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Marquis Charne’s grudging gaze naturally turned to the back.

Staring at Helena with pouting lips, the Marquis’ gaze soon changed strangely.

As if he had noticed something.

“Marquis Charne only has two options.”

Marquis Charne adjusted his gaze as he heard Theon’s formal voice.

Despite how the Marquis looked, filled with fear like a cornered mouse, Theon was not shaken.

His clouded, gray eyes stared at Marquis Charne.

Theon stretched out his long finger and spoke in a slow voice.

“One, tell us everything and be pardoned for your sins.”


“Two, just disappear from here.

Without a trace.”

After speaking, the corners of Theon’s mouth rose fishily.

He could not feel the slightest lie in his low sinking voice.

As if he was anxious, Marquis Charne’s tightly closed mouth and the tip of his chin trembled.

It was obvious that he was going to die alone if he continued to hold out like this.

Even so, things weren’t certain after revealing everything he knew and leaving the mansion.

He didn’t know when or how his life would be threatened.

However, the fact that he was like a rat in a trap did not change.

Marquis Charne rolled his bloodshot eyes around and chewed on his lips.

“I don’t have much time.

For that reason, I hate wasting time on unnecessary things the most.”

Just like now.

Theon muttered in a low voice and tapped the tip of his chin.

“What does Your Highness mean… I re… I really don’t know.”

“If you don’t know, I’ll have to make it so you know.”

Theon rummaged through the inside pocket of the tunic he was wearing and pulled out something small.

“Th… That thing.”

Marquis Charne stammered, his complexion turning white.

Soon, Theon shook the crystal bottle he was holding.

The purple liquid in the bottle moved softly, showing off its presence.

“This was in Baron Noir’s house.

It’s probably something you’re familiar with.”

“I… I don’t know.”

“I don’t have the bad habit of repeating the same thing.”


“If you refuse the chance I’m giving you… I’ll do as Marquis Charne wants.”


With a sarcastic smile, Theon aimed the sharp blade at Marquis Charne.

Soon, red blood dripped down the Marquis’ throat.

Marquis Charne wailed at the sight of Theon, who seemed to have made up his mind.

“I… I just did what I was told!”


“Your Highness knows that well, don’t you! This is how low-class nobles like us… If we don’t do this, we won’t survive!”

“This is not something that can start with an excuse.

The conversation doesn’t need to be long, just tell me who the buyer is.”


“You’re not going to tell me”

As Theon’s grip on the sword got stronger, a scream flowed from Arthur’s mouth.

“A… Ariel Clermant!! It’s all because of her! It was done by Your Highness’ fiancée, the youngest princess of the Libert Kingdom.”

Marquis Charne, acting desperately as if it was his last chance, was pitiful.

It was very funny to see him using his head to cover up his crime, citing his relationship with Ariel.

Theon seemed to grin and smile lightly, but kept expressionless in the blink of an eye.

His cold, gray eyes filled with contempt and anger against Arthur.


‘A distinguished guest came from the Libert Kingdom’


Princess Ariel, the youngest daughter, has come to the Stellen Kingdom.

I heard that the King of the Libert Kingdom especially cherishes her.’

Baron Charne nodded at the servant’s words, his eyebrows twitching.

At that time, he was trying to look good to nobles from other countries.

He simply did so.

Until he met Ariel Clermant.

‘I am Ariel Clermant, the Princess of the Libert Kingdom.’

‘I am Baron Arthur Charne.’

He couldn’t figure out why she had called him, and not Count Serdian, separately.

The Baron tilted his head at the sight of Ariel, looking at him with a smile, and remained silent.

His first impression of Ariel Clermant was that she was noble and beautiful.


Although he soon found out that it was all false.

‘I have a job for Baron Charne.’

‘If the humble me can help the Princess, I will of course do so.’

‘I want you to prepare funds for me.’

‘That… What…’

‘I am aiming to become the Lady of the Stellen Kingdom.

In order to do so, I need to win the favor of many people.’


‘I’m going to need funding to get the attention of people, right’

And a lot, too.

Ariel wrinkled the tip of her nose and smiled like a young girl.

Like a thorny rose, her beauty was infested with hidden ambition.

‘Why are you saying that to me’

‘Me and Count Serdian couldn’t communicate well.

Bring me some of the tributes that are going to foreign countries.

If you do so, the Clermant family will take responsibility for the Baron’s future.’

It was a very sweet offer.

An alliance with the Princess from another country, not just a mere noble, who was also the candidate for the Crown Princess Consort.

At the same time as worry, a stretching golden road was vividly drawn in front of his eyes.


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