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Someone saw from the corner of his eyes that the Eighth Sword Deitys way of leaving was to “Disintegrate”.

A living person, without any spiritual source fluctuation, instantly turned into powder and disappeared in front of all the sovereigns and cutting paths.

It had to be said that this was very strange.

“Perhaps its an escape technique from the way of the sword…” Murong Ying speculated.

He didnt understand the ancient sword technique, but he knew that to the Eighth Sword Deity, the spiritual source wasnt his only choice.

His strongest sword move didnt even need him to use a bit of spiritual source.

He could perform it with a mortal body.

So if he wanted to escape, how could he be limited by the lack of spiritual cultivation techniques

Xu Xiaoshou used his “Perception” to spy on everyones reactions.

Seeing that everyone didnt suspect the Eighth Sword Deitys “Departure”… or rather, “Death”, he was relieved.

Very good.

As expected of an ignorant person, they would always use all sorts of reasons to make up for their ignorance.

The “Eighth Sword Deity” had not left, but had “Died”…

Everyone had clearly seen it with their naked eyes…

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However, there were dozens of sovereigns present, but no one dared to believe that they had seen it with their own eyes.

Tsk tsk… the corners of Xu Xiaoshous lips curled up slightly.

He felt that this was too interesting, so he quickly concealed his emotions and did not show them to the others.

“Theres still one more.” Murong Ying looked in the direction of Ye Xiaotian and pursed his lips slightly.

Zhu Mier set off again and flew to record the spatial traces left behind by the short white-haired young man.

In just three breaths time, a look of astonishment appeared on her face.

“What Even him didnt leave behind any traces” Murong Ying flew over, somewhat unconvinced.

The members of the Black Shadow team followed.

Xu Xiaoshou followed as well, staring at theinter-spatial wheel with great curiosity, wanting to see what it was.

The battle scene of the dean in the bounded domain wasnt visible to outsiders, but he had seen it clearly.

Perfect mastery of space upanishad… such a shocking talent, even if Ye Xiaotian was only a sovereign, Xu Xiaoshou reckoned that it wasnt something that theinter-spatial wheel could find a trace of.

Perhaps the creation of the inter-spatial wheel required the assistance of a spiritual cultivator with space attributes.

But since this wheel could be mass-produced, it meant that the person who assisted in the creation of the inter-spatial wheel… was very idle!

Which idle person could have higher attainment in the path of space than Ye Xiaotian

And the truly powerful ones couldnt even handle the big matters, so why would they help the white-clothed create the inter-spatial wheel

Zhu Mier stared at the traces of theinter-spatial wheel and tried her best to calm herself down.

She said, “Captain, its not that theinter-spatial wheel didnt find any traces of the white-haired man.

On the contrary, it found too many traces.”

“Too many” Murong Ying raised his eyebrows.

“Yes.” Zhu Mier caressed theinter-spatial wheel and said hesitantly, “At the very least, I found more than three hundred traces of the path that he left… well, to put it another way, there was only one entrance to the spatial passageway when he left, but there were more than three hundred exits.”

Murong Ying was confused, alongside the members of the Black Shadow Team.

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“More than 300”

Everyone was shocked.

How was this possible It was already very difficult for a spatial passageway to only maintain the connection between the two.

In this world, other than demi-saint, who else could use a spatial passageway to connect more than 300 exits, and they were all real passageways

All the members of the Black Eagle squad knew that theinter-spatial wheel would automatically eliminate fake spatial traces.

This was the effect of the divine array of the path division.

And after eliminating these, the fact that theinter-spatial wheel could still leave behind more than 300 spatial traces could only mean…

That they were all real!

“Space attributes…” Murong Ying muttered as he thought of a possibility that almost left him dumbstruck.

Xu Xiaoshou blurted out his thoughts on behalf of the captain.

His voice was filled with shock and disbelief, as well as a little guidance.

“That shorty, could it be that he has reached the final stage of space attributes Is he the same existence as chief Yu Lingdi Uh, but why was he beaten to such a ghastly state, covered in blood”

Murong Ying could not help but turn around and look at Wang Chao.

While these words were swirling in his mind, he felt that it was possible.

However, when they came out of Wang Chaos mouth with the implication of the short white-haired young man who was covered in blood when he appeared…

Murong Ying immediately felt that it was a little unrealistic.


