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Just as every festival has a bit of a superstition, the Spring Flower Festival also has a small superstition.

It is a common superstition that if you meet with a loved one on the day of the full moon, when the cherry blossom leaves are falling in the wind, that love will last forever.

Thanks to that, the lake in the center of Arin Square was one of the most famous places for young men and women to visit.

In the plaza, the big and small performances, the merchants from all over the country, and the circus members that come to visit from other countries give a pleasant day to the children and elderly, as well as young people.

The precious circus performance Ayla saw in the plaza when she was young, while holding Count Serdian\'s hand, was a good memory that she could never forget.

Louis\' words were enough to give hope to Ayla, who couldn\'t even think about festivals or anything due to her current busy life.

However, it was completely unexpected, so Ayla looked at Louis with her eyes wide open.

If you can leave the palace during the Spring Flower Festival…

I\'ll go to you.


Louis Daniel.

I\'ll go to you.

If I can leave the palace during the festival.

Ayla spoke in a gentle voice towards Louis, who hesitated, not being able to continue his words.

‘For the first and last time…\'

A happy smile appeared on Louis\' face, as if he had the whole world.

Without knowing Ayla\'s heart.


A pass!! Please issue it.

Well, why do you need a pass

I also have the right to enjoy the Spring Flower Festival.

All the other maids can go out, why am I the only one that can\'t

An invisible spark was flickering between Ayla and Theon.

One wanted to go out, and the other didn\'t want to let her.

The two showed clearly different opinions, and this persistent quarrel has been going on for hours.

Do you think a criminal has the right to enjoy the festival

You don\'t know if he is guilty or if he was framed… And the crime was committed by my Father, so what did I do

Theon frowned while looking at Ayla, who was pouting and mumbling, dissatisfied with the situation.

Soon after, Theon let out a small sigh and spoke in a troubled tone.

Well, you can\'t get a pass.

Don\'t you know fully well that His Majesty is watching closely

So, do something about it, at the discretion of the Crown Prince.

Theon laughed, dumbfounded by Ayla\'s confident attitude even though she was the one asking for a favor.

It wasn\'t the first time he was disconcerted by Ayla\'s attitude, who seemed to obey the royal palace rule\'s one day and act like an unruly person the other.

With a throbbing headache, Theon pressed his forehead and spoke in a sarcastic voice.

What if I give you the pass and you run away

No!! If I were to run away, I would have done it from Terr! I must come back to do something.

Really… You\'re frustrating.

Are we friends now

Well, you shared a secret like this, so you\'re like a friend.

Are you kidding me

Ayla was biting her lower lip and shooting beams out of her eyes, discouraged by Theon\'s strong energy.

After starting a fight that she couldn\'t win, Ayla pouted as if it was unfair.

Theon let out a small sigh as he looked at her, who was keeping silent while lowering her eyes.

What are you going to do if you go out

Despite Theon\'s question, which seemed to appease the pouty Ayla, she remained silent.

In response to Ayla\'s reaction, Theon clenched his fists to hold back the anger that was rising and asked the same question again.

It\'s fine.

You can\'t do anything for me, so why are you making a fuss…

Theon was extremely displeased with Ayla\'s response, who spoke in a blunt tone as if she were annoyed.

Frighteningly surprised that he was staring at her in silence, Ayla continued her words, slowly.

As Your Highness knows… I went to Fencers when I was young, so I don\'t remember walking around the plaza freely, let alone going to the Spring Flower Festival.

Theon gazed at Ayla, who was talking with a weak voice.

After returning from Fencers, I was immediately taken to the royal palace… What\'s the use of coming back after 10 years I\'m living every day serving others and buried in documents.

It\'s not fun in the slightest.


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