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Theon stared at Estelle as he loosened his tightly tied tie.

Just that small movement seemed to convey the pressure he was feeling.

I don\'t think her vigor is ordinary.

Whatever happens, try to resolve it quickly for Miss Ayla.

At the same time as Ayla\'s name was mentioned, Theon\'s eyes began to flutter like never before.

A small laugh burst out of Estelle\'s mouth at Theon\'s straightforward reaction.

Estelle touched her long hair and continued.

Is there anyone who doesn\'t know about your relationship

The longer the rumor goes on, the harder it will be for the woman\'s side.

I think you should hurry up, to protect your lover.

Unlike her mischievous voice, Estelle\'s gaze at Theon was very serious and stern.

He felt a slight pressure not to make things hard for Ayla anymore from Estelle\'s cold face.

He had already heard the dirty rumors surrounding them through Mason the other day.

The accusatory arrows were all directed to Ayla, who was relatively easy to handle; and although she did not express it, he could not even imagine how big the wounds would have been.

Estelle\'s words were not wrong and there was no excuse.

Since the relationship started with his greed in the first place, it was his job to overcome this.

He was the one who attracted her, who refused to start a relationship with someone who had a fiancée, and he was the one who loved her first.

But unfortunately, it was his lover, not him, who had been enduring the harsh words.

The heavy silence between the two continued for a while.

Tap, tap, tap.

At the disparate sound coming from outside, the two of them turned their gazes towards the window at the same time.

Theon quickly frowned at the appearance of the unwelcome gray animal.

Flap, flap.

The carrier pigeon, which had been busily flapping its wings, was suddenly sitting on the back of Theon\'s hand.

Seeing that, the corners of Estelle\'s mouth went up, as if it was interesting.

Seems like I have learned about yet another of Your Highness\' secrets.

I know.

Although I am not a man who easily shows off his weak points.

Seeing the red cloth tied to it… Doesn\'t seem like good news.

Red isn\'t usually good.

Ugh, something must have happened at the community.

Since something urgent has happened, let\'s wrap up our conversation here.

Theon, who had finished speaking, hurriedly got up from his seat.

He picked up the coat hanging on one side of the office and said goodbye to Estelle with his eyes.

Wa… wait.

Estelle\'s urgent voice flowed behind Theon as he headed for the doorknob.

As he slowly turned around, Theon\'s lips widened at the words she said.


Two handsome black horses stepped in between the drizzling rain.

Having been looking out the window with an expressionless face, Orhan\'s eyes began to shake widely.

I must be seeing wrong.

Orhan, who was muttering to himself, headed for the front door with urgent steps.


Having arrived, the familiar figures came through the open door.

Orhan\'s heart began to accelerate a little at the sound of footsteps that were getting closer.

Long time no see, handsome butler.

But what\'s with that reaction You look like you saw a ghost.

How… How come you two came together

Orhan was shaking unusually at Estelle\'s sudden arrival.

Seeing that, Theon came in and replied on Estelle\'s behalf.

Since you are acquainted anyway, there is no need to explain…

No, why did that beggar come to our community again

That may have been the case when you first met her, since she was lying on the floor; but unfortunately, she\'s not a beggar.

She\'s the Queen of the Raff Kingdom, so make sure to be respectful.

I brought her here because she wanted to accompany me, so give her some warm tea and a change of clothes.

Orhan stared at Estelle with a stunned expression at Theon\'s words.

Estelle grinned at him, who seemed to be out of his mind, and gave no particular reaction.

Not only was the person who he thought was just a beggar accompanying him, but she was also the Queen of the Raff Kingdom, one of the great kingdoms.

It was an extremely normal and natural reaction.

Leaving behind the two of them, who had a strange atmosphere, Theon turned his steps towards the staircase.

He was also taken aback by Estelle\'s words that she wanted to accompany him.

She made a plausible excuse that the royal palace was suffocating; but seeing the two people facing each other, that didn\'t seem to be the only thing.

Trudge, trudge.

A faint smile appeared on Theon\'s face as he climbed the stairs.

Soon after, a large wooden door appeared in front of his gray eyes.


Theon turned the doorknob without hesitation.

He could see Ayla, who had fallen asleep without removing her makeup, perhaps because she was tired from carrying out her difficult schedule.

Elin, who was standing next to her, brought a small finger to her mouth and said, Shh.

She just fell asleep.

Don\'t worry, I won\'t disturb her.

There\'s a guest downstairs, so prepare some tea.

I\'ll take care of this beautiful young lady now.

Theon smiled charmingly at Elin, who tried to protect her master, and spoke.

Unlike a while ago, when she was stern, Elin patted her reddened cheeks and walked out the door.

You\'re fast asleep.

Before long, Theon approached the bed and swept away Ayla\'s hair with a soft touch.

Theon\'s fingertips slowly caressed Ayla\'s face as he looked at her sleeping.

The round, protruding forehead, the beautifully placed eyebrows, the bridge of her nose, sitting tall after passing her long eyelashes, and the desirable red lips.


Ayla\'s eyelids began to wiggle a little at the familiar sensation she felt over her lips.

Soon, her clear, blue eyes appeared.

When did you come

Just now.

I didn\'t mean to wake you up.

I have to be able to hold it in.

Theon tidied Ayla\'s disheveled hair and spoke in a quiet voice.

The lips of the two people who were gazing at each other touched silently.



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