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Chapter 108: Heaven on earth (1/10)

“Red Magical Poppy, tenth-grade spiritual medicine.

It can cause mild hallucinations and tastes bitter and astringent.”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by the sea of Red Magical Poppy near the door.

“Theres a lot of tenth-grade spiritual medicine in this place.

Is this the benefit of an Inner Yard Spiritual Site” he thought to himself.

“Red Magical Poppy free of charge

“But why this I couldve done with any other spiritual medicine!


“Just looking at it is making me feel dizzy!”

He rubbed his temples, then proceeded to walk through the sea of Red Magical Poppy to the main house.

This house also had a master bedroom and a guest room.

Just the guest room alone was bigger than the burned down main house of his old compound in the Outer Yard.

There were also countless scenic objects in this house.

There was an array pivot in the main house.

As long as he stamped on it with his Inner Yard Disciple Token Pass, he would declare ownership of this spiritual site.

Elder Sang had told him this before.

Xu Xiaoshou held the Elder Token Pass and entered the main house.

He was blinded by a plethora of colorful furniture.

It was a delicate room decorated in warm colors with all kinds of living amenities.

There was an unimaginable number of things inside.

A gigantic pink bed, a dressing table, a wine-red cupboard…

“Ugh, why does this feel wrong” he thought.

There were clothes everywhere in the room.

They were all well-tailored and made of a wide-ranging variety of materials, including silk, lace, and smooth cloth…

Xu Xiaoshou became more confused as he looked at all these things.

He picked up a piece of tiny red cloth with two strings attached to either side.

He could faintly smell a subtle, alluring fragrance from it.

He sniffed it up close, and a shocked expression came over his face.

“This… this is a pantie!”

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded by the panties of all different cuts and exotic styles that were around the room.

This experience had definitely expanded his knowledge of different panties.

“Does that mean someones staying here

“Then why was I able to get in if someones already living here I wasnt rejected by the protective barrier!”

Xu Xiaoshou was completely dumbfounded.

“Could it be that the original owner of this place was a woman, but she had some kind of accident that caused this house to lose its masters mark, disabling the protective barrier

“Or could it be that…”

Looking at the Elder Token Pass in his hand, Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep thought.

“It cant be!”

“If thats indeed the case, and there are elders out there that malicious, then the girls in the spirit palace are definitely in great danger…”

Putting this thought aside, Xu Xiaoshou tried looking for the array pivot everywhere in the room, but to no avail, which meant someone really did own this place.

He felt unbelievably awkward at having accidentally barged into a girls room and even seen all those embarrassing clothes on the ground.

If the actual owner ever found out….

She would definitely come after him!

“Id better get going.”

He hunched over, immediately planning to leave, but the backdoor of the house was suddenly pushed open, as if by a huge gust of wind.

The waterfall was raging outside the house.

It was obviously the same one hed heard earlier.

Xu Xiaoshou halted.

A girls room, a waterfall, next step…

Was she bathing

“Thats too much of a coincidence!”

A look of amusement appeared on Xu Xiaoshous face.

The rational side of his brain was telling him to head to the backdoor and leave, but his body was heading in the opposite direction against his own volition.

“Just one look…

“No! I barged into her room.

After all, if the owners around, I should inform her face to face, lest I get into more trouble later on.

“Hmm, thats right!”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded heavily and, kicking away the panties on the ground, he covered his eyes with his fingers and slowly walked toward the backdoor.


The waterfall roared like thunder, and there was a steam of hot mist that lingered on the deep hot spring like some divine gas.

He couldnt see anything at all!

Xu Xiaoshou closed his eyes tight, as he knew it would be morally wrong to look at her.

If he were to peek through his fingers, it would make the entire situation even more complicated!

Standing at the entrance, he activated his Sense to the fullest.

The hot spring was rippling, instantly attracting Xu Xiaoshous attention.

Following the sound of a few bubbles popping, a beautiful silhouette emerged.

Her jade-like hands were playing with her long silky black hair.

With her slender figure dancing slowly in the water, she looked like a fresh lotus.

She was so alluring that even a deity wouldve been seduced by her.

Xu Xiaoshou was deeply mesmerized.

He felt a few water droplets splash on the corner of his mouth, and they tasted kind of salty.

She was so beautiful he got a nosebleed, and Eternal Vitality was running like crazy to make up for the blood loss.

A slightly charming voice called out, “Is sister Su here Why dont you bathe with me first before you head out”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly came to his senses.

“No, I cant stay here any longer!” he thought.

“If I stay around, regardless of whether shell let me explain myself, this will definitely spiral into a gigantic mess!”

But before he could turn, a shocked voice came from the hot spring: “Whos that”

Xu Xiaoshou was paralyzed.

He couldnt help but open his eyes.

The hot mist before him was fading, and he saw a womanly figure turn around.

“Please dont!”

His pupils dilated, and he subconsciously stuck out a foot to walk forward.

Hypnotized, Passive Point, 1.

The notification on the information bar woke him up like a pail of cold water.


“An illusion!”

His foot hung limp in the air.

Before his eyes, there was still a woman turning around, but the picture in his brain was of a spiritual sword pushing into his throat.

If hed walked out recklessly, he definitely would have died!

“But…” he thought.

“What the h*ll is going on Why can I see two different sets of images

“Thats wrong.”

What appeared before his very eyes was an illusion, but Sense allowed him to see what was really happening.

“Thats right,” he thought.

“Sense is a passive skill.”

This woman obviously didnt possess the weird sealing power Mo Mo had.

A mere illusion couldnt stop his passive skills from working!

However, once the woman turned to face him, what emerged before him was a hideous and corrupted face.

Although Xu Xiaoshou was mentally prepared, he was still shocked.

“Im not looking, Im not looking!” he murmured subconsciously and turned around.

“Im here to talk to the owner of this spiritual site, with no intention to commit any despicable act…”

In his mind, the spiritual sword vibrated and immediately vanished.

A woman in a bathrobe appeared before him.

If he were to advance, he would definitely run into her.

If he stopped, then he would be exposed.

Hypnotized, Passive Points, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou steadied his steps and passed through the woman in the bathrobe, shattering the image.

“Heh, a piece of cake!” he thought.

“If you cant seal my passive skills or disable my information bar, then your illusion can never fool me.”

On the other side, a woman in a bathrobe looked at him, her expression changing from one of agitation to surprise.

“Why isnt my illusion working on this man” she thought.

“Is it because hes really not looking at it

“Thats wrong.

My illusion can rope a person in, even if they have their eyes closed.”

It was obvious that the illusion had failed to work on him.

However, none of this mattered anymore.

As the woman thought over what had happened, her eyes blazed with anger.

Her spiritual sword vibrated and directly shot at Xu Xiaoshou.


Xu Xiaoshou turned around without putting up a defense.

“Humph, are you trying to force me to stop attacking you” he thought.

The woman didnt bother going easy on him and went straight for his heart.

However, when she saw his face, she was shocked.

“Its you!”

She wanted to slow down her attack, but it was too late.

The sword pierced through his clothes, and she could no longer control its movements.


A crisp sound was produced as Glow of Sharpness and Recoil deflected the spiritual sword, and Xu Xiaoshous chest was barely pierced through.

His plan had been to crawl on the ground and moan in pain to gain sympathy first, then take advantage of the opportunity to apologize and leave gracefully…

However, when he got a clear look at the womans face, his mind was blown.

“Its you”


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