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He was surprised by this incredible bounded domain.

He could not imagine how strong the owner of this bounded domain was.

However, he became even more unwilling.

He wanted to see through the bounded domain eagerly.

After all, he was currently a law enforcer.

He had someone to back him up now.

If he didnt try it now, he might not have the chance to do so in the future.


Continue to compress!

Until his head buzzed and went blank.

Themental passageway formed byPerception was finally compressed by Xu Xiaoshou to the size of a needle for the first time!


A slight sound.

The needle-sizedPerception channel, which was condensed with surging mental strength, finally pierced through the gap between space nodes.

This was like a flood bursting through a dam.

Xu Xiaoshou could not suppress the high-intensity eruption of mental strength that he had endured crazily.

As soon as the Perception passed through the space node, it shot out in a radial form.

in an instant, it spread throughout the entire bounded domain.

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“This is”

The situation in the bounded domain finally appeared in his mind, but Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment.

Four people!

One of them had an unfamiliar face, but his appearance, hair color, and height were similar to the dean of Tiansang Spirit Palace, Ye Xiaotian.

He was covered in blood as he used a spatial barrier to parry the attack from the other side.

Opposite him was a masked man wearing a gold robe and carrying a sword on his back.

He was using space power with a single hand to exchange blows with the short white-haired youth.

As for the other familiar face, he seemed to be one of Yamas Nine Serenities Ghost Child.

Then, there was one unfamiliar face.

There were three familiar faces out of the four people!

“Yamas boss, Huang Quan, the Nine Serenities Ghost Child who seems to have grasped the Upanishad of the metal attribute, and an unfamiliar guy…”

“But the key thing is, that short white-haired young man… He must be the Dean!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that this world had gone to Hell.

Why would Ye Xiaotian come here

Shouldnt he have escorted the inner yard disciples of Tiansang Spirit Palace to the Imperial City Trial and gone home to feed the geese

Why would he fight with Yamas boss, Huang Quan, who had mastered the power of time and space


Just as he was thinking, the interior of the bounded domain once again exploded with an explosion.

The spatial barrier of the short white-haired youth, who was suspected to be Ye Xiaotian, was forcefully shattered by Huang Quan.

Xu Xiaoshous brows twitched wildly.

The clash of the two space power was too violent!

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At this moment, he saw the white-haired short youth suddenly jump up and thrust his hand into the void.

He tore off a piece of the sky and smashed it fiercely towards Huang Quans direction.

“Hand of Ripping Heaven!”

Xu Xiaoshous pupils constricted.

It was the Deans famous ultimate skill.

How could he not recognize it

Ye Xiaotian tore down a piece of the sky.

At this moment, his blood-stained white robe fluttered in the wind.

A familiar Power Upanishad Formation appeared under his feet.

It had only appeared on Yu Lingdi and the Nine Serenities Ghost Child.

With the support of the space power, the broken pieces of the sky were thrown fiercely towards Huang Quan.

“Dean, has your Space Unpanished reached the final stage” Xu Xiaoshous scalp went numb.

This was the real fierce man, right

Keeping a low profile, he had become the next person in the world to grasp the attribute Upanishad after Yu Lingdi without anyone noticing.

Thinking of the Attribute Upanishad, Xu Xiaoshou reached out to the Nine Serenities Ghost Child.

This guy was also very young, but he had also grasped the attribute Upanishad.

However, in a real battle, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he was not as strong and invincible as Yu Lingdi and the Dean.

“As expected, you have mastered the Space Upanishad…”

Inside the bounded domain, Huang Quans ethereal voice sounded at the right time.

His eyes hidden under the mask were filled with admiration as he said slowly, “The Space Upanishad is the power that many people dream of!”!

“Although I have mastered the power of space and time, I have no chance of mastering the Upanishad in this lifetime.”

“I didnt expect that you could reach the peak in just a few decades…”

He praised and spoke like an old elder lamenting that the young man had achieved an incredible achievement, but he didnt care about the sky fragments above his head.

Soon, the sky fragments appeared, and Huang Quan waved his sleeve.


The world suddenly shook.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou felt that his thoughts were sluggish.

He watched as the sky fragment was slowed down thousands of times in mid-air in front of Huang Quan.

Then, it seemed to have undergone an evolution, aging and dying.

Space fragments also had a lifespan

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly had enlightenment.

It was the power of time!

As the sky fragment moved forward, time was accelerated.

All of its power disappeared into the river of time.

“Its so terrifying!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart trembled.

He couldnt imagine how he could resist such a powerful force.

No wonder the Dean, who had reached the final stage of Space Upanishad, was beaten badly by Huang Quan.


After a sudden sound, his mind recovered from its sluggish state.

He was even accelerated to extreme agility.

After Xu Xiaoshou saw the sky fragment disappear, it seemed to have been reversed by time.

It was resurrected and condensed in the sky again.

However, it was no longer controlled by Ye Xiaotian.

Instead, Huang Quan controlled the sky fragement and used it to attack Ye Xiaotian.

“Who the hell are you !” Ye Xiaotians eyes were about to burst as he roared.

After his Space Upanishad had reached the final stage, he could even play with the higher void as he pleased.

However, in this successful first battle, he encountered a person whose face he could not even see clearly.

In front of this guy, Ye Xiaotian was as helpless as a fish on a chopping board.


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