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“The second is an expert who is proficient in the power of time and space.

He brought Wang Chao directly back here.

Through time and space retrogression, he can see us.

“The third is a demi-saint.”

After hearing this, Xu Xiaoshou smiled faintly.

He said in peace,

“No need to worry about that.

As far as I know, the Yunlun Mountain Range does not have any red-clothed people you mentioned just now.

“Yi is already dead.

The remaining people arent proficient in the path of spirit or soul.

They only have a rough grasp of it.

However, their strength is low, and they have not reached higher void state.”

“Besides, Rao Yaoyao doesnt seem to know the power of time and space.”.

“As for demi-saint… Hehe, its even more impossible.”.

“If there is such a person whos intentionally looking for us, the result will be the same if we take Wang Chaos communication device or not.” Xu Xiaoshou shrugged.

Lei Xier tilted her head and stared at the face in front of her.

When she heard these methodical words, surprise flashed in her eyes.

It was hard for her to imagine how Xu Xiaoshou could have obtained so much information in such a short time just now.

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She had never seen Xu Xiaoshou have such an ability when she was “Mu Zixi”

“What spiritual technique are you using” Lei Xier could not help but ask as if she was curious about something.

However, the moment she finished speaking, she realized that she had been influenced by her past self again.

She immediately regained her indifference and said, “You dont have to tell me if you dont want to.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not stop doubting her.

He smiled and said, “Soul Reading.

You can understand it as an enhanced version of spiritual senses.

You can sense the other partys spiritual memories.”

Xiers eyes moved slightly.

This ability…

Xu Xiaoshou said it casually, but she knew that it was definitely Xu Xiaoshous trump card!

But why did he tell her right away

Lei Xiers eyes suddenly became complicated.

She knew that Xu Xiaoshou still regarded her as his junior sister subjectively.

However, when she thought of the things she would face in the future after she woke up…


Lei Xier suddenly exhaled softly and suppressed her thoughts.

She no longer let her imagination run wild.

At the very least, she would accompany him on this journey first.

“The Nine Dragon Range, which is near the direction we are heading, has a law enforcer of Cutting Path stage and seven people of Sovereign stage.

All of them belong to Wang Chaos team.

The one from of Cutting Path stage is the team leader.”

“I know their general location.

As we move forward, we just need to avoid them.”

“According to Wang Chaos memory, the captain will give an order in about half a day to confirm the safety of the team members.

At the same time, its the same frequency.

They can find at least one stowaway and need to start gathering.

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“We dont have much time, so well rush to the Nine Dragon Range first to see whats waiting for me there.”

Xu Xiaoshou flew at high speed as he told Lei Xier the information he had obtained through Soul Reading.

Greedy the Cat Spirit, “Meow!”


Aje suddenly said, “Ma Ma…”


Lei Xier nodded slightly and pondered for a moment, “So you taking his battle communicator.

Is this also your plan”

“Sort of.” Xu Xiaoshou did not know what Bazhunan would give him, but he did not forget his job.

The aftermath of Yis death was still brewing.

Only by getting red-clothed peoples internal information could he better understand the enemy.

Knowing yourself and your enemy, you would win every battle.

It was nothing more than that.

As for the battle communicator, it was just an unexpected gain after attacking a red-clothed member.

At this moment.


The battle communicator that had not moved for a long time suddenly vibrated, and then a steady voice was heard, “Area 42, there are signs of a suspected stowaway.

Everyone, gather at once.”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately recognized that it was Wang Chaos captain, Murong Ying.

The area 42 that the other party mentioned was the special name used by the red-clothed people.

Actually, it was the place where he was heading, near the Nine Dragon Range!

Was there a stowaway who got there first

Xu Xiaoshou had originally speculated that Bazhunan had left a good thing left for him near area 42.

Perhaps, the Devil Sword had flown there.

That was a famed sword!

Even if it could not reach his hands, it must not fall into the hands of the Holy Divine Palace.

Otherwise, someone might use this Devil Sword to cut his Hidden Bitter in the future.

Xu Xiaoshou had seen the power of the Devil Sword.

It was a good thing that could destroy the arrow Evil Sin Bow after a few strikes!

If he had the famed sword earlier, Elder Sang would not have been sent to the Holy Mountain Prison.

“Theres movement.”

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and pointed at the communication device by his ear.

He said to Lei Xier, “Straight ahead, well rush there immediately.”

