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Miss Ayla Serdian, what I mean is that I am not comfortable, not you.

Ah… What Why Why is Your Highness uncomfortable Hahaha… I\'m not asking you again, I really don\'t know.

Ayla, who slowly turned her head to look at Theon, smiled shyly.

Theon\'s habit of saying not to ask twice seemed to bother him.

Theon felt somewhat sorry for Ayla, who was taking a submissive attitude towards him when it was something she should forget.

Even though she got involved and was caught up in a disgraceful rumor, she did not blame Theon.

Contrary to how he used to think Ayla was only foolish, the more he got to know her, the stronger and bolder she was.

It\'s hard for me to move my arms when you\'re stiff like that.

After finishing speaking, Theon grabbed Ayla and pulled her into his arms.

Ayla held her breath as if she were very nervous when she unexpectedly suddenly fell into a position that seemed like she was being hugged from behind.

The source of trouble was that she had tied her hair while remembering the hair that was flying all over the place at the speed of the horse galloping.

Through the weakly blowing wind, she could feel Theon\'s shallow breath on the exposed back of her neck.

Even if she tried to think of something else, somehow, she couldn\'t stop having strange thoughts.

Theon cautiously glanced at Ayla, who suddenly lowered her head and cringed.

He couldn\'t see well because it was dark; but her ears and the nape of her neck, reflected in the moonlight, were becoming redder than anything else.

Are you perhaps… Cold

What N-no.

I\'m not cold.

I\'m hot Hahaha.

Theon looked at Ayla with a strange expression on his face, as she fanned herself with her small hand while looking straight ahead.

As the sweet scent that was coming from her since the moment they departed became thicker along the wind, he felt like he was drunk without knowing why.

Ayla\'s small body, which unintentionally came closer to his chest with the horse\'s movement, made him tense up.

Theon had a light smile as if he didn\'t mind her warmth touching his arm from time to time.


Before she knew it, a familiar mansion came into sight.

It was only three days, but, as if she had gotten quite attached to the people who worked at the mansion, she was wondering how they were doing.

She saw Orhan, who seemed to be waiting for them, coming out of the mansion.

Orhan, long time no see!

Seeing Ayla raising her hand to greet him with a broad smile, Orhan also raised his hand and waved at her.

Right away, Orhan\'s expression turned serious when he saw the strange man behind her.

Soon after, Orhan approached the two of them, who had stopped the horse, with a stiff expression.

Who is the person behind you

Orhan was wary and asked Ayla about him.

Then, Theon took off the hood he was wearing and spoke with a sulky expression on his face.

It seems you don\'t even recognize your master anymore…

When Orhan saw Theon, his eyes widened as if he was caught off guard.

Y-Your Highness, why did you come all the way here

I am here as Princess Zenia\'s warrior guard.

I came all the way here again because someone can\'t ride horses, so I\'m very tired.

Theon, who had come down from the horse, spoke sarcastically towards Orhan.

Orhan glanced at Ayla as if asking what was going on, but Ayla just shrugged her shoulders without saying a word.

She looked at Theon, who was stretching while saying he was tired, and gave Orhan a secret glance as if to help her get off the horse.

Contrary to Ayla\'s expectation that he would just go inside the mansion, Theon approached her and held out his hand.

You can get off now.

Beautiful Princess Zenia.

Before she knew it, Theon\'s gleaming gray eyes were filled with Ayla\'s image.

She tried to get herself together as she felt her heart pounding at his kindness.

‘My heart, don\'t overreact.\'


Upon entering the mansion under Orhan\'s guidance, the familiar interior came into Ayla\'s sight.

It couldn\'t be repaired beforehand as they were in a hurry to prepare for Zenia\'s work, so the house felt old no matter where she looked.

Squeak, squeak.

There was no problem in using it, but, throughout the mansion, its old and shabby appearance remained the same over the years.

Except for Elin and Orhan, the others must have gone to bed after finishing their work, as it was quite late, and the inside of the mansion was quiet and peaceful.

Seeing Ayla entering the mansion, Elin smiled shyly and said,Princess!\', and approached her with hurried steps.

Ayla smiled brightly, as if Elin was cute, and spread her arms.


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