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It was expected that in less than a few days of search by all the trial-takers… or in less than half a day, the treasures in the Yunlun Mountain Range would appear one by one.

“Lets go!”

In the core zone, near the Nine Dragon Range.

Ye Xiaotian, who looked like a short white-haired youth, was floating slowly on the mountain path like a ghost.

“Saint Origin crystal…”

His gaze was sharp and filled with disbelief as he unconsciously muttered the familiar term that Bazhunan had uttered.

Ye Xiaotian remembered the reason why he had come to the Yunlun Mountain Range as a stowaway.

He also remembered that even though Elder Sangs letter had been shattered, there were a few elegant and orderly sentences in it.

“The night is approaching, but the dawn has yet to arrive.”

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“Since its the general trend, how can we talk about transcending”

“My Saint Servant, your space.”

“If Infernal doesnt die, then Cutting Path (stage) wont succeed.”

“Yunlun Mountain Range, Saint Origin Crystal.”

Yunlun Mountain Range, Saint Origin Crystal… that last sentence, that last word, was exactly the same as what Bazhunan had said!

“Elder Sang…”

Ye Xiaotian shook his head repeatedly.

His eyes flickered as he looked back at the sky.

He seemed to have seen the battle between the Black Dragon and the Saint just now.

He sighed, and his heart filled with shock.

“Elder Sang, Elder Sang, how dare you team up with these existences Im afraid they will devour even your bone remains!

“Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, Eighth Sword Deity… all of them, how can they be easy to deal with

“Theyve even directly started a fight with the Holy Divine Palace.

How dare you get involved in these things!”

Ye Xiaotian subconsciously figured out his old friend based on his impression of Sang Qiye of the Holy Palace, the Vice Dean of the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

However, on second thought, his old friend also had a terrifying name.

“Second-in-command saint servant, Sleeveless!”

Therefore, Ye Xiaotian fell silent.

He thought about the time when he got the letter from Elder Sang and the news that the second-in-command saint servant was captured by the Holy Divine Palace during the battle of the White Cave…

Elder Sang had vanished during the time in the White Cave.

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In the end, the letter clearly said “Yunlun Mountain Range, Saint Origin Crystal”.

How long had this been planned in advance

And in the end, it actually materialized!

Ye Xiaotian seemed to have vaguely seen the scene of Elder Sang laughing complacently in front of him.

The corners of his eyes twitched a little, and he replaced the last sentence of ridicule in his heart.

“How dare you How dare you direct this kind of thing Even if you want to die, you dont have to play in this manner!”

However, after coming to the Yunlun Mountain Range and stepping into the center of this whirlpool, it was very difficult for Ye Xiaotian to escape.

Moreover, this was Elder Sangs last request.

To be honest, Ye Xiaotian did not want to take the initiative to escape.

“So, where is the Saint Origin Crystal” Ye Xiaotian guessed.

He was thinking that since Elder Sang was Saint Servant Sleeveless, Bazhunan was suspected to be the Chief of Saint Servant, and Bazhunan seemed to be related to Abyss Island, then Elder Sang should have been the one who masterminded the fight between the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon and Dao Qiongcang.

Then, as half of his “own people”…

Elder Sang wanted him to help get the Saint Origin Crystal, so he should have left some clues to help him get the target among all the stowaways faster.

The kind that even red-clothed people could not react to.

But the clues…

Ye Xiaotian thought and fell into hesitation.

Were there any

Not at all!

Other than the words “Saint Origin Crystal” mentioned in Elder Sangs letter, there were no other clues.

“D*mn it, you dont even have the most important information.

Are you trying to embarrass me” Ye Xiaotian cursed in his heart.

He was a decent person, and he was a disciple of the Holy Palace previously.

Even if he entered the Yunlun Mountain Range, he had the intention of not exposing himself if he could.

If he simply revealed his space attributes and searched the entire Yunlun Mountain Range, Rao Yaoyao would probably be able to land a sword on his face in less than three breaths time.

However, that was not the way to look for it…

If he were late, then he might have to take the risk of being exposed later on to obtain the Saint Origin Crystal that others had discovered in advance.

“D*mn it!”

Ye Xiaotian cursed again and gritted his teeth.

He felt that no matter what, he could not easily let go of Elder Sangs last request.

He waved his hand in the air and the space turned into a mirror.

Light began to flow.

However, at this moment…


A light sound of air being torn interrupted Ye Xiaotians movements.

He turned his head and saw from afar, a crystal clear glittering hexagonal crystal of the size of a fist, emitting a faint holy light, and flying toward him.

Ye Xiaotian was puzzled.

I did not need to look for it, did I

Did it look for me instead

Soon, he recovered from his dazed state because there was an anxious cry of a human following closely behind the hexagonal crystal.

“Stop him!”

“D*mn it, this is a Holy Power treasure worth 100,000 points.

Brothers, lets charge! Eh…is there someone at the front”

“Hey! The shorty in front, help me stop this treasure.

Dont submit it, Ill give you 50,000 points!”


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