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This strike might not kill Ye Xiaotian, but surely it would shock him and cause him to make a move.

This would subsequently lead to an all-out war on the Lone Cliff.

Therefore, he could only quickly end the battle himself.


Without any hesitation, Xu Xiaoshou conjured the awakening skill of “transformation” behind him.

It was a ferocious Taotie Beast Head that could devour any energy.


In the disappearing state, this Taotie Beast Head consumed a massive amount of Xu Xiaoshous spiritual source.

At the same time, it was like the “Vanishing Technique” that would erase all traces in this world, it could not automatically attack the “Hand of Heaven Punisher” on top of his head.

“Partial disappearance!”

Of course, Xu Xiaoshou had thought of this point.

He changed to only conjuring a little bit of the skin on his finger.

It was not even one-tenth of the size of a fingernail.

It was completely unnoticeable that after he disappeared, there was an additional ability that Young Master Xu Deye had once displayed — the swallowing ability.

But it was this tiny bit of skin that had connected the disappearing state to the real world.

The dangling tongue of the Taotie Beast Head behind him moved as if it had smelled something extremely delicious.

It suddenly pounced forward.


It swallowed in one big gulp!

A third of the dazzling, incandescent white giant hand was swallowed!

Xu Xiaoshou felt a majestic and pure energy surge into his energy reserve.

In an instant, it overflowed and filled all the veins and cells of his body.

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He could not help but straighten his back and roll his eyes.

He was feeling so comfortable that he almost lost all his consciousness.

All his subsequent actions were halted, and he only let out a seductive moan.

“Ah ah…”

In the dark world, only the master of the bounded domain, Night Guardian, could see and hear.

He saw under the Hand of Heaven Punisher, the little girl Yi, suddenly disappear.

He did not know where she had gone to.

This looked very similar to Xu Xiaoshous ability.

After an instant, the Hand of Heaven Punisher had an unknown additional little flesh-colored spot.

The next second after the appearance of this little spot, the Hand of Heaven Punisher was torn apart from the middle.

It was as if it had been bitten by an ancient giant beast.

The power of the Higher Void (level) directly went out of control, and Night Guardian almost suffered a backlash.

This was not the end yet!

The Hand of Heaven Punisher was inexplicably broken, and a groan from a male suddenly sounded.

That groan of extreme comfort made Night Guardian feel numb.


What was going on

At this moment, Night Guardian even thought of Saint Servant Storyteller.

The first time he used the Grand Vital Energy to deal with Storyteller in the White Cave was mainly because he couldnt bear Storytellers sissy voice.

Now that the Hand of Heaven Punisher appeared again and there was such a terrifying groan.

This was…

An inevitable accompaniment


It went off course!

What ability did the opponent use to break his Hand of Heaven Punisher so easily

This didnt look like Xu Xiaoshous ability…

“Disliked, Passive Points 1.”

“Suspected, Passive Points 1.”

D*mn it!

D*mn it, d*mn it, d*mn it!

After waking up with that scream, Xu Xiaoshou had almost dug a hole to bury himself.

What he hated, even more, was that Feast had never eaten such magnificent and pure power of the Higher Void (Level).

This had caused him not able to react to the terrifying aftereffects, so he couldnt hold it immediately.

With the Breathing Technique… well, training, Xu Xiaoshous endurance had become extraordinary.

However, it was only after this extreme comfort that Xu Xiaoshous Perception, which had just recovered, “sensed” that the Taotie Beast Head behind him wanted to “Feast” again after a meal!

And obviously, he couldnt stop it in time.


Xu Xiaoshous thought was that he didnt dare to let it “swallow” anymore.

The energy reserve that was directly transformed by the “swallow” just now had almost cracked his energy reserve and caused his body to explode and die.

If he swallowed again, Xu Xiaoshou would “self-destruct” on the Lone Cliff without waiting for Night Guardian to continue attacking.

While the thought of stopping it wasnt a bad idea, when Xu Xiaoshou finally reacted and silently turned off this terrifying awakening skill…

Feast had finished it off in two mouthfuls!



Nothing unexpected happened.

The Hand of Heaven Punisher which had gradually disintegrated due to the loss of control of its energy turned into pure feedback and returned to Xu Xiaoshous stomach.

“Breathing Technique, breathe out!”

“Breathe out!!!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were about to explode.

He did not close his pores anymore.

Instead, he opened them with all his might and forcefully excreted the excess energy in his body.

Usually, Xu Xiaoshou would suppress his level one Breathing Technique of the Sovereign (stage), causing it to be in a half-closed state.

Otherwise, he would drain the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy in the vicinity with every breath he took.

If he did not shrink the pores all over his body, the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy would wrap him into a spiritual cocoon after taking a step.

Now that he no longer suppressed this fundamental passive skill, the Breathing Technique could be fully unleashed.

In the blink of an eye, the last two mouthfuls of spiritual energy that had surged into his body due to Feast were instantly released from the surface of his body.

“Breathe out…”

Xu Xiaoshou finally felt relieved.

He could clearly feel a thick layer of blood clots form on the surface of his body.

This was a result of the cracking and bleeding of the surface of his body caused by the terrifying spiritual energy that had entered his body just now.

After resolving the Breathing Technique, the phenomenon caused by the passive techniques of the Sovereign (stage), such as “Eternal Vitality” and “Transformation”, was restored to its original state.


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