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The night of Yis death

All the law enforcers at the back were stunned.

The onlyYi that could be mentioned by Sword Deity Rao and the saint servant… could only beYi, the chief of the Transformation Division, right

After a moment of silence, the law enforcer team began to discuss.

“It cant be Some time ago, I heard that a high-level law enforcer died in the Yunlun mountain range, but all the relevant information has been kept confidential.”

“Is theYi they mentioned really the… Chief of the Transformation Division that I remember”

“Speaking of which, it seems that the chief of the Transformation Division hasnt appeared in the past few days.

I can only see the chief of the Combat Division and the Physique Division.

I thought that the chief of the Transformation Division had accepted a secret mission, but now that I think about it… Im terrified!”

“Thats right.

Even the Dark Division chief, Lord Ye Xiao, hasnt been seen for a long time.

I heard that Ye Xiao and Yi have a very good relationship.

Well, its just hearsay…”

The team of law enforcers was originally strict and disciplined.

However, just like the situation where the flood of supreme treasures in the Yunlun mountain range had caused everyone to be very excited.

The information that came out of the silver-haired womans mouth was no less than the second bomb.

It suddenly ignited the guesses and conjectures in everyones hearts.

Paper can not hide fire, truth will come to light sooner or later.

Even though the higher-ups had been suppressing the matter, none of the lower-level law enforcers had stopped thinking about it for the past few days.

Who exactly died to cause the higher-upstoress the information so as to avoid causing panic

Now, from the enemys mouth, they had obtained an answer that everyone did not dare to believe, but they felt that it was almost the correct answer.

The law enforcers could not suppress their curiosity.

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Even if both sides were facing off, the situation would erupt at any moment.

Peoples emotions would also be difficult to control.

“Shut up!

“Do not speak during wartime.

Those who disobey will be executed!”

At this moment, Wang Dachui glanced at Fairy Raos ugly expression and immediately shouted, silencing the law enforcers behind him.

Rao Yaoyao also did not expect that the silver-haired woman in front of her would dare to speak up about this matter.

This was nothing more than her, the woman, admitting that Yi had died because of her.

Naturally, Rao Yaoyao understood the other partys intentions…

The other party was trying to stir up her anger so that she could no longer maintain her calm state.

For a person who needed to take a broad view of the overall situation, if she were to act impulsively at a critical juncture because of this, it was very likely that she would cause a certain piece of the situation to collapse, which would then affect the whole body and mess up the entire situation.

It had to be said…

“Youve successfully angered me!”

Rao Yaoyaos face was filled with frost.

The matter of Yis death was the biggest knot in her heart.

After that incident, no matter how well the mission was completed in the Yunlun mountain range, this matter was always like a fishbone stuck in her throat.

To Rao Yaoyao, this was a huge mistake that could not be forgiven.

It was the biggest flaw in what was supposed to be a successful final-stage outcome!

“Since youve already said that…”

Rao Yaoyaos gaze quickly swept past the three people in front of her.

She sneered, “Xu Xiaoshou, Ye Xiaotian, and you… are already trapped.

All of you can be captured in one go!”

She suddenly felt that there was no need to wait any longer.

Even if they could not wait for the real big fish, just the Lei familys lady alone was enough to match the manpower and time wasted by going all out this time.

Rao Yaoyao raised her right hand.

Behind her, the law enforcers were waiting solemnly.

Their expression had already returned to a solemn one.

Xu Xiaoshous heart stopped when he saw this.

He remembered this gesture!

When the Abyss Island Rift was spewing treasures, every time Rao Yaoyao raised her hand and gave an order, the great array would rise.

Even the treasures that contained holy power could not destroy it.

“Young lady, young lady, when its time to be cowardly, you really cant try to act tough…” Xu Xiaoshous thoughts were mixed.

He could understand Lei Xiers hatred towards the people of the Holy Divine Palace, but he also lamented that they were at a disadvantage… sometie really had to be that old bastard who cowered in fear and waited for the time to change the situation.


Before Rao Yaoyaos hand landed, Xu Xiaoshou let out a long sigh, attracting everyones attention.

This sigh was no longer his voice, it seemed to come from another stranger.

However, Rao Yaoyao, Wang Dachui, and the others felt that this sigh was strangely familiar.


Amidst the sigh, everyone saw the originally tall Xu Xiaoshou suddenly squirm and transformed into a little girl who was about the same height as Ye Xiaotian, Wang Dachui, and the others.

This cute little girl held a stick of candied haws in her hand.

After she took a bite, under everyones shocked and bewildered gazes, she quickly took two steps in three and jumped to Rao Yaoyaos side.

She mumbled,

“I say, Sword Deity Rao, youre too anxious.

Why do you think that my mission has failed even though I havent gone back to report the mission”

“What a great opportunity.

I could have hidden by their side, but in the end, you ruined it…”

The little girl covered her head with a helpless expression.

At this moment, the bystanders were all dumbfounded.

If they hadnt seen the transformation of the new little girl with their own eyes and knew that she was the saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, they would believe that the two of them were actually the same person!

Whether it was her clothes, habits, or behavior…

Or her expression, attitude, and tone…

This girl was a brand new person.

She was the chief of the Transformation Division that many law enforcers had seen from afar and some had even been teased by her – Yi!


Wang Dachui was dumbstruck as he stared at the familiar face that Xu Xiaoshou had transformed into.

On one side, he was on guard, but on the other side, he was delighted.

“Youre not dead You… are on a stealth mission”

Even with his brain, he could still think of something.


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