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At the First Dragon Range in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Unlike the trial takers who were attracted by the flood of treasures and went down the mountain to search for treasures and exchange for points…

Jiang Xian had always been guarding the First Dragon Range.

No matter how the people suggested to him, he never went down the mountain.

No one knew why Jiang Xian did this.

It was rumored among the people guarding the mountain that Young Master Jiang had been scared by Xu Deye in the last battle.

Thus now he had changed to follow his heart.

However, before this rumor spread, it had been forcefully suppressed.

This was naturally Jiang Xians doing.

At the peak of the mountain range, Jiang Xian stood alone on a huge rock.

He looked into the distance, and there was slight anxiety in his eyes.

“Its been more than 10 days…”

He muttered to himself, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

The Imperial City Trial might be an opportunity for others, but in Jiang Xians eyes, it was dispensable.

Even if he fought to the end and got into the top 36 of the scoreboard, and then successfully entered the Holy Palace trial, none of this mattered.


The Demi-Saint Jiang Clan had a unique inheritance that was not any worse off than any lineage of the Holy Palace.

In fact, compared to the Jiang clan, his inheritance was more compatible with himself.

Jiang Xian could be said to not need to participate in the Imperial City Trial.

However, ever since he met Yama at the Heaven Prayer Forest in Dongtianwang City where he had been poached of a pair of Three Loathsome Eyes, the subsequent missions given to him by the clan began to change.

With the Three Loathsome Eyes, his mission was to cooperate with the Heaven Pearl in searching for the whereabouts of more Lei familys eyes.

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After losing the Three Loathsome Eyes, his mission was to enter the Imperial City Trial and all his actions were to follow the rules of the trial, with the premise of protecting himself as the prerequisite, waiting for time to change.

“Time to change…”

Jiang Xian didnt even know how long he had to wait.

Before the second round of the Imperial City Trial, after seeing Young Master Xu and the “special physique” of the little girl beside him, Mu Zixi, Jiang Xian knew that the waters of the Yunlun Mountain Range were too deep!

The more he wanted to stir up trouble here, the more tragic the ending would be.

Thus when the battle of the Nine Dragon Range began, he used the mountain as a defense and his subordinates as spies.

He spread them out one by one with collecting intelligence as his main goal and let go of the desire to fight.

“Young Master Jiang.”

Just as he was deep in thought, a subordinate walked over from the mountain and spoke respectfully.


Jiang Xian pinched the space between his brows.

He knew that more information had come.

Not long ago, he had used his spies to gather information on the deaths of the higher-ups of the Holy Divine Palace in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

He had used a special channel to send a message to the clan.

After the confirmation, he received the news that Yi, the Chief of the Transformation Division, had died here.

This made Jiang Xian extremely terrified!

As the Chief of the Transformation Division, he had died in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

He simply didnt know how to react.

Earlier, when the Saints were fighting sky high in the Yunlun Mountain Range, he had gathered intelligence and verified it in the clan that the Chief of Saint Servant, Bazhunan, had been secretly controlling the situation.

This made Jiang Xian extremely anxious!

Even the battle of the Saint had taken place, but the “time change” that the clan had mentioned had yet to arrive.

If he waited any longer, he, Jiang Xian, might not even be able to leave the Yunlun Mountain Range!

His subordinate stood respectfully at the side.

He waited until Young Master Jiang looked over before reporting solemnly.

“Reporting to Young Master Jiang, according to the undercover investigation, many law enforcers are gathering near the Nine Dragon Range.

Even Sword Deity Rao is not guarding the Abyss Island Rift anymore.

Instead, she has personally led a team over.

“Among them, there is the Chief of the Physique Division, Wang Dachui, as well as other Cutting Path (stage) and Sovereign (stage) experts.

“In addition, the Chief of the Combat Division, Teng Shanhai, is still at the Abyss Island Rift.

His subordinates have already gathered 13 Higher Void (level) experts who want to do a deed of merit and seize opportunities.”

Jiang Xians mouth twitched when he heard this.

Rao Yaoyao and Wang Dachui, this combination, who did they target

Teng Shanhai had 13 Higher Void (level) as his subordinates.

If this power also entered the scene, then whoever they targeted in the Yunlun Mountain Range would die

“Where are the others”Jiang Xian calmed himself down and asked.

His subordinate respectfully replied, “According to the clans reply, the Spirit Division Chief, Yu Lingdi, is suspected to be trapped on Abyss Island.

The Dark Division Chief, Ye Xiao, is still in a state of loss of contact.

However, Three Incense Sticks have placed a Black Gold Bounty, so Ye Xiao should have already started her actions.

Currently, in the five domains of the continent, just the number of gold hunting token assassins who are rushing toward the Eastern Sky Realm is already in the double digits.”

“Double digits”Jiang Xians eyebrows twitched.

“This is only on the surface and now.

There should be more assassins coming,” said his subordinate.

“Who… are they planning to kill”

“Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou!”

Hearing this, Jiang Xian closed his eyes heavily.

What the hell was going on

Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou, who had the cultivation level of the Master (stage), and the Dark Division dispatched more than 10 gold hunting token assassins to kill him

So it seemed that Yi had died in the hands of Xu Xiaoshou

“Have you investigated Yis death”Jiang Xian followed the train of thought and asked.

“No,” the subordinate shook his head.

“The Holy Divine Palace hasnt figured out the situation yet.

Even if we have people in there, we cant get any information.”

Jiang Xian was silent.

Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou was too bold.

He dared to kill anyone…

Even if the Chief of the Transformation Division had his head in front of him for Jiang Xian to chop off, he, Jiang Xian, would not dare to do it!

It was because Jiang Xian knew how much trouble would be involved after the head was chopped off.

“Is there any other information”


The subordinate nodded, took out an envelope from his pocket, and presented it to Jiang Xian.

“A letter from Senior Jiang Chaotian to Young Master Jiang.”


Jiang Xian took the letter and felt a sudden fear in his heart.

An inexplicable letter delivered to him at this time gave him a premonition.


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