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The five gold hunting token killers boasted that they knew the secrets of this continent in great detail.

However, they did not know where to get information about the Holy Divine palace.

Therefore, the cutting path and higher void in front of them, made the five killers feel that the pair was more terrifying than they had expected.

“Everyone, be careful.

This cutting path isnt simple either…” Double Dumba*s hesitated for a moment and chose to remind them again.

This time, the higher void world did not remain silent.

A dull reply appeared, “Stop talking.

We all know.

Hurry up and shut up!”

Double Dumba*s stayed quiet.

In the real world, Mu Ling did not reply to Bai Lians words.

He only glanced at his disciple indifferently.

Bai Lian immediately lowered his head and thought seriously.

After a while, he suddenly realized something.

“Indeed, Yu Zhiwen has no time at all.

Supreme Master, do you mean that Situ Yongren has made a move”

“Yes, I also think highly of this young man, but he is a little arrogant…”

He still did not receive a reply.

However, Bai Lian was used to the way his Supreme Master communicate, so he did not feel anything.

He turned his eyes and swept his gaze across the surrounding space.

He was slightly excited as he said,

“Supreme Master, I can make a move and refine the Divine Path Principles in this space.

When the time comes, I can save all the trial-takers who are trapped in the internal world of the Divine World!”

“I believe that the Holy Power Treasures had attracted many trial-takers here and they are definitely in urgent need of rescue.

As good seedlings of the Holy Palace in the future, they can not be sacrificed in the battle for the Great Path!”

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He flipped his hand.

Bai Lian, who was used to not receiving any response, no longer waited.

With a sizzle, a white flame bloomed in his palm.

Hiding in the way of the heavens, everyone had already tacitly decided not to communicate with each other in the higher void world.

However, at this moment, a few exclamations suddenly burst out in unison.

“Infernal White Flame!”

“Hes the saint servant, Sleeveless”

“No, no, the saint servant, Sleeveless, is long gone.

He mentioned the Holy Palace… theyre from the Holy Palace Are they the emissaries of the Holy Palace”

“F*ck! Could he be one of the five great authorities of the Holy Palace, Bai Lian from the infernal lineage”

“Then the other one… isnt the saint servant, Sleeveless.

Hes the Holy Palace, Browless Mu Ling! Mu Ling is here too! This is insane! Whats going on”

At this point, the few of them seemed to recall the tacit understanding they had just had.

They shut their mouths at the same time and didnt say anything else.

“All of you, shut up…” After a long time, Double Dumba*s finally spoke out again in fear.

“Stop talking!” The moment he spoke, another muffled voice of fear sounded out.


The higher void world fell into silence once again.


On the Lone Cliff, Mu Lings cold gaze swept past, instantly scaring away the flames in Bai Lians palm.

“Your current identity is an emissary of the Holy Palace.

The appearance of the Internal World of the Divine World means that the Holy Divine Palace has encountered a powerful enemy.”

“Are you planning to oppose the Holy Divine Palace”

Mu Ling was just about to knock his disciples head, but when he thought of the fact that there were still people eavesdropping, he decided to leave him some respect.

After all, his disciple was one of the five great authorities of the Holy Palace.

“Then what should we do” Losing interest, Bai Lian withdrew his hand in boredom.

“Wait for an opportunity,” Mu Ling said.

He then turned his head to look at the forest behind him, seemingly unintentionally and did not say anything else.

Although Bai Lian was slightly startled, he understood what his supreme master was implying.

Their identities were certainly not suitable for them to make a move now.

They could only wait for other people to break the Internal World of the Divine World.

“Supreme Master is still the wisest…” Bai Lian sighed in his heart.

At this moment, he followed his supreme masters gaze and looked over.

His entire body suddenly stiffened.

“Clang, Clang, Clang!”

The sound of metal colliding could be heard from the forest not far away.

Then, a scruffy-looking man with a sack on his shoulder rushed out of the dense forest where he could hide his presence.

Subsequently, the man, who looked like a trash collector, landed on the path by the cliff.

He suddenly stopped and looked at the two figures in front of him.

