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“If theres nothing else, you may go.”

Waving his subordinate away, Jiang Xian opened the sealing wax, took out the letter, and open it up in front of him.

There were no words on the letter.

There was only a very complicated array pattern, which was dizzy to look at.


Jiang Xian looked up and down, but he couldnt find any words of introduction.

At this moment, the array pattern on the letter gave off a faint sense of summoning.

Jiang Xian seemed to have realized something.

He cut the skin on his fingertip and dripped a drop of blood on it.


The array pattern lit up and turned into a spatial passageway.

Jiang Chaotian, a familiar face, walked out.


Jiang Xian was shocked.

He looked Jiang Chaotian up and down and found the guard of the Cutting Path (stage) didnt conceal his aura at all.

He said in disbelief, “How dare you brazenly enter the Yunlun Mountain Range”

Jiang Chaotian was in a hurry and his face darkened.

He didnt seem to have rested well, but he seemed to have been shocked by some important information.

He couldnt calm down at all.


He explained in a few words, “There isnt much time left… Young Master Jiang, the time has come.

Rao Yaoyao is now rushing to the Lone Cliff with a large group of people.

The defenses of the Yunlun Mountain Range have been relaxed.

The demi-saint of our clan is interfering with the Cloud Realm World.

They cant detect me.”

Jiang Xian was silent.

The Jiang Clans demi-saint personally interfered with the perception of the Cloud Realm World.

Jiang Chaotian, were you talking in your sleep

He didnt voice out his doubts.

Instead, he calmly asked, “So, why are you here”

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Jiang Chaotian took a deep breath.

“To summon a demi-saint!”


Jiang Xian immediately staggered.

He almost thought he had heard it wrong.

He said in a terrified voice, “To summon a demi-saint Demi-saint from where”

“Demi-saint from our clan!”Jiang Chaotian added.

“Demi-saint, or… demi-saint embodiment, demi-saint will descending, Saint Statue” Jiang Xian tilted his head and asked, lowering his tone as he spoke, trying to keep up with Jiang Chaotians channel and lower the danger of this conversation.

“Demi-saint!”Jiang Chaotian gave the scariest answer without hesitation.

“Why”Jiang Xian widened his eyes and thought of a million reasons.

He couldnt understand why demi-saint was summoned so suddenly.

“Is something big going to happen in the Yunlun Mountain Range”

“I didnt manage to catch up with the battle of the Saint previously.

Our demi-saint is coming over to fight and show off our power”


“Demi-saint would never do such a thing!”!

There should be a big trap waiting in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

It was a secret that I had not figured out yet…

“For what”Jiang Xian lowered his voice and asked.

He couldnt summon a demi-saint just to kill the Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou, right

Jiang Chaotian didnt answer.

He raised his eyes in a half-confused and half-guessing manner and stared at Jiang Xians pair of ordinary naked eyes that were mounted on the sacred physique.

When he was in the Heaven Prayer Forest, Young Master Jiang lost the Three Loathsome Eyes.

Even when he was on the verge of death, he couldnt wait for anyone else besides him to save him.

At that time, Jiang Qi had made a very bold guess.

But at that time, Jiang Chaotian felt that Jiang Qis idea was too dangerous, and it was also somewhat unrealistic.

Now it seemed…

If it wasnt for the bait, why would Young Master Jiang leave the Northern Region and rush to Dongtianwang City

If it wasnt for the harvesting, why would Young Master Jiang participate in the Imperial City Trial, waiting for the time change here

After a long period of silence, Jiang Xian looked at Jiang Chaotian as if he had understood something.

He closed his eyes solemnly.

So, I was just a pawn…

He didnt ask any more questions, as this matter concerned a demi-saint.

The rest was not something that he could participate.

“Lets prepare for the ceremony!”

At the edge of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

In a location that didnt belong to the Imperial City Trial, amidst the clanging sounds of metal weapons, a bearded eight-fingered uncle carried a large sack and lightly stretched out his hand to touch the void space in front of him.


A wave of mysterious ripples spread out, and a layer of translucent barrier appeared in the void space in front of him.

The silhouette of the uninvited guest was faintly reflected.

“Is this theCloud Realm World…”

The scruffy-looking man seemed to be deep in thought.

He looked back as if he was waiting for someone.

