”

Liu Jiaran kept cheering all the way.

Then they met Zhao Feng and went to the orchard to pick fruit with him.

Seeing all kinds of fruit trees and beautiful fruits, Liu Jiaran couldnt control her saliva.

Seeing the couple kissing behind him, Zhao Feng decided not to disturb them.

He picked a batch of fruits and then left in a hurry.

He washed the fruit and sent it to the pavilion.

Then he went to the people who had just finished lunch and came to visit the back mountain.


“Mengqi, shall we have a walk there” Zhao Feng looked at the girl and said excitedly.

“I wont go to the woods with you.” Liang Mengqi and Liang Hao went to Zhang Hans pavilion to chat with Zhang Li.

Zhao Feng followed them back to the pavilion.

Others also went to other pavilions to see the scenery and enjoy their leisure time after lunch.

They preferred to watch Mengmeng playing with Dahei and Little Hei.

The back mountain was now full of vitality with Mengmeng here.

In her absence, Dahei would sleep all day and Little Hei didnt want to come out for a walk.

It was obvious that when Zhang Han and his family were away, Dahei and Little Hei had no motivation to do anything.

Only at the time of every meal could the smoke from the forest be seen.

“Han, you have a treasure land.”

Gai Xingkong looked around and said with a smile, “Im looking forward to seeing Guangyous and Jialis expressions when they come back.”

Every time he talked about Zhang Guangyou, Gai Xingkong had a unique smile on his face.

Although Zhang Han was very powerful, he was from the younger generation of Gai Xingkong and couldnt be treated as a brother.

“Brother Gai, try the apples here.” Wang Zhanpeng gave a red apple to him with a smile.

“No thank you.

I dont eat much fruit, and Im not interested in it.” Gai Xingkong waved his hand casually.

“Then you should give it a try.

Try it,” Wang Zhanpeng said with a smile.

“This… All right.” Gai Xingkong took the fruit out of politeness.

After taking a bite of it, he couldnt help saying loudly, “Wow, its delicious.”

He ate a whole apple in a few bites.

Gai Rulong was stunned.

“My grandfather seldom eats fruit, let alone apples…”

“Han, the fruits here are special.” Gai Xingkong looked at the orchard and then the other places, trying to find something.

He realized that the food here was delicious and the fruits were so fragrant.

“What does it mean

“There must be something special here.”

There had to be some natural precious materials here, but he didnt see anything strange around.

He even didnt notice the fragrant grass a few meters away.

Zhang Han grinned after hearing Gai Xingkongs comment.

“Youll know it later.”

Even Zi Yan covered her mouth and smiled, because she saw Gai Xingkong reaching for the fruit basket and taking an apple.

“Who just said that he never eats fruit

“My husband is powerful in every aspect.”

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han with love and adoration in her eyes.

Their romance made several people nearby feel a current around them.


For many years, the love between this couple was still very touching.

Gai Rulong was the only one sitting silently near them without making any comments.

He focused on the fruit basket and wondered if they were really so delicious.

So he grabbed an apple and took a bite, which was crisp and sweet.

It turned out that apples could be so delicious.

Gai Rulong began eating fruit while listening to them chatting.

Although it was not the Lantern Festival yet, the New Years atmosphere had almost dissipated.

Especially for martial artists, the Spring Festival was not so important.

After sitting for half an hour, Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng in front of him and found that she intended to play the whole afternoon.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han prepared to take care of his own business.

“Uncle Gai, lets go,” Zhang Han stood up and said.

“Are you going to do something” Zi Yan asked.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Ill be back in an hour.”

“Well, then Ill play with Mengmeng,” Zi Yan responded.

All the guests here were divided into two groups.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, Liang Mengqi, and Zhao Feng went to the pet area.

Zhang Han, Wang Zhanpeng, and Wang Ming went to the Thunder Yang Tree.

“Shall I get started” Gai Xingkong asked when he saw Zhang Han stop.

“Wait for me,” Zhang Han replied.

