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The fact that he was holding him by his weakness could have been because he didn\'t have a clear conscience in the first place.

If his marriage with Ariel had fallen into Owen\'s hands, it was impossible to postpone it.

A deep sigh naturally erupted when he thought of Owen\'s eyes, which had been enveloped in jealousy and anger.

Damn it…

Words as harsh as the situation itself came out of his mouth.

He quickly got up and pulled the string hanging from the back of his desk.

Knock, knock, knock.

With a knock on the door not long after, Mason entered the office with a nervous expression.

Mason\'s gaze carefully scanned the interior.

‘It\'s chilly.

It\'s like a dagger is flying to my chest and piercing it.\'

Feeling the unusual atmosphere, Mason\'s face darkened quickly.

As expected, Theon\'s expression looking at him was worse than before, as if he didn\'t like something.

Where did Louis Daniel go

That… He is away for a few days due to personal reasons.

They\'re really doing whatever they want.

Ugh… Alright, make preparations to go out.

I have to go to the place I mentioned before.

Oh right, wouldn\'t it be better to report to Princess Ariel before going

Mason\'s mouth was firmly shut at Theon, who clearly showed his displeasure towards what happened with Ariel the other day.

In a way, Theon\'s reaction was natural, because even though he had a private order to keep it a secret, he couldn\'t keep it.

Mason\'s gaze naturally turned downwards.

Aren\'t you going It looks like the preparations will only be ready by tomorrow.

Theon said nervously to Mason, who was standing still with his head down.

Even though he had already snapped at him before, it seems like he was still angry.

Mason, who looked bewildered at his unusual appearance, gave a short answer and headed out of the office.

He knew better than anyone that if he got on Theon\'s bad side at times like this, he would get into trouble.


Theon was wearing a light outfit similar to those of ordinary people, not the attire worn in the royal palace.

Nevertheless, it was not enough to conceal his unique luxurious image.

Riding on a black horse instead of the white horse representative of the royal palace, his appearance was no less than perfect.

Those who had gathered in the square were busy whispering about the man standing in front of them.

After the massacre of the wizards of Pella, Theon was extremely reluctant to go out.

Thanks to this, except for some high-ranking nobles, it was not easy for commoners to recognize him.

How much farther did he go, after passing the crowded Arin Square and entering a rather quiet path

The shape of a small mansion at the end of the path came into his gray eyes.

Whoa, whoa.

When he reached his destination, Theon pulled the reins lightly and slowed the horse\'s speed.

In the quiet mansion, a rushing silhouette could be seen through the window, as if it had felt a presence.

As if familiar with the large tree at the entrance of the mansion, Theon came down from the horse and tied its reins tightly.

He was able to do such dirty work himself due to the frequent military expeditions when he was young.

A light breeze blew through the trees, messing Theon\'s hair up.


The door of the mansion, which had been tightly closed, opened; and Orhan and Elin came out, wearing the kingdom\'s garments.

Long time no see.

Your Highness.

What do you mean, long time no see… We went to do reconnaissance together not long ago.

Theon, who spoke bluntly unlike Orhan, who smiled and looked happy, entered the mansion while swinging his long legs.

Feeling strange, Orhan and Elin exchanged glances and tilted their heads.

Doesn\'t His Highness seem to be in a bad mood


Looks like something happened.

Ugh, it won\'t be easy today either… Let\'s do well, Elin.

Why didn\'t the Princess come Ah…

Orhan, with his shoulders drooping as if sensing the ordeal that was coming, patted Elin on the shoulder a couple of times before entering the mansion.

As Elin looked at the two tall men ahead of her, a grunt came out of her mouth.


Elin, dressed in a neat navy-blue dress instead of Ruit\'s revealing outfit, served hot steamy tea to Orhan and Theon, who were sitting opposite each other.

Unlike Elin, who was wearing the kingdom\'s garments quite well, Orhan frowned and loosened the tie that was tied around his neck.

You should get used to it.

I think it will take some time.

The clothes of the Stellen Kingdom are all troublesome and uncomfortable.

Orhan, you must have lived too freely.

Picking up the teacup, Theon spoke bluntly to Orhan, who let out a small grumble.

Unable to bear the strange feeling on his neck and wrist, Orhan finally unbuttoned his shirt.

Seeing Orhan finally smiling with satisfaction, apfft\' escaped Elin\'s mouth.


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