However, after waiting for a long time, the person he was anticipating did not appear.

He shook his head slightly and cursed with a smile, “As expected, its not reliable…”

Without any hesitation, he put his fingers together.

The scruffy-looking man drew a line in front of him, and a spatial crack appeared.

He walked in.

In the next second, a crack appeared in the space inside the barrier.

His figure passed through the world of Divine Secret and entered the area of the Imperial City Trial.

Taking out a map, the scruffy-looking man positioned himself and looked in the direction of the Nine Dragon Range.

From afar, he could already see many familiar auras.

“Its very lively…”

After lamenting, the uncle carried the sack on his shoulders and swung his arms.

He began to run on the mountain without caring about his image.

For a moment, the clanging sounds of metal echoed in all directions.

Very soon, his figure disappeared into the mountains.

Not long after.


A crows cry came from the lonely mountain forest.

A dark figure descended from the place where the scruffy-looking man had entered the mountain.

Even though there was plenty of sunlight, this figure was still dark and did not give off the smell of a living person.

It was like a dead body.

The black figure was wearing a black feather coat.

Its skeleton was wide and its body was huge.

On its shoulder stood a three-legged black owl.

Its eyes were as black as ink as if the god of death was descending on the mortal world.


This was the first time Ye Xiao had officially appeared in the Yunlun Mountain Range since she lost contact with him.

She murmured emotionlessly.

Her face was shrouded in darkness, and no emotion could be seen.

“Very good.

Come, the more the merrier!”

After a long pause, the huge black figure moved forward.

In the vast wilderness, it seemed lonely as it chased after the traces of the people who had gone far away.

At the peak of the Yunlun Mountain Range, above the main seat of the Cloud Realm.

There was only a very huge spirit mirror in front of Yu Zhiwen, which reflected the confrontation between the two parties on the Lone Cliff.

Over there, there were many focal points that would inevitably set off a terrifying storm.

Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou, Holy Palaces Ye Xiaotian, Red Coat Ruler Rao Yaoyao, the Chief of the Physique Division Wang Dachui…

Yu Zhiwen leaned forward and stared at the spirit mirror with her pair of Star Eyes.

That familiar face that she had not seen for a long time was somewhat unfamiliar.

“You, how did you appear here…”

Yu Zhiwen couldnt believe it.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had been hiding for a long time, was unexpectedly exposed and caught by Sword Deity Rao with a large group of people.

There was almost no chance of escaping!

One of the Seven Sword Deities and the Chief of the Physique Division, Wang Dachui, without any preparations, how could a mere Master (stage) junior escape

It wasnt Yis death, nor was it an ambush.

He didnt make any preparations beforehand…


That was not right!

I was on the Holy Divine Palaces side…

Yu Zhiwen suddenly realized.

She immediately retracted her leaning body and smacked her forehead in annoyance.

She didnt understand why she was worried about the vicious Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou.

This was the fellow who killed the Chief of the Transformation Division!

Although she had long disliked Senior Yis behavior who always disguised himself as a girl and pretended to be a little loli.

Well, if they became enemies like this, it would be completely impossible to capture Xu Xiaoshou back to the camp of the Holy Divine Palace…

Xu Xiaoshou was really a genius…

What a pity…

Yu Zhiwen felt regretful.

She felt that she still immersed herself in her naive thoughts like before.

She kept telling herself that at this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was already a person on a different path, and she could no longer have indecent… yes, delusion.

However, looking at the nervous and awkward situation in the spirit mirror, Yu Zhiwen couldnt help but clench her fists, and her heart clenched.

“Itll be good if hes captured alive…”

She was extremely nervous as she muttered softly.

At this moment.

A voice suddenly came from behind, “Why not just kill him directly”

“Thats not very good right…” Yu Zhiwen replied unconsciously.

In the spirit mirrors main seat, there was the strongest divine array protecting it.

Outsiders couldnt enter, and only Rao Yaoyao and herself could pass through normally, so Yu Zhiwen wasnt on guard at all.

However, after saying half a sentence, Yu Zhiwen suddenly realized that something was wrong.

The voice behind her was clearly a male voice!

How could a male voice enter here

Sword Deity Rao was in the spirit mirror.

The only male who could break the Divine Array was Situ Yongren, but this was not Situ Yongrens voice!

Yu Zhiwen looked back in horror.


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