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Ye Xiao, the dark division chief, could no longer withstand the overwhelming suppressive power.

She could not make a move because she knew that if she did, she would attract the Holy Palaces emissaries to stop her.

In addition to not being able to make a move, she could not affect the young swordsmans breakthrough either.

Ye Xiao felt like a subject meeting an emperor.

She could not raise her head at all under the pressure.

“What a terrifying Sword Will.

As expected of Ancient Swordsman, an existence that ignores levels…”

Ye Xiao did not resist and quickly retreated.

In the entire scene, the only one who still felt this surging to the point of materialization and formed a golden Sword Will was the scruffy-looking man.

Looking at the familiar splitting of swords and feeling the suppressive force that didnt belong to the first realm of the Nine Swords Technique, the mans face suddenly showed some astonishment.

“No! No!”

“This kid has grasped the power of the Nine Swords Technique and is already extremely familiar with it.

He definitely didnt comprehend the first realm of the Nine swords technique, Infinite Number, he…”

“He is breaking through the first realm of the Ten Thousand Sword Technique”

Thinking up to this point, the mans originally muddy yellow eyes couldnt help but lose their concealment, bursting out with dazzling brilliance.

On the Lone Cliff, Gu Qinger felt that at this moment, he was an invincible god!

Without his eldest senior brother, without the suppression of his supreme master, and without his junior brother chasing after him… He really enjoyed this feeling!

Moreover, his current insight was no different from letting him see the hope of surpassing the three greatest enemies of his life!

“Come, more!”

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“Right here, while you are all wasting your time, let me surpass you all in one go!”

A breath of pent-up anger was released from his chest.

At the moment when the golden light exploded to its peak, Gu Qingers entire body was revealed to be like a sharp sword that had been completely unsheathed, soaring up into the sky.


The golden Sword Will instantly spread out for hundreds of miles, and the sword cries spread out for thousands of miles.

Even the trial-takers from the distant Dragon Ranges could not help but look up.

They were then suppressed by the absolute suppressive power, making them prostrate on the ground and unable to move.

“Whats going on” Countless people were shocked.

It was like walking on the road and suddenly being stepped on by an intangible giant, making them feel despair.

At the same time, they could not help but feel wronged as they thought, “I didnt do anything, why are you targeting me”

In the sky, next to the Abyss Island Rift.

The 13 higher voids led by Teng Shanhai were still suppressing the possible risks hidden in the Abyss Island Rift.

He had received Rao Yaoyaos order that there was no extraordinary situation, so there was no need to rush the Lone Cliff because her side was already fully prepared.

But now…

This situation was too extraordinary!

If he did not pay attention to it, he would really be blind!

“Situ Yongren should have just opened the internal world of the Divine World.

Now, such a shocking Sword Will has erupted from the Lone Cliff…”

“The Eighth Sword Deity has made his move”

Teng Shanhais heart clenched.

He didnt dare to delay.

He led his subordinates, the 13 higher voids, and rushed to the scene in a swish.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

The violent sword cries could almost pierce through a persons soul.

When they adjoined, more than ten people were blinded by the golden swords that completely filled the Lone Cliff.

“What is this” Reverend Huang Yang was stunned as he looked at the Lone cliff enveloped in gold… No, this was simply a golden sea.

He did not understand what was going on at all.

“Sword Will, this level of Sword Will…” Granny Tianlings face was full of caution.

She believed that even if she wanted to forcefully barge into this golden sea of swords, she would have to retreat with injuries.

“So strong.

Did the Eighth Sword Deity make a move” Hong Dang, the Dragon Fighter, had no understanding of the ancient swordsman.

However, his intuition told him that it was best not to be involved in this terrifying power of the way of the sword.

Teng Shanhais heart sank.

His reason told him that by forcefully barging into this golden sea of swords, he would be able to pull out the blurry figure that could not be clearly seen as a man or a woman.

This should be able to break the other partys plan to destroy the internal world of the Divine World.

However, his emotions also told him that if he did that, he would be heavily injured!

“I dont have time to waste…”

Teng Shanhai had to protect his combat strength, but he also knew that Rao Yaoyao was fighting in another world that he could not see.

He could not let the power of the outside world affect their internal battle.

Therefore, the best way…

Teng Shanhai turned to look at the higher voids behind him.

“What do you mean by this” The higher voids took a step back.

“All of you attack at the same time.

Theres no need to fight seriously.

