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The clear bell echoed through the quiet interior.

He couldn’t see Orhan, who would have come running as soon as he saw him, nor Elin, who would be timidly asking him if she should prepare him some tea.

An unknown sense of anxiety struck him.

“Where did everyone go”

Theon muttered in a low voice and hurried his steps.

Across the corridor, the large fountain in the center came into Theon’s eyes.

“Sob, sob.”

Behind it, he saw Elin hiding her small body while her shoulders moved up and down.

As if she had noticed a presence, the sniffling Elin slowly turned her head.


Elin’s eyes opened wide as if she had seen a ghost when she saw Theon.

The heavy silence that enveloped the two continued for a while.

“Why are you like this, in this place”


“Judging by the quietness… Is the beautiful Princess asleep Where did Orhan and Eden go”


“If things are difficult, I’ll put more workers here, so don’t worry.”

Elin burst into tears at Theon’s friendly voice.

Unlike usual, Elin’s brows began to wrinkle a little.

Something must have gone wrong.

Tap, tap.

Theon’s steps grew faster and faster, as if representing his complicated mind.

Theon squinted his eyes as he climbed the staircase.

“What are you doing there”

Theon asked, looking at Orhan who was standing in front of the door of Ayla’s room.

Orhan’s eyes shook quickly as he saw Theon.


“Did things go wrong with the Libro community”

“No, Sir.”

Orhan replied briefly to Theon’s pitchless voice.

“If that’s not the case, why are you guys like this”

“Grand Duke Ermedi came to visit.”


“Not long ago.”

“What about Ayla”


Theon pulled the doorknob that was firmly closed behind Orhan.



In a dark room without a single source of light.

Shrinking shoulders and a face buried between one’s knees.

Theon’s gray eyes shook greatly at Ayla’s deeply sinking appearance.

“What happened”


Ayla’s body flinched slightly at the warmth that touched her shoulder.

Ayla’s blue eyes, which were facing down, filled with the image of Theon, shining in the moonlight.

“What’s wrong”

Theon’s cold, hardened gray eyes stared at Ayla’s wounded lips.

“It’s nothing.”

A strenuous voice flowed from Ayla’s mouth.

Her appearance, smiling at him, seemed critical.

“What did Kyle do this time”

Theon said, struggling to stay calm.

She still didn’t answer.

“You’re hurt.

I’m worried.”

Theon’s fingertips carefully touched Ayla’s lips, which were swollen because of the wounds.

A small groan erupted from Theon’s mouth as he looked at the bloodstains on Ayla’s reddened lips.

“Is anyone outside”

“Yes, Your Highness.

Can I help you with something”

Elin replied outside the door at Theon’s quiet voice.


Coming inside the room, Elin’s eyes were red and swollen because of how much she had cried.

Pretending not to see Elin’s pitiful appearance, Theon maintained his stiff expression and spoke in a cold voice.

“Bring me a warm wet towel.”

At the same time as Theon’s words, Elin replied briefly and hurried out of the room.

Theon, who had been keeping silent, slowly opened his mouth as he fixed Ayla’s disheveled hair.

“You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.”


“Even more if you don’t want to remember it.”


“By the way, will you look at me I missed you, so I came running as soon as the ball was over.”

“You’re not resting even though you must be tired.”

“A man in love is powerful.”

“Tsk… You’re good with words.”

“I have to be good with words to not be hated.

I want to be liked.”

Theon was trying to freshen the mood by saying uncharacteristic jokes.

Ayla’s blue eyes, which had come out of their daze, folded weakly towards Theon.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you more.”

Theon’s lips, which slightly widened at Ayla’s aching voice, slowly approached her.

As she felt his breath coming closer, Ayla’s long eyelashes folded downwards.

The moment when there was less than a handspan between them.

Theon’s movement, heading for Ayla’s lips, paused for a moment.

“I want to kiss you right away, but… I’m worried that it’ll hurt.”

“It hurts… a little.”

‘My heart.’

Seeing Theon caring for her, something hot rose to her throat and choked her.

“I’ll clean it for you when they bring me warm water.

I’m afraid your pretty face will get scarred.”

“Will you hate it if it’s not pretty”

“There’s no way that can happen.”

Maintaining his soft gaze, Theon caressed Ayla’s cheeks.

As if they were very precious.

Carefully and gently, afraid they would break.

Ayla leaned towards him, who had stopped.

The soft and moist feel of his lips, and the warmth.

His familiar breath, and his intoxicating scent.

Theon’s appearance alone seemed to revive everything that had gone to despair.

“I love you.



Theon, who detached his lips for a moment, whispered in her ear.

At his sweet words, her heart began to fluctuate rapidly.

As if he could no longer endure it, Theon’s lips, which were gleaming with saliva, covered Ayla’s lips again.

Theon stretched out his arms and pulled Ayla’s slender body into his embrace.

Ayla’s long eyelashes naturally went downwards.

It was unbearably painful due to the many emotions, such as despair, guilt, and contempt.

What on earth did she do


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