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Now, two people have gathered in front of him

Murong Yings initial plan was to wait until both sides were heavily injured in the bounded domain, then he would lead a small team to rush out and kill the boss of Yama, Huang Quan.

As Murong Ying thought of this plan, his lips started to tremble.

His remaining rationality kept telling him that he shouldnt delay and he had to immediately send a message to the higher-ups.

He raised his hand towards the battle communicator.

Murong Ying did not even say a word when he touched it three times and activated the highest level of danger alert.

Simultaneously, all the law enforcers battle communicators within a radius of a hundred miles vibrated.

“Beep beep beep!”

“The highest alert.

The coordinates are as shown on the map.

All nearby law enforcers teams, please come to support immediately.

You must delay the enemy and buy time.”

Xu Xiaoshou also received the mechanical voice of the battle communicator.

At the same time, he received a mental map that was injected into his mind.

The coordinates marked on the map were where he was at the moment.

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According to Wang Chaos memory, at this time, there would be an overwhelming number of law enforcers who were close to him.

Those who were far away would continue to touch the communicator three times to carry out the highest alert until the message reached Rao Yaoyaos ears.

In theory, this process would not take more than three breaths!

In three breaths, Rao Yaoyao would receive the message and begin to react!

Within the bounded domain.

At the same time that Murong Ying activated his communicator three times, Huang Quan looked over.

The position he was looking at was in the direction of the big rock outside the bounded domain.

His face that was hidden under the mask was calm.

However, his impulsiveness told him that Yama and the others would be in danger soon.

Originally, even if Ye Xiaotian used the bounded domain, he would still attract the attention of the law enforcers.

However, according to Huang Quans plan, the fluctuations of Ye Xiaotians bounded domain that the outsiders had detected were at most at the sovereign stage or cutting path stage.

Therefore, it would not attract too much danger.

He had not expected that there would suddenly be an existence that seemed to be a Bazhunan clone.

He had exposed his identity with a single sentence and instantly raised the danger level of this place.

“Bazhunan, what do you want”

Huang Quan thought for a moment and got his answer.

Bazhunan belonged to the saint servant.

The second-in-command saint servant was Sleeveless and his original name was Sang Qiye.

He was previously the vice dean of Tiansang Spirit Palace and had a relationship with Ye Xiaotian.

So, he appeared just to help Ye Xiaotian out of trouble

While Huan Quan was thinking, Ye Xiaotian, who was already seriously injured, grasped the gap between Huang Quans attack and immediately released his bounded domain.

He turned around and flew up, trying to escape from this place.

However, the moment his bounded domain was released and he flew up, he unexpectedly brushed past Bazhunan above him…

“This is”

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The moment Ye Xiaotians eyes met, he was unable to shift his gaze away from this face.

He recognized this person at a glance.

The last time they met, the other party was still disguised as a masked man.

During the night battle in Tiansang Spirit Palace, Ye Xiaotian had lost an arm to him.

After that, Ye Xiaotian gathered all the information about the Eighth Sword Deity.

Therefore, even if the person, who brushed past him this time, took off all the clothes covering his head and face, and revealed his true appearance, Ye Xiaotian could immediately recognize that this was Bazhunan!

“So, what Huang Quan saw in the bounded domain was this person”

Ye Xiaotian suddenly came to a realization.

Just now, Huang Quan had stopped in front of him and said something that he did not know the meaning of.

The “Clone of Will.” Where did it originate from

He did not stop moving.

He kept his distance from Bazhunan while using his spiritual senses to observe the situation here.

Two law enforcers were standing under the big rock.

In the distance, there were also countless auras that were rapidly coming over.

“This is extremely dangerous!”

However, even in such a dangerous situation, Huang Quan was still calm.

He calmly looked at Bazhunan who was standing in the air, pointed at Ye Xiaotian, and said in a soft voice, “You want this person”

No one was able to sense the cultivation level of Bazhunan, who was standing in the air, at all.

He did not even leak a single bit of his vitality breath.

In normal circumstances, one would think he was a fake.

However, Huang Quan knew that Bazhunan was currently hiding his sword.

The more ordinary his Clone of Will was, the more he could not be underestimated.

Bazhunan appeared very relaxed in the face of being interrogated.

