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What about… Ayla

Her words were short, but the Countess\' voice trembled a little.

Count Serdian shook his head from side to side, remaining silent.


The floor was filled with puddles of water because it rained all night, but she didn\'t mind.

The Countess, who had been holding back her tears while pounding on her chest, trembled slightly.

Hot tears flowed down the Countess\' cheeks, who collapsed helplessly.

The Countess\' only outfit, due to the urgent journey, got stained with muddy water.

Leather shoes with a simple pattern came into the Countess\' field of view, as she was facing down.

Your clothes are getting dirty.


Baron Kerlot

Long time no see, Madam.

I have long since been stripped off my position as a baron.

How did the Baron come here…

Please, feel free to call me Bill.

I am now the owner of a community of merchants.

The Count, who had been pulling himself together with his eyes closed, turned his eyes to Bill.

He was both anxious and glad to see Bill after a long time.

Although Bill had already been expelled from the Stellen Kingdom, he could not trust anyone.

Countess Serdian spoke calmly, her voice trembling.

Bill Kerlot, what brings you here

Of course, I came to take the Count.

Did the King send you

How is that possible It\'s been a long time since I was kicked out of the Stellen Kingdom.

I heard you were being pursued.

I have been accused of embezzlement.

I barely escaped.

Seems like the time has come to pay you back for what you\'ve done for me.

I will guide you to a safe place.

Countess Serdian\'s vigilance was gradually breaking down at Bill\'s friendliness.

Bill said one last thing that seemed to drive a wedge through the hesitating Count.

Ayla is going to the Royal Palace.

She will be working as a maid there.

How… How do you know that

Since I became the owner of a community of merchants, there are many people who have become my eyes and ears.

My daughter will stay by her side and help her, so don\'t worry too much.


She was confused.

It felt like everything she knew was falling apart.

Miss Diane

At Ayla\'s words, Diane bit her lips without saying a word.

The interior was filled with silence.

Do you two… know each other

Orhan, who was standing next to her, whispered quietly into Ayla\'s ear, but there was no answer.

There was a strange tension between the two people standing opposite each other.

Ayla, who was keeping silent with a stiff expression, slowly opened her mouth.

You could have given me a heads-up or something.

I wanted to tell you in advance, but things didn\'t go well.

Once again, a long silence flowed.

She was confused about what to ask and what kind of reaction she should give.

The day they first met in the north palace.

The day when she readily handed her some clothes and helped her leave the palace.

The day she told her about Lily\'s duality.

The cup of hot cocoa that she had given her when she was exhausted.

She felt like the questions she had were being solved in an instant.

Should she thank her

Or should she resent her

Ayla\'s eyes were wet with tears once again.


A… Ayla, baby!

A familiar voice, a familiar scent.

Countess Serdian always called herbaby\'.

‘I have already grown older, am I still a baby\'

‘Even when you become a grandmother, you will be a baby to me.\'

The day they met in Fencers for the last time, too.

Why did the nickname she thought was embarrassing feel so heartbreaking today

Countess Serdian, who had stepped inside, closed her mouth and wept silently.

Behind the Countess, the exhausted Count Serdian was staying in his place.

As he had been keeping his mouth shut, speechless at the sudden arrival of his daughter, Count Serdian\'s eyes turned red.

Count Serdian, who was touching his eyes to control his emotions, turned around.

His shoulders, shaking up and down, were representing his heart.

Her mother, her father.

It was finally happening.

She had finally found them, she had finally… met them.


The splendidly decorated banquet hall shone exceptionally brightly.

Black onyx stones glistened everywhere, announcing the dress code of the day.

Inside, high-ranking nobles dressed in black dresses and suits were taking their seats.

As if each of them was showing off their fancy masks, the masks that covered half their faces were extravagant.

Expensive silk yarn, small round jewels in the middle, ornately painted gold trims.

With even Huia\'s black feathers, whose prices had risen due to scarcity, their masks were glamorous.

(T/N: Huia is an extinct species of bird.)

As it was a masked ball where anonymity was guaranteed, the interior of the banquet hall was more energetic than usual.

It was only early in the evening, but some of them had already lost consciousness.


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