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Outside Lone Cliff.

At a certain point in time, five figures of young men and women flew over from the forest far away from the edge of the cliff.

Their appearances were plain and there was nothing special that could be observed from them.

When the five figures landed on the edge of Lone Cliff, the five of them stopped moving at the same time and looked at each other blankly.

It was as if they had an extremely specific purpose for coming here.

“This is the Lone Cliff”

“That cant be right.

If this is the Lone Cliff, how could there be no one here”

“Logically speaking, saint servant Xu Xiaoshous arrest warrant has already been issued.

This place should be the center of a storm involving the stowaway.

In addition, Sword Deity Rao should have sensed that something was wrong and led her team here… how could this place be so peaceful”

“God of Dumbness, what do you think”

The few of them looked at each other in bewilderment before turning to look at the young man in the lead.

The young man in the lead, who was called God of Dumbness, was in the Grandmaster realm.

Although he did not have any outstanding characteristics, he was the team leader of the five gold hunting tokens, Double Dumba*s.

Hearing this, Double Dumba*s looked around with his four team members.

His nose twitched and he said solemnly, “There was a big battle here.

At least, there are traces of cutting paths fighting…and dark attribute power”

“What about the people” A plain-looking woman, who was barefooted and dressed as a trial-taker, asked.

“Theyre all gone.

Most of the traces have been erased.

Its as if they have disappeared into thin air.

This meant that they either entered an extradimensional space or were sucked away by a space spiritual weapon… Of course, theres another greater possibility!” Double Dumba*s paused.

The people around him seemed to have thought of something at the same time.

They exclaimed in surprise, “Sky City”

“Thats the only explanation.” Double Dumba*s nodded.

He could not think of any other reason for everyone to vanish into thin air.

Following the situation, he could only conclude that there was a passage leading to Sky City.

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“Actually, I have a feeling that theyre still here…”

The barefooted woman, Golden Foot, frowned as she pondered.

She walked around the area and touched the space.

She felt as if she was separated from the truth by an invisible membrane.

“How do you know” The little boy behind asked.

“Intuition.” The corner of Golden Foots lips curled, and she said no more.

At this moment, their leader, Double Dumba*s, seemed to have sensed something.

He raised his head to the sky, and his expression became solemn.

“Someone is coming.

Hide well.”


No further explanation was needed.

The few of them disappeared into the way of the heavens, leaving no traces behind.

Not long after, two figures descended from the sky.

One was guiding a crane and the other was standing on the back of the crane.

The moment they landed, the person guiding the crane formed a seal with his two fingers and kept the crane in a telepathy space.

Within the way of the heavens, the five figures that merged into it were all extraordinary.

They began to use the higher void world to communicate with each other.

“Who are these two”

“Theyre so ostentatious and grand!”

“One is at the cutting path stage, and the other is at the higher void level.

Are they also stowaways Why dont they hide their cultivation level”

“Shut up! Cant you see that they dont need to hide their cultivation level This shows that theyre either conceited and extraordinary, or they have a high status and need not care about the rules of Yunlun mountain range… lets not talk about that for now.

The one without eyebrows is a higher void.

We need to prevent our higher void world from being discovered.”

With that last sentence, silence returned to the way of the heavens.

On the Lone Cliff, Bai Lian searched back and forth in bewilderment.

His spiritual senses seeped into the ground and the sky, but he couldnt find the people who should be there.

“Supreme Master, are we at the wrong place Isnt this the Lone Cliff”

As soon as he said this, Bai Lian sensed that something was wrong.

The scene of the Lone Cliff that he and his supreme master had seen on the spirit mirror was exactly the same as this place.

However, at that time, the spirit mirror had shown that there were at least a hundred people here.

Now that the two of them had arrived, the people had all vanished into thin air

“Divine World.” Mu Ling, who had no eyebrows, uttered a few words and did not speak again.

Divine World

The five gold hunting token killers, who were hiding in the way of the heavens, were stunned but immediately agreed with him.

Indeed, compared to the conclusion that there was a passage to Sky City, a Divine World appearing in the internal world and taking away everyone was a more realistic answer.

The “Cloud Realm World” that covered the Yunlun mountain range was divided into the external world and the internal world.

The external world was used for the trial.

One was only required to control the Path Principles of the Way of the Heavens to obtain rough feedback on anothers abilities.

The internal world was very deep and involved the divine secret of the path division.

Hence, this was also the reason why Double Dumba*s did not think of it immediately.

However, what made the five of them curious was…

Who were these two people

How were they able to come to such a conclusion immediately

Why was the eyebrowless higher void so familiar with the Divine World of the Holy Divine Palace He even knew the internal world of the Divine World like the back of his hand

“Everyone, be careful.

This higher void doesnt seem simple…” Double Dumba*s carefully mentioned in the higher void world that connected the five of them.

No one responded.

On the Lone Cliff, Bai Lian immediately reacted after he regained his calm.

However, he seemed to be rather puzzled and asked in return,

“The internal world of the Cloud Realm World”

“That cant be right.

Only people from the Path Division can open the internal world of a Divine World.

There are also many other restrictions.”

“With Yu Zhiwens strength, if she doesnt prepare for a few days, she might not even be able to open the internal world.

How could she… support us in such a timely manner”

The moment these words were said, the five people hiding in the way of the heavens became even more alarmed.

Who was this fellow

He was only a cultivator at the cutting path stage, yet he was able to understand the internal information of the Holy Divine Palace like the Divine Worlds legacy, including the restrictions and prerequisites


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