He ignored the great danger that was about to come and only said with a smile, “Give me some respect, how about it”

When he said those words casually, Xu Xiaoshou, who was still hiding under the big rock, was already sweating profusely like his captain, Murong Ying.

He had once heard Bazhunan say that in this world if anything were to happen to him, he only needed to state his name.

The younger generation wasnt sensible, so they might not give him respect.

However, any big shot who understood the meaning behind the name “Bazhunan” would support him in the arena.

Now, he didnt know whether or not Huang Quan would give Bazhunan any respect.

“Dean, I have done my best.

If I can help you get out of this mess, you will have to use ten plates of roast goose to repay me when we return to Tiansang Spirit Palace!”

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts ran wild.

On the other side.


Huang Quan, who was still on the ground, felt a surge of anger in his heart when he heard this.

He thought silently, “If you want respect, I can give it to you.

However, we are both traitors in the dark.

Why would I show my existence here to the red-clothed”

“What if I dont give him to you” Huang Quan, who was hiding under the mask, retracted his gaze.

He stretched out his hand and clenched it lightly in the air.


The world seemed to be locked down.

At this moment, Ye Xiaotian, who was still running at high speed, felt that everything in the world was accelerating.


He was the one who had slowed down…

Everything in the world was moving normally.

Only him, Ye Xiaotian, had become the goods that had been traded.

Before the conversation between the two parties came to an end, he could not move.

Ye Xiaotian felt a strong sense of powerlessness in his heart.

At this moment, he vaguely understood what Elder Sang had said to him, Qiao Qianzhi, and Xiao Qixiu in the past.

Hiding in the corner of Tiansang Spirit Palace and staying out of the mortal world for a long time did not mean that they could escape from it.

It could only be said that all of them were trapped by the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Ye Xiaotian hated himself for being powerless in this situation.

He had clearly mastered Space Upanishad, but in front of a true almighty, he was still like an ant, at the mercy of others.

In the air, Bazhunan was unmoved.

He did not even glance at Ye Xiaotian from the side.

He was looking down at the world as if everything was under his control.

Behind the big rock, Xu Xiaoshou was sighing in his heart that Bazhunans face was really useful.

At this moment, Huang Quan only used the power of time freeze on Ye Xiaotian.

He did not dare to test Bazhunan.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaoshou controlled the Bazhunan, who was not affected by the time freeze, to smirk and say,

“You dont have to give me respect, but I can leave after 10 or 30 breaths.

You can leave too, however itll be difficult for the people behind you to leave.”

As he spoke, he looked at the Nine Serenities Ghost Child and Spider Lily.

Although there was no murderous intent in his eyes, Nine Serenities Ghost Child and Spider Lily felt a great pressure on them.

They could not even lift their eyes to look at Bazhunan.

Huang Quan was silent.

He seemed to be in a dilemma.

Should he forcefully take away Ye Xiaotian, including the Saint Origin Crystal that he had hidden

Or should he give the Bazhunan respect and take advantage of the fact that Rao Yaoyao had yet to arrive to hide in the darkness with those under Yama

In his spiritual senses, he could sense that the auras of cutting paths and higher voids were rapidly approaching.

As for the sovereigns…

In the outer circle of the land realm, there were already many law enforcers at the sovereign stage surrounding the area.

However these people didnt dare to come over at all.

They didnt recognize Huang Quan.

But they recognized the fearless Eighth Sword Deity who stood in the void.

The only man who can hold out against ten thousand!

“Lord Huang Quan…”

Nine Serenities Ghost Child wanted to say something.

As a member of Yama, he wouldnt make things difficult for Lord Huang Quan just because of his existence.

If necessary, he would sacrifice himself to protect the secrets of Yama.

Both he and Spider Lily were prepared for this.

However, just as he said that Huang Quan waved his sleeve, and the two space-time vortexes spun and swallowed the two of them up.

Huang Quan had not left yet.

He stayed until the very end, wiping away the traces of the space-time vortexes that had appeared just now.

Then, he looked at Bazhunan and said solemnly,

“Today, I will give you, Bazhunan, some respect.

Remember, you owe me a favor.”

After saying that, he turned his head to look at the aura of the law enforcers that were approaching from behind him.

With a cold snort, his body disintegrated and turned into golden spots, disappearing into the intangible.


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