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Murong Ying didnt know who Bazhunan was at first.

But soon, he noticed the figure standing on the bounded domain.

His face changed and his pupils shrank.

Eighth Sword Deity

Wang Chao, where did you get the courage to call the Eighth Sword Deity by his name

“Calm down!”

Murong Ying immediately shouted.

Then, he leaned down and continued telepathic communication with Wang Chao, “Stay calm.

Dont act rashly.

We cant deal with the Eighth Sword Deity.”

“H-how did he appear here”

Xu Xiaoshou squatted down and silently glanced at the captain, who was suddenly in a daze.

He thought to himself, “I am very calm, but you seem to be very nervous.

Its just a clone portrait.

Why are you so scared of it You are the Cutting Path!”

“Captain, there is something strange about this place.

The Eighth Sword Deity has appeared here.

Perhaps, his people are within the bounded domain” Xu Xiaoshou used Wang Chaos telepathic communication to ask.

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Murong Ying had not yet calmed down.

His face was slightly pale, and he did not respond.

Xu Xiaoshou had seen Bazhunans face.

How much mental damage could it bring to people like red-clothed who belonged to the Holy Divine Palace

With a thought, he pointed at Bazhunan in panic and said, “Captain, look, he, he seems to have found our location!”

Bazhunans clone moved on the bounded domain and glanced at the big rock.

With just a casual glance, Xu Xiaoshou could feel that the breathing of Murong Ying had stopped.

What rang in his ears was the sound of his heart beating wildly.

“…” Murong Ying could not say a word for a long time.

Murong Ying pretended he did not hear Xu Xiaoshou

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded by Murong Ying.

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself, “Night Guardian and you are both in the Cutting Path, but Ive never seen him be timid as you did.

He met the Storyteller and instantly chase after him to fight.

You only met Bazhunan, but you are immediately frightened.”

“At this time, shouldnt you display your calm judgment like a leader of the red-clothed squad and immediately send a message to Rao Yaoyao about the danger”

When Xu Xiaoshou saw that Murong Ying still did not react, he could only let Bazhunans clone take a cold glance.

Bazhunans eyes were saying the two people hidden under the big rock were ants and were not worth being afraid of.

The portrait clone retracted his gaze and looked back at the bounded domain under his feet.

He clearly couldnt see anything, but at this moment, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth as he muttered, “Huang Quan”

At the same time.

Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” could detect that Huang Quan, who was approaching Ye Xiaotian from within the bounded domain, suddenly stopped in his tracks.

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He raised his head, and a look of astonishment flashed across his eyes under the mask.

“He can see!” At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous scalp went numb, and his heartbeat accelerated.

Huang Quan could see the situation outside from within Ye Xiaotians bounded domain!

In other words, when he and the captain arrived and waited for the camera, this fellow could see everything.

However, he was just like the attitude of Bazhunans clone at this moment.

They were all ants and trash, nothing to be afraid of.

He couldnt even be bothered to look at them!

“Clone of Will” Within the bounded domain, Huang Quan exclaimed in surprise.

His voice was filled with doubt.

Xu Xiaoshou could immediately understand the meaning behind it.

Huang Quan had also seen the appearance of Bazhunans clone earlier, but he didnt pay any attention to it.

This was because he could sense the roughness of this portrait clone.

For example…

It had no life force at all!

He should immediately determine that this was a fake Bazhunan.

However, this fake Bazhunan suddenly spoke up.

With a single glance, he saw through Ye Xiaotians incomparably solid bounded domain and revealed his identity.

This caused Huang Quan to be puzzled.

A fake person couldnt have the ability to see through a bounded domain with a single glance.

As such, Huang Quans conjecture was: Even if this person who stood above the bounded domain was not Bazhunans main body, he was still a crude clone of his will

“My god…”

When Xu Xiaoshou thought of this, his back was drenched in a cold sweat.

This Huang Quan was too terrifying, and his self-confidence was too high.

When he fought with such a person across space, he didnt dare lower his guard.

Instantly, after Huang Quans shout, Xu Xiaoshou suppressed the fear in his heart and controlled the Bazhunans clone to shake his head slightly.

Then, the corners of his lips curled up as he said,


“Even Yama has appeared in the mortal world.

Looks like its a wise choice to throw away my foundational roots of Saint Ascension.”

He said a few sentences and didnt dare to say anything more.

If he said more, he would make more mistakes.

He left behind a vague message and left it to Huang Quan and the law enforcer to think about it!

Hiding behind the big rock, Murong Ying had already recovered from the state of fear.

He was trying to inform the higher-ups about this place.

However, he immediately became panicked upon hearing the voice.

“Yama, Yama” He repeated unconsciously.

The Eighth Sword Deity said the word “Yama”.

It should be the mysterious dark faction “Yama “faction, right

Coupled with the “Huang Quan” just now, Yamas boss, Huang Quan was in this bounded domain

Murong Yings state of mind collapsed.

He had just entered the Cutting Path and had not been a team leader for long.

He had heard about the legends of the dark factions bosses while cultivating and growing.


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