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Orhan, who was slowly scanning Ayla up and down, grabbed his chin and said,Hmm\'.

Get ready and head out to the square.

The square

If you want to have dignity as the leader of the merchants, this appearance… I guess some preparations are needed.

The leader… of the merchants So, it wasn\'t just selling the tribute.

Ayla frowned at Orhan\'s unexpected words.

Ayla, who nervously swallowed dry, thinking what great thing she had done this time, quietly waited for Orhan\'s next words.

This place will become a luxurious community of merchants that secretly serves high-ranking customers within the Stellen Kingdom.

To put it simply, a place that helps aristocrats launder money.


Collecting the secretly stolen goods of high-ranking officials may reveal clues about the missing treasury.


Miss Ayla will beHelena\', the leader of the community called Rumba, and will attract customers with me.

To do that, you need to dress appropriately and groom yourself.


Orhan, who was speaking in a businesslike manner, unlike usual, showed a gentle smile towards Ayla, who was clearly nervous.


Sugar… I need sugar.

Ayla\'s expression when she came out of the boutique was of exhaustion.

Elin, who was looking at Ayla, asked,Are you okay\', but she had no strength to answer.

Among the nobles of the Stellen Kingdom, there were only a few who visited this place.

The reason was simple.

The cost was expensive enough to sound like billions.

Given the circumstances, the designer\'s meticulousness was beyond her imagination.

The time it took to fit only two outfits was twice that of other boutiques.

‘I\'m hungry.\'

Is this what it feels like to have your back and belly skin sticking together

She couldn\'t even eat properly because she was moving around since morning, but Orhan didn\'t understand her situation.

Now let\'s go to the jewelry shop.

The sun will set soon.

We\'re getting more delayed than expected, so we need to move fast.

Eat something…

We can\'t, Princess.

I mean, Madam.

We don\'t have enough time to take care of everything by today.

Ayla let out a sigh and looked at Elin for help, but she only avoided her gaze without saying a word.

There was no one to save her.

I\'m a princess just in words.

Just in words.

You\'re doing whatever you want.

The princess is so weak.

Don\'t act unrefined.

You have to build your prestige as the leader of the merchants.

The corners of Orhan\'s lips raised as he glanced at Ayla, who was grumbling as she kicked her feet, but that was all.

Ayla, who had been looking around while grabbing her belly, which made a growling sound, stopped her gaze in one place.

H… help me.

Where Ayla\'s gaze turned, a young woman that looked like a beggar was lying on the dirt floor, asking for help.


On the white wooden table decorated with gold gilding, there were loads of tasty-looking foods.

The roasted lamb ribs, which were perhaps pickled in wine, had a sweet scent.

The thin smoked ham, garnished with whole pepper and saffron, with slices of cheese next to it.

The acacia honey spread on the crispy baguette shined deliciously.

The salad with young sprouts and ripe olives and a creamy stew.

Everything was in perfect harmony.

Even the tableware with colorful patterns that catches the eye as much as the easy-to-eat food that was neatly placed on them.

No matter where you looked in the mansion, there was a sense of luxury.

Except for the two women in front of him.

Chomp, chomp.

Munch, munch.

Orhan\'s eyes widened at the sight of the woman who, whether she had been starving for several days, devoured and swallowed chunks of meat.

He had no idea what her name was or where she came from.

Of course, he didn\'t ask, so it was natural.


A heavy sigh came out of Orhan\'s mouth as he looked at the two women.

There were piles of things to prepare to match the dignity of Helena, the leader of the Rumba Community of Merchants.

In addition to the boutiques that fitted her clothes, they had to stop by a couple of other boutiques in the vicinity.

In addition, fancy accessories that matched their clothes were essential elements of beautiful women.

She has no idea how much effort went into booking one of the best jewelry shops in the Stellen Kingdom.

However, all of this got messed up by the sudden appearance of a disrupter.

Very perfectly.

‘Still… We must help her.\'

‘We can\'t.

There is still much work to be done.

It\'s just a beggar.

If you meddle unnecessarily, you can get in trouble.\'

At Orhan\'s decisive attitude, Ayla\'s expression hardened noticeably.

Nothing was going her way, and she was already in a bad disposition.

He ignored it, and the results were disastrous.


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