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Xu Xiaoshou landed behind a huge rock and heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

Bazhunan was so highly regarded!

His dignity was really useful!

As for favors and whatnot… Xu Xiaoshou felt sorry if Bazhunan and Huang Quan were to fight because of this.

However, it definitely wouldnt have anything to do with him, Xu Xiaoshou.

No matter what, he would apologize to Bazhunan first…

“Im sorry!”

As Xu Xiaoshou was thinking about this, he suddenly jumped out from behind the big rock and pointed in the direction Huang Quan had escaped.

He flew over and shouted,

“Traitor, dont leave.

Watch how I, Wang Chao, will deal with you!”

Murong Ying was confused.

At this moment, his little heart almost jumped out of his throat.

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Was Wang Chao going crazy

However, as soon as he jumped out of the stone, he saw Wang Chao propping himself up on his knees in front of him and letting out a long sigh.

“Damn it, he ran away…”

Murong Ying went silent.

“Startled, passive points 62.”

“Impressed, passive points 33.”

Taking advantage of the fact that everyone was distracted by his loud shout, Xu Xiaoshou, while pretending to be helpless, secretly removed the portrait clone of Bazhunan.

“Your mission is complete, its time for you to disappear…” Xu Xiaoshou thought.

At the same time, Ye Xiaotian, who had lost the restraints of Huang Quan, was like a dragon returning to the sea, gaining his freedom.

There were dozens of sovereigns watching him like a tiger watching its prey.

In the distance, there were even several auras of cutting paths coming at him.

However, Ye Xiaotian did not put these people in his eyes.

He took a deep look in the direction where Bazhunans figure had disappeared.

With a sway of his body, he stepped into the spatial passageway and disappeared without a trace.

They all ran away!

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have just realized this point.

He pointed in the direction where the three parties had left and said, “Captain, I think we need to immediately track their traces.

Otherwise, Im afraid we wont be able to answer to the higher-ups afterward.”

The highest alarm on the communicator had already been sent out.

But this time, the law enforcers were facing two spiritual cultivators with space attributes and the Eighth Sword Deity, who was nowhere to be seen.

The higher-ups could understand why they couldnt take these people down.

However, if they couldnt even record the spatial fluctuation in the direction they left and ended up making it impossible to trace them… when Rao Yaoyao and her men arrived, Murong Ying and the rest wouldnt be able to give their answers to them.

Murong Ying dismissed the pressure of being the leader and regained his calm.

He immediately shouted, “Black Shadow squad, gather!”

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Seven figures flew out from the surrounding sovereigns.

These were Murong Yings team members, who were also former teammates of Wang Chao.

Xu Xiaoshou could recognize their faces.

Murong Ying began to act, and his words became orderly.

He took the lead to instruct all the spectating sovereigns.

“Everyone, immediately contact your captain.

As for those at the sovereign stage, if you dont have a life-saving spiritual technique, I dont recommend you to participate in this operation.

However, you must call your captain over.

This is an urgent matter!”

The numerous law enforcers acted as soon as they heard the command.

Some used flying arrows to send messages, and some used telepathic communication that could work even a thousand miles away.

The others used the spiritual technique of communication that their team had agreed on in advance to call for the members and leaders who had not rushed over.

Murong Ying looked around, but he was unable to find the second cutting path who was present.

He knew that cutting paths were an extremely rare existence among the law enforcers.

Usually, each cutting path was responsible for a large area, so they were unable to arrive in such a short time.

Murong Ying didnt hesitate.

After instructing the other members of the team of law enforcers, he immediately looked at his own team and said in a deep voice,

“Zhu Mier, immediately record the spatial information of these three directions.

After this, prepare all the information that Sword Deity Rao needs.”

A woman in a black robe walked out from the Black Eagle team.

She had a beautiful appearance and a medium build.

She held an array wheel that was emitting magical brilliance.

Xu Xiaoshou looked over.

According to Wang Chaos soul memory, he recognized that it was theinter-spatial wheel.

It was a tracking treasure that could record all the fluctuations, information, and spatial traces of the battle at the scene.

It was a commonly used item in the white-clothed organization of the Holy Divine Palace.

Rao Yaoyao had borrowed a lot of them in preparation for the battle in the Yunlun mountain range.

She had distributed them to the team of law enforcers because even though the wheel was useless in finding the ghost beast, it was very powerful at finding people.

Zhu Mier injected her spiritual source into the inter-spatial wheel and took the lead to record all traces of the battle.

Then, she began to search for traces.

The first place she landed was the location where Yama, Huang Quan, and the other two had left.

Zhu Mier wanted to search for traces of the three escaping through the spatial passageway but at the same time, she was also looking for traces that showed the possibility that they might still be in the scene.

But soon, a regretful expression appeared on her face.

“Captain, Yamas boss, Huang Quan, including the other two masked men, didnt leave behind any traces.

The inter-spatial wheel cant lock onto their location at all.”

As expected… Murong Yings eyes narrowed, and he didnt say anything more as he looked at the position where the Eighth Sword Deity had stood before.

Zhu Mier nodded her head, and with a tacit understanding, she floated away and landed at that place.

But soon, a look of disappointment appeared on her face, mixed with a little surprise.


“Theres still no trace” Murong Ying asked with a premonition.

“Yes.” Zhu Mier nodded slightly and then said with her lips and teeth moving, “Theres no spatial fluctuation in the position of the Eighth Sword Deity.

I wonder how he left… the way he disappeared is even more bizarre than Huang Quans!”

Many people present had their attention diverted because of Wang Chaos shout.

However, even though most of their attention was not on the Eighth Sword Deity, it did not mean that their spiritual senses had also been diverted from the Eighth Sword Deity at that time.


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