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But what if…

Yi had bumped into the remnants of the Lei Family

“Yi knew about the Lei family tragedy.

If he had really bumped into the lady of the Lei family, his first reaction wouldnt have been to turn around and leave but to kill her on the spot to prevent future trouble.”

“After all, that incident had happened too long ago.

More than ten years had passed, and it shouldnt be dug up again…”

“Therefore, even if Yi really cant kill them, his second choice isnt to run.

Instead, he has to pay a certain price and try his best to take them down.

Afterward, he will leave the matter for me to deal with.”

“The most important thing…”

Rao Yaoyao looked at the silver-haired woman and saw that her cultivation level was at the sovereign stage.

It matched the characteristics of being weak, which had the ability to induce the illusion of “I can take her down”.

The information had all connected!

When Wang Dachui revealed that the womans surname was “Lei” and that the woman of the Lei family was standing together with Xu Xiaoshou, it was obvious that they were partners.

Rao Yaoyao could already imagine that the saint servant had used this girl as bait to take Yis life.

Furthermore, after catching Yi, the lady, who was the bait, was actually unharmed.

“What a big game of chess!”

Rao Yaoyao gripped the Cang Godhood Sword in her hand tightly.

She could not imagine how much the saint servant had secretly prepared for this.

Perhaps the process was similar to the battle between the saints that had been lured out from the sky above the Yunlun mountain range.

The plan ran rather deep.

After the battle, the only person who benefited from the battle was Bazhunan, but even he did not take much.

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Instead, everything that he needed to take was thrown out to the five domains of the continent by him.

He made everyone go crazy over the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, and he used this to start a bigger chess game.

Then, why did he want to kill Yi

This time, why did he let Xu Xiaoshou and this lady out again

Rao Yaoyao suddenly raised her eyes, and a calm expression appeared on her face.

She was even more certain that Xu Xiaoshou had dared to wait for her here because he had received guidance, and he had Bazhunan supporting him.

This time, after learning from the Battle of the Saints, the Holy Divine Palace had given her more support.

She, Rao Yaoyao, had also made more thorough preparations.

“Come!” She thought silently.

“If you dare to hide or wait, I will accompany you!”

Suppressing the raging fury of revenge in her heart, Rao Yaoyao looked at the silver-haired woman from the Lei family and said coldly, “So, you were the bait in that nights battle and also participated in it”

That night

Which night

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat when he heard this.

Then, he suddenly realized that Rao Yaoyao was talking about the night of Yis death!

“She figured it out”

“Startled, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou was truly startled.

He was not surprised that Wang Dachui, the chief of the Physique Division, saw through Lei Xiers sacred physique without any disguise.

The fact that Wang Dachui saw the God Devil Eyes was also not surprising to him.

However, Rao Yaoyao had figured everything out in such a short amount of time.

Even the fact that Young Master Xu and Mu Zixi corresponded with Xu Xiaoshou and Lei Xier was exposed


She might be able to imagine a similar result, but it was impossible for her to think through the process… Young Master Xu and Mu Zixis identities and everything in the First Pavilion in the Sky should not have been exposed.

Otherwise, at this time… she should have been so embarrassed that she was angered and directed her anger at him instead of targeting Lei Xier…

Xu Xiaoshou quickly thought of this, and then his expression changed.

This was bad!

If he could think of this, Mu Zixi… No, Lei Xier might not be able to think of this.

She might think that all her identity had been exposed…

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to turn his head and speak on behalf of Lei Xier in an attempt to stop her from inadvertently exposing her identity.

But at this moment, Lei Xier was no longer silent.

She looked at the hatred in Rao Yaoyaos eyes and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly.

A faint smile actually appeared on her face.

She was not stupid, and she had already thought of everything that Xu Xiaoshou had thought of from Rao Yaoyaos uncertain expression earlier.

Moreover, with this topic, she was able to easily provoke Rao Yaoyaos rage with just a few words.

“That night Which night”

“Oh, if even Sword Deity Rao has to conceal it like this, could it be… the night of Yis death”


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