Lei Xier looked up and down and said uncertainly, “You dont want to sneak in there”

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

“Of course not!”

He cast the vanishing technique as he flew.

When his figure appeared once again, he had already transformed into Wang Chaos appearance.

Even his clothes had the pure taste of Wang Chao himself.

“Ill gather with thecaptain.

When you become a law enforcer, you will still be an ordinary trial-taker.

You can get close, but dont get too close.

You can control your limits.” Xu Xiaoshou stuffed Greedy the Cat Spirit into Lei Xiers embrace.

The little white cat greedily inhaled two mouthfuls of Lei Xiers fragrance of life.

It had not followed Xu Xiaoshou for long.

Instead, it had spent more time with Mu Zixi when they were in the Yuan Mansion World.

At that moment, it naturally did not mind changing the owner to absorb the vitality breath.

After all, the male owner and female owners vitality breath were very rich.

Lei Xier lowered her eyes to look at Greedy the Cat Spirit who was stuffed into her arms without any explanation.

She frowned slightly but did not say anything.

“Be careful.” She said in a low voice.

Then, she descended and changed to flying on foot.

Xu Xiaoshou watched Lei Xier leave and then lowered his head to caress his black clothes.

He suddenly felt an inexplicable excitement.

Imitators were too useful!

Combined with “Soul Reading”, the two were simply perfect cloning technology.

It could allow him to seamlessly transform into a law enforcer.

He could participate in the red-clothed peoples internal operations.

Then, he could cause all kinds of trouble.

‘”Im just a Saint Servant of the dark faction, Xu Xiaoshou…” Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

He was about to fly to the target location of the mission, but his heart suddenly palpitated.

He tried to calm down slightly.

“Thats not right”

“Since they dared to attack in the Yunlun Mountain Range and was discovered by Captain Murong Ying, they must be a fellow higher the Sovereign stage.

“If they make a move, they are either an idiot or have absolute confidence that they are not afraid of Rao Yaoyaos investigation.”

“And a stowaway that can survive to this trying day, they cant be an idiot”

Xu Xiaoshou was deep in thought.

He felt that he couldnt ignore this whim.

This trip might be full of great risk, so he had to make second-hand preparations.


He stopped in mid-air and brought out the Bazhunan clone from the Yuan Mansion World.

“If theres a special situation, I just need to bring this Bazhunan clone over to help.

With just this Bazhunan clones face, Ill be able to solve 90% of the difficult problems with both black and white…”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment, but he still felt uneasy.

His life was important.

He also transferred the portrait clone, Rao Yaoyao, from the Yuan Mansion World.

He even had a replica of the Cang Godhood Sword.

“If I meet other law enforcers, or if my identity is suspected, Ill bring Rao Yaoyao over.

I could suppress all the potential accidents caused by the red-clothed people.”

Touching his nose, Xu Xiaoshou thought that perhaps he was overthinking things.

He was still unclear about most of Rao Yaoyaos abilities, so he could not imitate her.

He only had a fake face and a fake Cang Godhood Sword, something bad would happen if he were careless.

For example, when this portrait clone appeared, the red-clothed would shock.

They felt that the situation was serious, and they immediately gathered together.

They even alarmed Rao Yaoyao herself.

What should he do then

“Rao Yaoyaos portrait clone isnt very useful.

Its better to save it and leave it for other situations.”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered and kept Rao Yaoyaos portrait clone.

He called out the red-clothed night guardian.

“Mm, the night guardians position is a little low.

It wont alarm the upper echelons.

However, he is also a Cutting Path.

He is on the same level as Captain Murong Ying.

His strength is a little higher, and he has the right to speak.

It should be enough for him to use it at this time.

“Very good, lets do it!”

Thus, with one hand, Bazhunan, and the other night guardian.

After making second-hand preparations for the black and white paths, he dismissed the two portrait clones and flew to the meeting point alone.

Because he was “guided” by Bazhunan, Xu Xiaoshou was very close to the meeting point.

Not long after, he arrived at the missions location.

“Wang Chao!”

In the wilderness behind the rocks, a black-clothed figure was hiding in the Way of the Heavens.

He revealed his true form when he saw his team members coming over and calling for the first team member.

Xu Xiaoshou suppressed his palpitating heart and walked up to the black-clothed man without making a sound.

He lowered his head and said respectfully,

“Greetings, Captain!”


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