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The crippled old man coughed heavily a few more times.

His body was so weak that he bent down very low.

He did not say anything else and his attention seemed to have shifted elsewhere.

The hunched old woman withdrew her gaze from Elder Xies body, which was bent like a cooked shrimp.

The scepter in her hand shook the ground heavily.

A strange buzzing sound spread out, and the abnormalities of the surrounding people were all dispelled.

The round-headed, big-eyed little boy never joined the conversation since the beginning.

He only stared at the towering ancient city in the sky and muttered to himself.

“Its really big, Abyss Island.

I really want to go up and play…”

Behind the five people, scattered Spiritual Cultivators were silently observing the movements in front of them.

At the end of the group of Spiritual Cultivators, a one-armed old man who was carrying a large chest of peach wood was listening attentively.

“God of Dumba*s, Golden Foot, and Elder Xie”

Xiu Yuanke frowned when he heard that.

He soon recalled that these were the three code names for the gold hunting token of the Three Incense Stick.

In other words, the three people in front of him were all from the Higher Void (level).

At the very least, they were assassins who could hunt the Higher Void (level)!

“Then the people who are following them who can be easily identified are Ghost Granny and Little Ninja…

“Hiss, what kind of combination is this The five gold hunting tokens of the Three Incense Stick are gathered in Dongtianwang City, yet they are still so brazen and undisguised


“Is it because of Sky City

“Yes, its possible.

Right now, Dongtianwang City is in chaos because of Sky City.

Cutting Path (stage) is appearing one after another, and Higher Void (level) is passing by.

“Its indeed difficult to recognize a few of them if one doesnt look carefully.

Once they go off, itll be like a fish entering the sea and itll be even harder to find them.

“After all, who is confident enough to confirm that the true face of the gold hunting token assassin of the Three Incense Stick is really the true face

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“This is quite a big matter.

I have to report it to Eldest Senior Brother…”

A myriad of thoughts flashed through Xiu Yuankes mind.

Coincidentally, he saw Double Dumba*s, who was at the front, turn his head.

His gaze swept in his direction as if he had sensed something.

He quickly acted like a normal person who was sizing up this team of assassins.

He shrunk his head in fear, grinned friendly, and nodded to greet them.

Double Dumba*s only swept his gaze and then retracted it.

He did not sense anything unusual.

The instinct of an assassin made him aware that there seemed to be an unusual danger.

However, when he turned his head to look, he did not find anything too big of a problem…

This only meant that the problem was even bigger!

“Even I cant sense who is spying on me…” Double Dumba*s narrowed his eyes, lowered his voice, and said to the people beside him, “Something is going on.

Lets cut the crap and go out first!”

The people beside him were stunned at the same time.

Their expressions remained the same but all of them became alert.

Elder Xie did not turn his head.

But with a sweep of his spiritual senses, he saw the situation of everyone around him.

He deliberately did not use telepathic communication.

He only lowered his voice and said, “There are no problems with the others, but the old man at the back… one-armed, carrying a large wooden box and a small ax at his waist, if there is a problem, then this person is the only one.”

Xiu Yuanke trembled.

What kind of sharp intuition was this

“Why” Golden Foot looked over in confusion, somewhat did not understand.

Elder Xie sighed, “Where is this place This is the Holy Sword Land of the Eastern Region! Where are we now World-class teleportation portal! How can there be ordinary people in this place In the Central Region, a person might be an ordinary rich man.

But in the Eastern Region, this person is most likely an ancient swordsman!”

Xiu Yuankes face was slightly pale.

He lifted his sleeve to wipe the sweat off his forehead, conveniently covering his facial expression.

When the boy, Little Ninja, heard this, he could not help but look back.

“Elder Xie, youre being too cautious.

Its called Holy Sword Land in the Eastern Region, but not everyone is a holy sword god.”

Elder Xie shook his head.

“You young people only think of the good aspects in everything.

One day, you will invite disaster.

I think hes an ancient swordsman.

As for the sword, its in that wooden box.”

“How do you tell He doesnt have Sword Will!” Little Ninja noticed the abnormal behavior of the one-armed man and ridiculed him.

“Its the Hidden Sword Technique.

Whats so strange about it… Bazhunan has attracted a few powerful ancient swordsmen to Sky City, and they are teleporting with us.

Isnt that normal” Elder Xie shrugged and further confirmed his thoughts.

Xiu Yuanke felt a chill on his back.

The chill went from the soles of his feet to the top of his head.

It was evil!

It was too evil!

Eldest Senior Brother, I wanted to look for Eldest Senior Brother!

These several assassins, could they be targeting me

Golden Foot glanced back at the frightened old man with a broken arm and chuckled, “Im afraid youve frightened him.

Our target is Xu Xiaoshou, not him.”

Xu Xiaoshou

Xiu Yuanke suddenly wanted to raise his eyes to look back.

Fortunately, he suppressed this impulse.

These assassins were looking for Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou


To cut off his head

Yes, possibly the assassins only had this goal, but why did they say it out loud

“No, I dont know Xu Xiaoshou either.

Why am I so nervous…” Xiu Yuanke felt as if his feet were filled with lead, and it was difficult for him to lift them.

At this time, the leader of the five-man team, Double Dumba*s, responded to Elder Xies plan.

His footsteps slowed down, and his tone was filled with blame.

He then echoed, “Why did Elder Xie reveal the target of the operation Isnt everyone already aware of this”

Elder Xie chuckled, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth.

“I dont know if that swordsman knows Xu Xiaoshou, but Saint Servant has Xu Xiaoshou and Bazhunan.

“If he is attracted by Bazhunan, maybe he knows Xu Xiaoshou.

As long as he reports to someone, we can take the opportunity to follow and cut off the head of that Xu guy to collect the reward.”


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