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“Greetings, Captain!”

Xu Xiaoshou mimicked Wang Chaos usual behavior in “Soul Reading”.

However, he was still worried about the effect of the Imitator.

He even used “Transformation” to imitate Wang Chaos tone and voice, not revealing the slightest flaw.

Of course, at this time, the battle communicator had also been moved to an obvious earlobe, so no one would notice anything strange.

Murong Ying was an extremely tall man.

His eyes were long and narrow, and his cheekbones were on the high side.

He gave out a dark and gloomy aura.

Seeing that his team members had arrived, Murong Ying did not doubt him.

She pointed at the spatial fluctuation not far away and said straightforwardly,

“There are two stowaways.

Currently, they are both trapped in their Sovereign domain.

I havent made a move yet, nor have I been exposed.

“According to the spatial fluctuation in the bounded domain and the realm level, they are at least above the Cutting Path.

Therefore, this operation is extremely troublesome.

Ive already contacted the higher-ups.

Soon, Sword Deity Rao will send more people over.”

“You wait for the rest of our team to arrive, then get into formation.

Otherwise, Im afraid your life is in danger.”

Cutting Path

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

Did these stowaways want to die

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They were just Cutting Path, but they still dared to reveal their tracks in the Yunlun Mountain Range and expose their cultivation level.

Were they not afraid of Rao Yaoyao Were they tired of living

Captain Murong Yings words were filled with worry, and the information he gave was very little.

He had no way to cross the bounded domain and pry into the situation inside.

Xu Xiaoshou replied with a simple “yes” and looked over.

Based on his previous understanding of the way of space, he dissected this bounded domain.

He discovered that this bounded domain was even more exaggerated than the bounded domain that he had observed previously.

It was densely packed with space nodes without a single gap!

“This” Xu Xiaoshous heart trembled.

A Sovereigns bounded domain might only have a few nodes when dissected from the perspective of the space node.

Using this as the foundation, it formed a space boundary that blocked the external forces and summoned a domain that belonged to the Sovereign.

Cutting Path could condense more space nodes.

While consolidating the bounded domain, it was easier to form the special and stronger power of the master of the bounded domain.

As for the higher voids bounded domain, Xu Xiaoshou had seen Yis bounded domain in the past.


Other than using super-strong external forces, such as the Fourth Sword, and understanding space to find a small gap between the extremely dense space node, there was no other way to force his way in.

Previously, Xu Xiaoshou had been able to break into the bounded domain of Yi.

He had the Fourth Sword in his hand, and he had a basic understanding of the path principles of space.

Otherwise, if it was any other higher void, it would have been difficult to force his way in.

After all, that was the bounded domain of Yi, the chief of the Transformation Division!

But now…

What Xu Xiaoshou saw with his “Perception” was that the bounded domain in front of him was made up of endless space nodes, like a solid fortress made of space crystals.

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Not to mention “airtight”, there was not even a single gap between the space nodes.

It was seamless!

It was unassailable!

“This is the bounded domain of the Cutting Path” Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep doubt.

For a moment, he felt that his captain, Murong Ying, was blind.

Yis bounded domain was not even as perfect as the one in front of him.

It was pleasing to the eye!

“This is definitely a higher void bounded domain.

Its strength is probably even more terrifying than Yis!” Xu Xiaoshou speculated.

But very quickly, he overturned his unrealistic thoughts.

More powerful than Yis

How was that possible

Yi was the chief of the Transformation Division.

How could there be someone more powerful than Yi among the stowaway

If there was stronger than Yi, how could they be trapped in a place like the Yunlun Mountain Range Why would they use the Sovereign domain to expose their existence

“Perhaps, its not the higher void…”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of a possibility.

Even the higher void stage Yi could not form such a perfect bounded domain.

Perhaps, not far away, the one who was forced out of the bounded domain was a space attributes Sovereign and above expert.

His comprehension of the path principles was very powerful, but his cultivation level was not very high.

“Who could it be”

Xu Xiaoshous curiosity rose.

His Sovereign level “Perception” could already break through an ordinary bounded domain, but it was very difficult to break through the higher void bounded domain.

This required a lot of time.

The last time he encountered Yis bounded domain isolation, he did not have much time, so he could only use the Fourth Sword to forcefully break through.

But this time, he had plenty of time.

“Lets give it a try!”

He focused his attention on one point, and the “Perception” range was converged, continuously penetrating the gaps between the space nodes.

This method was very difficult because theoretically, there was a gap in the bounded domain in front of him, but that gap was almost negligible!

However, Xu Xiaoshou was not discouraged.

It was usually very difficult to pass through a space node with normal abilities, but “Perception” and power of space were not on the same channel.

Perhaps with the help of the “Nothingness” characteristic of “Perception”, this could be achieved.

Thus, the range of “Perception” covering a radius of 100 li continued to shrink under Xu Xiaoshous concentration.

From 100 li, to 10 li, to 1 li…

Then to 100 zhang, 30 zhang, 10 zhang…

This was the first time Xu Xiaoshou tried to compress the range of “Perception” like this.

He felt that his head was starting to hurt, and his temples were starting to swell.

After this compression, it could almost condense into a physical “mental channel” to smash people, and it could even destroy a persons mental strength.

But even so, it was still unable to pass through the gap between the two space nodes!

“This is too difficult.

How can this bounded domain be so solid” Xu Xiaoshous heart was cold.


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