“At the consummate stage of space attributes, the combat strength that he possesses is something that none of you can imagine.

Chief Yu Lingdi was able to defeat a higher void by himself.

“If what Wang Chao said is true… Huang Quan of Yama is obviously not at the saint stage.

Under such circumstances, even if Chief Yu Lingdi came, he would not have suffered such a crushing defeat, let alone the possessor of the Spatial Upanishad.”

Murong Ying looked at his team member and said solemnly, “That guy definitely would not have grasped the Spatial Upanishad.

The Spirit Division has been researching for so many years and only managed to nurture one Yu Lingdi.”

The team members nodded.

Xu Xiaoshou also nodded, but he was sneering in his heart.

“Youre just a mere cutting path.

How much do you know”

The people in the Holy Divine Palace knew more than the people outside, not to mention Huang Quans combat strength…

Is this something he can imagine

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt describe the pressure he felt when he saw Huang Quans attack on the Ye Xiaotians bounded domain with his “Perception”.

Even if that kind of existence hadnt grasped the Spatial Upanishad yet, he wasnt far from it.

Moreover, Huang Quans strongest attribute wasnt space attributes, but time…


Besides the space attributes, that guy had too many trump cards.

For example, he had collected a lot of Lei Familys Eyes.

The Visitor from the Netherworld, the Hundred Ghost Night Walk, and the Nine Serenities Ghost Child each had a pair.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know if there were other Yama members, but since the other Yama members were like this, as the leader, would he have one

Or for example, the saber and sword on Huang Quans back!

Xu Xiaoshou could onlysense that the saber and sword were wrapped by the sealing belt and didnt reveal the slightest bit of power.

However, after experiencing the battle in the Heaven Prayer Forest and witnessing the reaction of the Visitor from the Netherworld, he already knew that those were Shang Xuan Sword and Hun Che!

Two of the nine supreme divine weapons!

The one that was placed on the same list as these two great weapons, and known by everyone, was Ai Cangshengs Evil Sin Bow!


How would a mere Murong Ying dare to make assumptions about someone like Huang Quan

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but laugh in his heart, but similarly, after laughing, he began to laugh bitterly.

So strong…

If he was to go against Huang Quan in the future, how would he fight him

In the past, he was young and frivolous.

Now that he thought about it, he did not know if the sincere invitation from Huang Quan, which the Visitor from the Netherworld in the Heaven Prayer Forest had used the voice drop to play, “Do you want to join the King of Yama”, had already expired… Xu Xiaoshous thoughts drifted into the distance.


Just as he was thinking, Murong Yings words interrupted Xu Xiaoshous thoughts.

He said with a solemn face,

“We dont have the right to track down Yama and the whereabouts of the Eighth Sword Deity.

We can only wait for reinforcements.

However, we can not let this stowaway escape.” As he spoke, he pointed toward the ground.

The members of the Black Shadow team were all shocked.

Xu Xiaoshou was also shocked.

He wanted to chase after the headmaster

They were afraid he was looking for death!

The headmaster might not be able to defeat Huang Quan, but if the Spatial Upanishad were to hit him, a cutting path, wouldnt it directly blow his head off

According to Wang Chaos memories, Xu Xiaoshou knew that although Murong Ying was the leader, he had not been a cutting path for long, and he had not even survived the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

His combat strength could not even be compared to the night guardian, so how could he possibly defeat Ye Xiaotian

The past Ye Xiaotian might find it a little difficult to deal with him.

But now that his Spatial Upanishad had reached the final stage, he was another complete Yu Lingdi!

Ye Xiaotian was not a good-for-nothing.

He was born in the Holy Palace and had extraordinary talent.

He was not anUpanishad inheritor like the Nine Serenities Ghost Child or Spider Lily.

He did not comprehend his own Upanishad, instead, Huang Quan had bestowed it to him.

His combat power was now almost at the higher void level.

If it was not for Huang Quans aggressive attack, Ye Xiaotian would not have been exposed!

“Are you going to chase after him” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the captain and then looked at the inter-spatial wheel in Zhu Miers hand.

He counted the coordinates above and said hesitantly, “362 possibilities.

Captain, how do you plan to chase after him”

The members of the Black Eagle team were also filled with fear.

To be able to exchange blows with Huang Quan and leave behind so many fake traces in addition to having space attributes, these werent things that an ordinary sovereign could do.

If they were to follow him, they might not even know how they would die.


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