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Gu Qinger stretched out his hand, but he could no longer stop his eldest senior brother from leaping off the cliff.

That young man went down just like that

The people hiding in the way of the heavens and the spatial fragment all fell into a daze when they saw the reckless action of the young swordsman.

On the Lone Cliff, Gu Qinger, who was petrified at the edge of the cliff, took more than ten breaths before recovering from the shock.

“You left just like that”

Gu Qinger suddenly felt lonely.

He shrunk his shoulders and paced around the edge of the cliff, waiting anxiously.

Soon, he pulled out the Bewitching Demon again, and his expression became vigilant.

After losing his eldest senior brothers protection, his spiritual intuition was wide open.

He felt as if there were countless pairs of eyes staring at him, which made his hair stand on end.

“Hehe, everyone, do you really think that I, Gu Qinger, didnt notice you all Come out!”

Gu Qinger suddenly mocked in a low voice.

He held the famed sword tightly in his hand and looked up into the sky.

He noticed them

This sentence instantly shocked the nine people.

The nine people hiding in the way of the heavens and spatial fragment didnt even have time to react before they saw the extremely vigilant young swordsman let out a huge sigh upon seeing that no one responded and said, “Fortunately, fortunately, theres no one…”

“This idiot!” The nine people were speechless.

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After Gu Qinger, who was at the edge of the cliff, let go of his worries, he came to the edge and glanced at the sea of clouds.

He thought for a long time.

“Eldest senior brother!!!”

He held his hands to his mouth and called out loudly.

However, after waiting for a long time, there was still no response.

“He really disappeared…” Gu Qinger frowned.

At this moment, he felt that he was being targeted again, and this time, there seemed to be hostility…

Gu Qinger was a little nervous.


He held the sword and swung it around.

He felt that something was wrong, so he raised his hand and summoned the other eight swords of the sword wheel, forming an “Evil-slaying sword formation” to protect himself.

The swords were inserted into the ground, and clanging sounds were heard.

After feeling much safer, Gu Qinger looked around with a cold smile and shouted,

“I am Gu Qinger, a genius in the way of the sword.

I am twenty-one years old, and I have already become the sovereign in the way of the sword!”

“I am the second disciple of the Seven Sword Deity, Wen Ting, and the direct heir of the Burial Sword Tomb.

There is no one like me.

Who dares to provoke me!”

He waved his sword fingers, and the evil-slaying sword formation rose into the air, stirring out green sword energy.

“The gods and demons are invulnerable.

Evils, retreat!”

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

The sword formation vibrated violently.

However, there was no response… The air was still.

Gu Qingers face turned red.

Fortunately, this test did not provoke anyone out.

This meant that there was indeed no one around.

Everything was his own imagination.

“Its best if no one sees it…”

Gu Qinger waited for a while, but his eldest senior brother still did not return.

He calmed his heart and thought that since his junior brother was wasting time protecting his junior sister and his eldest senior brother was also wasting time exploring the unknown, this waiting time was a good opportunity for him to surpass the two of them!


Gu Qinger sneered and began to practice the sword technique.

He even started to practice the “Peerless Sword Dance” that his eldest senior brother and junior brother had never learned before.

After practicing for a while, no one came to Guyin Cliff, and his eldest senior brother still hadnt returned.

Gu Qinger stopped practicing.

A strange expression suddenly appeared on his face.

Thinking that this was a party that belonged to him alone, he ran to the edge of the cliff in time and laughed wildly at the sea of clouds with his hands on his waist.

“Hahaha, junior brother, do you really think that you can surpass me, your second senior brother, just by relying on your supreme sword body Dream on!”

“You would never have thought that the nine swords technique was just a cover for me.

I secretly sought guidance from the Supreme Master and practiced the ten thousand sword technique.

This is my main sword technique!”

After he finished speaking, he pulled out the Bewitching Demon and pointed at the sea of clouds from afar.

His posture was arrogant and willful.

“Eldest senior brother… No, Gu Qingyi!”

“One day, I will let you, Gu Qingyi, know that the nine swords technique and the ten thousand sword technique are the most powerful techniques in this world!”

“One day, you will definitely be defeated by my sword”

“One day, I will watch over you as you write theSword Sutra…”

Gu Qingers tone became a little weaker when he said this.

He suddenly restrained all his emotions.

Under the gaze of the nine people who were hiding in the way of the heavens and the spatial fragment, he paused for three seconds, and then suddenly exploded.

“Three hundred times!”

“I want you to write theSword Sutra three hundred times!”

“Hahahaha, hahahaha… Cough Cough! Hahahaha…”


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