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With excitement in his heart, Murong Ying quickly tapped his finger twice.

But just as the third tap was about to land, he heard a slight sound of rushing wind.


It seemed that something had flown out

Murong Ying was shocked.

He turned his head and saw a finger flying out from the cliff.

It quickly fell into the sea of clouds and disappeared.


The next second, he was in so much pain that his face twitched.

He was shocked to realize that it was his finger that flew out!

What happened…

Murong Ying suddenly looked at the white-haired stowaway.

However, he found that the stowaway had just noticed his little movement and was looking at him angrily.

“That wasnt done by him” Murong Yings pupils trembled.

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“It was me, Wang Chao… I was the one who did it!”

While he was still in shock, Murong Ying heard another mocking laugh.

This time, he didnt turn his head.

Instead, he subconsciously slapped the ground with his hand and his figure retreated rapidly.

Only then did his spiritual senses sweep over.

At the place where he was just now, there was an additional person.

It was none other than the team member who had transformed into Xu Xiaoshou, Wang Chao!

Murong Ying was confused.

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

Wang Chao was a fake…

Xu Xiaoshou was real…

“Damn it, I had brought a fake here and have been moving together with him from the very beginning” He thought.

The corners of Murong Yings lips twitched as he tightly gripped the finger that had just been broken.

His eyes filled with disbelief.

When he thought of the fake beside him, Murong Yings heart almost exploded.

After all, the two of them had been under a big rock together, witnessing each others fear and trepidation.

They had also exchanged statements in the spatial fragment, and had a very happy conversation.

That wasnt right!

If Wang Chao was fake, then when did he start pretending

That encounter under the big rock

Or was it that Wang Chao, his team member, had been replaced from the start of the battle in the Yunlun mountain range

No, no, no!

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Saint servant Xu Xiaoshou was clearly involved in other major events that happened in the Yunlun mountain range.

Wang Chao had only left his side when he was on a mission.

The two of them were at different times and places in the timeline at the same time.

It was impossible for them to overlap…

The more Murong Ying thought about it, the more horrified he became.

The more he thought about these clues, the more he felt his scalp go numb.

He couldnt care anymore.

He suddenly raised his hand and wanted to pass on the information that he was in a dangerous situation.

He reached toward his earlobe as usual…

As usual, he reached toward his battle communicator…

However, the moment he touched it, Murong Ying felt a sharp pain coming from his earlobe.

His earlobe was gone!

Just like that broken finger!

“When did this happen…” At this moment, Murong Yings heart sank to the bottom.

His fingers were stiff and his face was filled with despair.


At the edge of the cliff, Xu Xiaoshou let out a long sigh.

He pinched the soft flesh between his fingers and the battle communicator that only a captain could have on the soft flesh.

He shook it slightly to the two people in front of him and gestured.

Murong Ying looked at him.

His lips and teeth were moving as if he was preparing to curse, but he could not say anything.

Ye Xiaotian closed his eyes deeply.

He knew that Xu Xiaoshou had used his own actions to prove his identity, but… why did he always have to pretend to be someone else Was it that fun for him

“Feared, passive points 1.”

“Criticized, passive points 1.”

The battle suddenly fell silent.

Alone, Xu Xiaoshou was still sighing at the edge of the cliff.

He was immersed in the 100,000 whys that kept flashing through his mind.


“Why didnt you all doubt me when I lied to you”

“But every time I told the truth, no one believed me, whether it was my friends or my enemies”

“Is this the effect ofthe boy who cried wolf…”

Xu Xiaoshou was full of sarcasm and he felt helpless.

He looked at Murong Ying and no longer hid his identity.

He chuckled.

“Im sorry to disappoint you, Captain.

Im a bad person.”

After saying that, he threw the soft meat between his fingertips, including the battle communicator that Murong Ying had placed all his hopes on, to the sea of clouds in the middle of the Lone Cliff.

It left with the wind.


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