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As for the reason..

There was no reason!

If one was to insist on a reason, the first reaction of the Night Guardian was that “Xu Xiaoshou” was the reason.

The Chief of the Transformation Division had died in a battle, in the Yunlun mountain range.

Saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, was suspected to be involved and played an important role.

The red-clothed had kept this information from the lower levels of the division, but the smart ones in the upper levels could think of such information without even asking.

Not only did Night Guardian think of it, but his idea had also been confirmed by Sword Deity Rao.

After all, he was the person in the red-clothed who was most familiar with Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

Rao Yaoyao did not avoid his question.

She only wanted him to agree not to divulge the information after understanding it.

Zhu Mier appeared to be trembling in fear in front of her senior.

She replied solemnly,

“Im sure!”

“At that time, the boss of Yama, Huang Quan, wanted to take the space attributes stowaway.

The Eighth Sword Deity appeared and broke the situation, saving the person.”

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“After the bounded domain was broken, I saw with my own eyes that the space attributes stowaway flashed, leaving behind 362 spatial passageway exits.

Then, he disappeared without a trace.”

“This doesnt sound like something that adisguiser can do…” Night Guardians thoughts paused as a spiritual light suddenly flashed in his mind as he thought of something.

He was near the Abyss Island Rift and heard Sword Deity Raos words with his own ears.

Bazhunan was outside the Yunlun mountain range.

His two fingers cracked open the void, causing Holy Power Treasures to fall from the sky like a meteor shower.

Bazhunan should have already left Sky City by then.

Since he had set up a trap outside the Yunlun mountain range, why would he come in alone to save a person

Could it be that the expert with space attributes was real

But Bazhunan was actually fake

Things were starting to become a little like Xu Xiaoshous style…

“Have you ever seen the Eighth Sword Deity make a move” Night Guardian asked.

Zhu Mier was stunned.

She glanced sideways and recalled before she shook her head and replied, “No, but the boss of Yama, Huang Quan, beat that stowaway with space attributes half to death.

This shows how powerful he is.

Such a powerful person is still willing to give respect to the Eighth Sword Deity.

From this, it can be seen that we might mistake him for someone else, but Huang Quan… wouldnt, right”

Zhu Mier carefully probed.

She vaguely understood what Elder Night Guardian meant.

Could it be that they had mistaken him for someone else

Night Guardian did not respond, but he did not dare to agree with Zhu Miers words.

If the disguiser was Xu Xiaoshou, anyone who hadnt been deeply hurt by him wouldnt be able to take cautious with how cunning he was.

After all, Xu Xiaoshou was someone who was even capable of deceiving Yi.

Huang Quan, the boss of Yama

It was the same!

Night Guardian had been deeply hurt by Xu Xiaoshou.

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He knew that Xu Xiaoshous ability to disguise was close to a demi-saint state.

He thought for a moment and said, “Give me the portrait of the space attributes stowaway.”

Zhu Mier immediately agreed and took out the Jade Scroll.

She used her spiritual senses to record what she had seen just now.

“White hair, short, space attributes…”

Night Guardian took the Jade Scroll and scanned it with his spiritual senses.

He instantly analyzed the main information.

As for theyoung man andstowaway, which stowaway dared to appear old and frail in the Yunlun mountain range

Since he was saved by the Eighth Sword Deity, he must have had a connection with the Saint Servant.

Even if the connection was weak, even if they didnt know whether the Eighth Sword Deity was real or a fake…

From this perspective, coupled with the image of the stowaway with space attributes in the Jade Scroll…

Most importantly, not many people in the world possessed space attributes, so the identity of the suspect should be very easy to confirm…

Night Guardian, who was from the red-clothed of White Cave, was different from the red-clothed from other places.

He was more familiar with Xu Xiaoshous background and Xu Xiaoshous past relationships.

In less than three breaths, a figure appeared in the mind of Night Guardian.

This person had a shocking 99% compatibility with the information he had deduced without any basis.

“Ye Xiaotian!”


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