All you need to do is to find the person inside,” Teng Shanhai said calmly.

Seeing the expressions of refusal on the faces of the 13 people in front of him, he added, “Dont worry, you havent seen an ancient swordsman.

I have… the guy inside is strong on the outside, but weak on the inside.

Hes not the Eighth Sword Deity.”

However, he might be another ancient swordsman who had reached the Sword Deity level… The 13 higher voids cried out in their hearts.

“Whoever succeeds will be credited with a great merit.” Teng Shanhai placed a heavy bet.

As soon as he said this, the faces of the 13 higher voids changed.

They had come for the opportunity, and although the great merit promised by the Chief of the combat division wasnt comparable to the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, if they accumulated their merits a few more times, they might really be able to exchange for it.

“Everyone!” Reverend Huang Yang looked at his comrades behind him and tilted his head.

“Lets go together!”

“Ill accompany you.” Granny Tianling grinned.

People died for money, and birds died for food.

Spiritual cultivation practitioners should not stop for the opportunity of becoming a saint.

“Were ready!” Hong Dang, the Dragon Fighter, entered his battle mode and looked very serious.



The group of higher voids agreed as well.

They were prepared to forcefully attack and destroy this sea of golden swords.

Suddenly, an ordinary figure with an aura of a higher void appeared in front of them.

“Hold on.”

This figure only had a cultivation level of the cutting path stage, but he waved his hand and stopped the group of higher voids.

Teng Shanhai frowned.

A stowaway

Were all stowaways so open and aboveboard now

However, when he looked closely, the figure seemed a little familiar to him

“Bai, Bai Lian” Teng Shanhai exclaimed in shock.

The 13 higher voids were about to make a move, but when they heard the words of the chief of the combat division, they all paused.

They didnt know Bai Lian, but it didnt stop them from recognizing the noble status of this person.

“Holy Palaces emissary, Bai Lian.”

Bai Lian took out the Holy Palaces emissary token, not giving Teng Shanhai the chance to question him.

He asked, “Is this how you, the law enforcers, should treat the trial-takers”

“Trial-taker” The group of higher voids was stunned.

They did not know where the mentioned trial-taker was.

Teng Shanhai seemed to have realized something.

He looked at the blurry figure in the middle of the golden sword sea and asked, “Him”

“His name is Gu Qinger.

He is an actual trial-taker.

You can check on him since he has the trial jade pendant,” Bai Lian said calmly.

What kind of bullsh*t joke was this!

Teng Shanhais first reaction was that this was impossible.

How could a mere trial-taker create this golden sea of swords

However, as an emissary of the Holy Palace, Bai Lian would not lie…

Teng Shanhai immediately used his communication device and asked Yu Zhiwen, who was standing in front of the Spirit Mirror.

He received a reply from Yu Zhiwen, who was shocked when she looked at the Spirit Mirror of the Lone Cliff.

“Yes, he is the trial-taker, Gu Qinger.

Moreover, the emissary from the Holy Palace and I have met before.

His identity is not a problem too.”

Teng Shanhai was stunned.


He suddenly found a reason and said fiercely, “Trial-takers are not allowed to display cultivation level above the sovereign stage.

Otherwise, they will be taken down for violating the prohibition of the Yunlun mountain range.”

This was a new rule that included the ancient swordsman.

Teng Shanhai felt that he had found an opportunity and wanted to make a move again.

Bai Lian stopped him and said calmly, “He is only breaking through.

After the breakthrough, the momentum will disappear.”



The 13 higher voids were all stunned.

A mere trial-taker, with this momentum of a breakthrough, wasnt it too ridiculous

The corner of Teng Shanhais lips, which were hidden under the mask, twitched.

He could feel the increasingly majestic power of the golden sea of swords.

He saw that the Order of the Heavens had been assimilated into the power of the opponent under the influence of the Sword Will.

Even the Divine World, which was deeply hidden in the internal world of the Divine Path Principles, had begun to manifest, assimilate, and then disappear…

This would definitely affect Rao Yaoyaos battle!

Teng Shanhais eyes hardened.

He bent his knees and directly flew past Bai Lian toward the direction of the golden sea of swords.

Then, he casually threw down an explanation.

“Im sorry.

Recently, a saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, who is extremely good at imitating, appeared in the Yunlun mountain range.

Im not sure if you, the emissary of the Holy Palace, are genuine or a fake.

Moreover that bratsbreakthrough has clearly affected our battle plan…”

“I must stop him!”


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