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On the corner of Cross Street in the City of the Dead Bodhisattva.

Bazhunans voice spread throughout the five regions.

Even though the City of the Dead Bodhisattva had its own rules and restrictions, the power of the Holy Emperor broke the restrictions and spread the noise to the ears of all the villains in this bloody land.

The smell of blood permeated the entire Cross Street, but loud celebrations could still be heard.

These people would be forced into this chaotic place, and most of them would be left with no way out.

Of course, they would be happy to see the continent shake and the five regions stir up a bloody storm.

They hoped they could use this opportunity to stop Ai Cangsheng from looking down on the City of the Dead Bodhisattva.

Everyone would have a chance to break through the restrictions of this place and return to the Shengshen Continent.

Why not celebrate

On East Street.

The arena was dark, and the villains were fighting ferociously.

Outside the long corridor, a slim woman walked quickly.

She only wore a little make up, but looked exquisite.

Her eyes were sparkling, and her body was only covered by a light veil.

Her shoulders were bare, and she seemed to be glowing.

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Everywhere she passed, there was a lingering fragrance.

Her every frown and smile combined with the unique charm of a mature woman.

The arena was filled with men.

Even if such a beautiful woman just passed by from outside the long corridor, it was inevitable that she attracted the attention of many.

“Aunt Xiang”

“Why is she here She rarely comes to the arena on East Street, right Did something happen so she had to come She should… Should be looking for Big Brother Shenyi!”

I just head from someone that theres been the voice of the Eighth Sword Deity.

I dont know why it could be heard at the corner of Cross Street.

Its very magical… I also heard that there are still people in Shengshen Continent who are imitating the Eighth Sword Deity.

But this imitation sounds too similar to the real thing.”

The arena was abuzz with discussion.

The arenas gladiators didnt even have the mood to fight when such a beautiful woman passed by.

They all stopped to watch.

Some even whistled at Aunt Xiang with lustful eyes.

“Youve gone mad!”

The moment the whistle sounded, someone immediately jumped up and covered the mouth of the person next to him tightly.

“This is Big Brother Shenyis woman.

She is Aunt Xiang.

How dare you whistle Are you tired of living”

“Shenyi, Aunt Xiang… who are they” A newcomer who had just joined the corner of Cross Street and had just entered the arena on Eastern Street was puzzled.

“Have you heard the story of killing the red dust and storming the ghost pass What about the gate of hell and the god of gods These two people arent just the leaders of Eastern Street and his woman, but there are the main players in these two legends!”

“Hiss…” Hearing this, the newbie gasped and immediately came to his senses.

He said in surprise, “Are they two of the Ten High Nobles Was he the man who snatched his beloved back from the jaws of death and defied death”

“Hmph! What do you think”

“I was wrong, I was wrong…”


The charming woman called Aunt Xiang did not bother with the men in the arena.

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If it were any other time, she would have stopped and used a fragrance filled with murderous intent to make these chatty fellows pause for a lifetime.

However, the timing was too important today.

She walked through the long corridor and arrived at the innermost room of the Eastern Street Arena.

Without knocking, she reached out and pushed the door open.

“Who is it!” A sullen voice came from the dark room.

It was as heavy as thunder and seemed to rumble.

“Its me.” Aunt Xiang raised her sleeve, and a gentle fragrance came out from the gauze.

In an instant, the room lit up.

There were lots of physical training equipment in the room.

A muscular man with a bare upper body stood amongst the equipment.

He breathed in heavily, put down the equipment and turned around in surprise.

“Xianger” He asked.

Aunt Xiang smiled.

She turned gracefully and fell into the mans arms.

Her slender fingers slid across the mans chest and landed on his abs.

She flicked away the beads of sweat as she caressed the aura that belonged solely to her.

She smiled coquettishly and said, “What Even I cant enter your room”

The burly mans face was stoic, his jaw as sharp as a knife and chisel.

His expression was normally cold, but suddenly turned warm and gentle.

His eyes were filled with tenderness.

He stared at the woman in his arms and said, “Im afraid that outsiders will come in… If its you, there are no restrictions whatsoever.”

“How dare outsiders enter your room so rudely Youre the Master of East Street, Big Brother Shenyi, the Gate of Hell and God of Gods.”

The burly man, Shenyi, could not help but laugh.

“Isnt this all because of you…”

“Lets not talk about this.”

The two of them exchanged a few pleasantries before Aunt Xiang jumped to the main topic.

With a solemn expression, she said, “Your Big Brothers voice…” She looked up slightly.

Aunt Xiang was already very tall.

Shenyi was more than two meters tall and one and a half heads taller than her, heard this and nodded slightly.

“Yes, I heard it too.”

Aunt Xiang asked worriedly, “Is he going to make a move and need our cooperation But you havent been in contact for years… Do you think this voice is fake After all, weve been at the corner of Cross Street and unaware of whats going on outside.”

Shenyi scratched his head and replied, “I wont forget Big Brothers voice.

He is just informing me that I might need to take action in advance.”

“You silly fool!” Aunt Xiang scolded in a small voice to hide the uneasiness in her heart.

“You havent seen each other for so many years.

Actually… If, I mean if… If we can stay in this place forever… You see, the danger outside cant come in, and if we dont take the initiative to go out.

Isnt that a good choice” She stuttered, revealing her anticipation and curiosity.


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