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“Okay, Zhou Shen…”

The corner of Rao Yaoyaos lips twitched, and she resisted the urge to mock him.

She knew that the other party might be stalling for time, but wasnt this also beneficial to her

Even if all of them went out, they could only capture a saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, and Ye Xiaotian, who had not committed any major crimes.

This was unable to fill her stomach completely.

“If you are called Zhou Shen, then you…” Rao Yaoyaos gaze swept through them one by one and finally landed on Lei Xier.

“How should I address you”

Lei Xier was as calm as ever, allowing the demonic wind on the cliff to brush past her silver-white hair.

That strange and mysterious God Devil Eyes rotated faintly, and a faint revulsion was reflected in her eyes.

The Rao clan… Lei Xier did not make a sound.

She did not want to answer such a meaningless question.

Furthermore, she disdained to be like Xu Xiaoshou and Ye Xiaotian, who created a meaningless fake identity, even if it was to stall for time.

Rao Yaoyao raised her eyebrows in surprise, clearly sensing the silver-haired girls hostility towards her.

She said, “You seem to hate me very much Have we met before”

The wind blew past.

Lei Xier pursed her lips and did not speak.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had no choice but to come out and rescue her.

Although he did not know if there would be any reinforcements coming, he guessed that theguidance, which was suspected to be Bazhunans, did not lead him to send them to their deaths.

Therefore, it was better to stall for some time now.

“Sword Deity Raos question is a little too much…”

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One sentence from him took away Rao Yaoyaos attention.

Seeing that the other party and all the law enforcers eyes were fixed on him, Xu Xiaoshou cleared his throat and pointed at Lei Xier.

“This person is mute.

She doesnt know how to speak.

Please forgive her.”

With a click, Lei Xier seemed to have been petrified.

She stood there for a long time before she turned her head with difficulty.

Her pupils became extremely deep as if they could swallow a person whole.

“Cursed, passive points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

The inconspicuous Night Guardian, who was among the law enforcer team, suddenly closed his eyes and let out a long sigh from the bottom of his heart.

Ever since Xu Xiaoshous first few words came out, that familiar scent made him conclude that the person opposite him was 120% the one he had been looking for but could not find.

For a split second, Night Guardian fantasized about how good it would be if he was wrong this time and Rao Yaoyao was wrong as well

However, it was only a split second before he came back to his senses.

The person opposite him was the enemy…

Looking at Xu Xiaoshou who was still stubbornly resisting, Night Guardian felt that the other party was powerless.

He could not help but recall the scene of him inviting Xu Xiaoshou to the White Cave.

If Xu Xiaoshou had chosen to agree at that time, to join the red-clothed and to become a member of the Holy Divine Palace, perhaps there wouldnt be such a situation where the two sides were at loggerheads.

“You were wrong in the end, Xu Xiaoshou…”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt a strange aura from the edge of the cliff.

using his “Perception”, he quickly saw the complicated expression that the Night Guardian sent him.

He smiled slightly to show his friendliness.

He planned to take a step forward and draw everyones attention back to prevent Rao Yaoyao from paying too much attention to Lei Xier.

At this moment, the hunchbacked second brother, Wang Dachui, who had been silently observing, jumped out.

“If Im not mistaken… with that Ultimate Life Demon Physique and God Devil Eyes, your surname should beLei” Although he was pointing at Lei Xier, his head was facing towards Rao Yaoyaos direction.


Upon receiving the information, Rao Yaoyao suddenly realized that this girls eyes were indeed somewhat special.

As for the Ultimate Life Demon Physique…

She didnt doubt the judgment of the Chief of the Physique Division, but Wang Dachuis prompt had reminded her of some of her previous speculations.

Some time ago, she thought that Mu Zixi, who was by Young Master Xus side, was the Ultimate Life Demon Physique, so she had sent Yi to probe.

It was this mission that sent Yi to the saint servants ambush and killed him.

When the word “Lei” appeared, Rao Yaoyao felt that her thoughts had been cleared even though the silver-haired girl opposite her did not admit or deny it.

Suddenly, many things could be linked together!

Xu Xiaoshou was suspected to be the demi-saints descendant, Young Master Xu, but the timing of his appearance did not match Young Master Xu at all.

The two had appeared at the same time.

The silver-haired girls physique was very similar to Mu Zixi, who was by Young Master Xus side.

However, after this meeting, Rao Yaoyao felt that they should be two independent people as there was no similarity between them at all.

In that case, the fact that she still fell into the trap of the saint servant and sent Yi into an ambush…

It was either due to the saint servant using the difference in the amount of identity information obtained by both sides, or he had used his “ever-changing” ability to direct blames on the demi-saints descendant, Young Master Xu and the people around him to make her suspicious of the young master.

Then, the saint servant used her suspicion and the unrelated Young Master Xu and Mu Zixi as lure to lead Yi into the fight.

There was no way to find a connection between the demi-saints descendant, Young Master Xu, and the saint servant, so she didnt take it seriously or care about it at all, which led to Yi not taking any precautions in advance…

Was this how the saint servant took advantage of her ignorance and carelessness to trap and kill Yi in the Yunlun mountain range

“Theres more!”

Rao Yaoyao felt that her mind was getting clearer and clearer.

When Yi died, she speculated that he was attracted by something, which caused him to not choose to run away immediately.

The reason, “Yi ran into Xu Xiaoshou and wanted to take him down”, might make sense, but it was a bit far-fetched.


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