There were people

There were people who arrived faster than him

On the other side, Bai Lian was already stunned.

He saw the appearance of the person clearly.

Eight fingers, a scar on his neck, a sloppy appearance, almost no spiritual source fluctuation, and an obvious high-level aura…


Bai Lian screamed in his heart.

He was so scared that all the pores on his body burst open, and white flames started burning on his body.

In the way of the heavens, the five gold hunting token killers were also shocked.

“The Eighth Sword Deity!”

“My God! Why is he here Didnt the intelligence say that he disappeared after he finished his business in the sky above the Yunlun mountain range”

“What is he doing here Its not like he cared about Xu Xiaoshous head… er, is he here to protect someone”

“Stop talking!”

“Oh oh.”

No one noticed that behind this scruffy-looking man, there was an obscure black figure hiding in the shadows of the trees.

After seeing the two people on the Lone Cliff who did not hide their cultivation level, the black figure froze for a moment.

Then, he silently tore through space and hid in the spatial fragment.

“He might not be Bazhunan…”

“I heard that theres a fake who is capable of passing themself off as the real person…”

“But he must be an enemy!”

Bai Lians thoughts ran wildly and it was difficult for him to calm down.

He was one of the five great authorities of the Holy Palace and his combat strength was not ordinary.

However, the saint servant was on the opposite side of the Holy Palace and the Holy Divine Palace.

His first impression of the sloppy Bazhunan was that he wanted to take the other party down, but he might not be able to do so.

At this moment, Mu Ling swept his gaze over the newcomer as if he did not notice him at all.

He looked back at his own disciple.

“There might be more people coming to this place.

Since we cant make a move, lets hide for now.”

Bai Lian frowned.

Spiritual light flashed in his mind as he thought of something.

This should be the opportunity that his supreme master mentioned!

Thats right.

Regardless of whether this fellow was Bazhunan or not, he was definitely an enemy.

He was definitely a stowaway.

And the saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, was now one of the enemies and stowaways.

Therefore, the appearance of Bazhunan might not be a bad thing.

He might be here to protect someone.

“He has the same thoughts as me…”

“But why does it feel a little strange…”

Bai Lian had mixed feelings.

It felt as if he was in cahoots with the mobs.

However, when he saw that the middle-aged man carrying the sack in the distance did not do anything strange, he extinguished the white flame on his body and pretended that he did not see this persons arrival.

“Supreme Master, where should we hide” Bai Lian raised his eyes and looked around.

“Since you are already at the cutting path stage, we can hide in the way of the heavens,” Mu Ling said indifferently.


Bai Lian did not hesitate at all.

He knew that this was a better choice than hiding behind a real object.

Immediately, with a swish, he and his Supreme Master merged into the way of the heavens at the same time.

After reaching the cutting path stage, the human body became more compatible with the way of the heavens.

One could temporarily stay in the way of the heavens and use it to comprehend the order of the great path.

However, this very practical ability was used by many experts at the cutting path stage and above to hide.

With the way of the heavens hiding them, those below the cutting path stage would find it almost impossible to notice anything unusual.

Bai Lian had just barely integrated into the fire-type great path before his thoughts turned extremely cold.

If he still had a real body, he would definitely be like a frightened rabbit that was about to jump up.

Because in this great path, he sensed his own kind hiding in the same place!


Bai Lian was so scared that he wanted to escape from the great path and return to reality.

At this time, his supreme masters friendly fire-type ability was sent over, as if telling him to be patient.

It was also at this time that Bai Lian calmed down, and only then did he notice that the five auras in this great path of space were more nervous, more anxious, and more restless than him!

“Thats right, I entered this space with a clear conscience while they had been eavesdropping covertly…” Bai Lian thought about how he still had his supreme master by his side and immediately stopped panicking.

He had been in the Holy Palace for a long time, so it was normal for him to be afraid of battles.

This was because his life and safety might be threatened if he was to head out alone.

Moreover, usually, it was near impossible for him to leave the Holy Palace with his supreme master.

However, now that he had his supreme master, Mu Ling, around, everything seemed to be easy.

In the awkward atmosphere, the five auras took the lead to send out probing greetings.



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