He stood with his back to the Thunder Yang Tree and closed his eyes.

He fell into silence after saying this, leaving others in confusion.

“What is he doing”

Under everyones gaze, one minute, two minutes… 10 minutes passed.

When they were patient enough to wait for the 11th minute…

Zhang Han suddenly took a step forward and appeared five meters away.


The whole Thunder Yang Tree was trembling.

With the second step, Zhang Han walked forward four meters.

The Thunder Yang Tree trembled again.

After Zhang Han took his third step, the leaves of the Thunder Yang Tree began shaking.

Gai Xingkongs face suddenly changed.

“A divine object!”

He looked up at the Thunder Yang Tree.

To his surprise, such a tall tree was a divine object!

After Zhang Han took his fourth step—


A light wind was generated nearby and shocked Gai Xingkong.

He found that the whole green grassland was also a treasure!

After Zhang Han took his fifth step…

The more Gai Xingkong sensed, the stiffer his face became.

“It turns out… this is a real treasure land!”

The mountains and fields were full of natural precious materials, which was amazing.

When Zhang Han finished his fifth step, he opened a pair of shining eyes.

“Flowers fall off!”

Zhang Han stretched out his right hand forward and summoned the Sun Flower.

The flower was shining in the air five meters above the ground, slowly falling down.

When the Sun Flower appeared, all the plants and trees in the whole territory seemed to be activated.

Gai Xingkong, who was close to the Divine Realm, also sensed the amazing Qi.


The moment the Sun Flower fell, an invisible wave covered the whole territory.

Yang Qi began to spread out.


Zhang Han gulped and stepped back to feel the Sun Flower.

He was waiting for an opportunity for Gai Xingkong to advance to the higher level.

Three seconds after the Sun Flower fell—


The Thunder Yang Tree shuddered suddenly, and then there were beams of blue light converging toward the Sun Flower.


Zhang Han was surprised as he didnt know what it was.

“Is the quality of the Sun Flower lower than I judged Is the Thunder Yang Tree unwilling to accept foreign things

“I dont think Ive been blinded.”

But the changes that happened in the next moment shocked Zhang Han, who soon became overjoyed.

What he said confused the others.

“Its not a Sun Flower!”

The Sun Flower changed along with Zhang Hans words.

With the concentration of the essence energy of the Thunder Yang Tree, the pure-white petals of Sun Flower suddenly vibrated slightly.

“Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!”

One after another, crackles came from the flowers and the white petals fell, just like it was paint falling off an antique.

After the white material covering them disappeared, the petals and stems changed into a surprising color.

It was not a Sun Flower!

It was a Thunder Yang Flower, which was much more valuable than a Sun Flower.

How lucky Zhang Han was.

Looking at the crystal-blue Thunder Yang Flower, Zhang Han smiled.

The Thunder Yang Flowers nourishing effect on the territory was much better than that of a Sun Flower.

Most importantly, Zhang Han had a Thunder Yang Tree.

With the help of the Thunder Yang Flower, the time for the production of Thunder Yang Wood could be greatly shortened.

While the Thunder Yang Tree was related to the Wood element, the Thunder Yang Flower was related to the Fire element.

If Zhang Han could get Thunder Yang Grass with the Water element, Thunder Yang Crystal with the Metal element, and Thunder Yang Sand with the Soil element…

He would gather all the five elements and turn the whole territory into a Land of Thunder Yang, which was a real treasure land.

The life span of ordinary people living in a Land of Thunder Yang could be more than 300 years.

Among them, a Thunder Yang Flower, as a thunder yang treasure, was the most difficult to be found.

He didnt expect that this presumed Sun Flower was actually a hidden Thunder Yang Flower.

Zhang Han sighed with relief because only Saint Warrior Planet had so many spirit treasures.

“Lets start.”

Looking at the Thunder Yang Flower with surging energy, Zhang Han nodded at Gai Xingkong.

It was time for Gai Xingkong to make a breakthrough!

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