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On the other end.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The ancient trees exploded, sending the trial-takers flying.

In the mountains, Xu Xiaoshou, who had transformed into Mu Zixi, successfully seized the Holy Power Treasure under the horrified gazes of the crowd.

Those trial-takers who had been blasted but survived did not dare to attempt to fight against the little girl with two ponytails.

Some people seemed to recognize the green-dressed little Loli who was the leader of the group of ten or so brutal people.

They cried out in panic.

“She, she seems to be the girl beside Young Master Xu, the Dragon Lord of the Fourth Dragon Range!”


The identity had been recognized.

In the blink of an eye, the trial-takers ran away without a trace.

Xu Xiaoshou did not let his subordinates continue to chase after them because he had already cleared all the points that should be cleared.

He only held a shield that was full of spiritual quality in his hand and fell into deep thought.

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When his subordinates saw that the battle had ended, all of them shouted excitedly.

“Congratulations, Leader Mu, for seizing the fourth Holy Power Treasure.

Youve only been down the mountain for less than half a day, but youve earned 400,000 points.

Leader Mu is incomparably amazing!”

“Leader Mu is blessed by the heavens and is the daughter of fate.

I dare to say that this treasure-hunt speed is the best in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Its amazing!”

“Ever since the treasures descended from heaven, the Yunlun Mountain Range has been one of the places where fewer treasures have landed.

It is because most of them have been intercepted by the Cloud Realm World.

However, Leader Mu could still make such progress in the treasure-hunt mission.

This is simply inconceivable.

We are really impressed.”

“Thats right.

It seems like these four treasures came to us on their own… no, they were all found by Leader Mu!”

Even though the members of the Xu Faction were flattering her, they carefully chose their words so as not to anger Leader Mu.

They had rushed all the way down the mountain and because Leader Mu was in the lead, they were uninjured.

They were all supporting her from the back, and the treasures were easily within their grasp.

Xu Xiaoshou listened to the flattery of the people around him and couldnt stop laughing, but his heart was a little heavy.

He turned his head and casually grabbed one of the faction members and asked, “How many Holy Power Treasure have we obtained”

“This is the fourth!” The faction members were excited.

Their leader had snatched four supreme treasures in one go.

The progress was unbelievable even to them.

Xu Xiaoshou said in a low voice, “In less than half a day, I have obtained four treasures.

Dont you guys think that this is a little…”

He suddenly stopped, and he chose to shut up in time.

Four treasures…

It was too many!

Even though he had “Perception” and was able to achieve twice the result with half the effort in the treasure-hunt mission…

The Holy Power Treasure came too quickly.

Just as the faction members said, it was as if they had come knocking on the door themselves…

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Perhaps, it really was!

His thoughts paused, and Xu Xiaoshou suddenly made a bold guess.

The Holy Power Treasure was thrown out by Bazhunan, and Bazhunan was his own people.

If he really had to scatter many treasures around the world as he didnt want to waste them, shouldnt he take care of his own people

So, these treasures actually had the guidance of Bazhunan

“Then, what does he want me to do” Xu Xiaoshou was suddenly stuck in his thoughts.

“Leader Mu”

When the surrounding Xu Faction members saw that they failed to fawn over Leader Mu, they all cried out in surprise.

When she obtained the first three treasures, Leader Mu was extremely excited.

She said that she would take ten or so people with her to plunder the entire Yunlun Mountain Range.

But now…

Was she over-excited that she now could not respond

“Leader Mu!”

Someone nudged Leader Mu lightly.

Only then did the latter wake up slightly and regain her senses.

“Oh, its nothing.

I just thought of something…” Xu Xiaoshou replied subconsciously.

The members of the Xu Faction were speechless.

It was nothing and then it was something.

This was indeed what Leader Mu would say.

“Leader Mu, whats next Which direction should we go” someone asked.

Hearing this, Xu Xiaoshou took out the trial jade pendant.

His gaze focused and he paused on the map as if he had understood something.

From the map, he could see that he had gone down from the Fourth Dragon Range being “guided” by the four Holy Power Treasure and the “active pursuit” during the treasure snatching process.

The route had deviated…

“One at the foot of the Fourth Dragon Range, one at the water stream, one at the Moon Valley, and here…”

Xu Xiaoshou marked the location of the treasure snatching on the map and keenly discovered that these four treasures could barely connect into an arc.

“Is there really a resonance”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by this arc.

He didnt expect that he had deviated so much from the original route.

According to the thoughts, the ones closest to the Fourth Dragon Range were the Second, Third, and the Ninth Dragon Range.

The Second and Third Dragon Range were currently controlled by Mo Beibei, Tai Xing, who were his people.

Xu Xiaoshou initially wanted to find the main group first and discuss with everyone and Young Master Xu whether he should carry out the treasure-hunt mission or get stuck in the middle of other peoples treasure-hunt mission to take down the title of the Ninth Dragon Lord.

Therefore, his original route was to head in the direction of the Third Dragon Range.

However, being “guided” by these four Holy Power Treasures, his route deviated and he had headed in the direction of the Ninth Dragon Range.

“Bazhunan had good things to give to me in the Ninth Dragon Range ”

Xu Xiaoshou had no choice but to think this way because the only thing that could disrupt him, besides coincidence, was the arrangements of the mighty figures…

Xu Xiaoshou no longer believed in coincidence when he was caught up in the big game of chess in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

His intuition told him that at the Ninth Dragon Range, it was either the Saint Origin Crystal, the Devil Sword, or something more important than the two.


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