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Teng Shanhais thunderous attack had exceeded everyones expectations.

The 13 higher voids did not expect that in just a few words, the chief of the combat division would actually take on the risk alone, just to race against time, instead of leaving it to his subordinates.

This made them have no choice but to refresh their impression of Bai Lian, the emissary of the Holy Palace who was at the cutting path stage.

Bai Lian…

Why did this name sound so familiar

Just when they thought that the chief of the combat division would take this matter to the extreme and that a mere cutting path would not be able to change the situation here, something unexpected happened.

Teng Shanhai barely managed to pass Bai Lian.

Bai Lian turned around tirelessly.

Before the other party approached the golden sea of swords, he stretched out his hand.

“World Within The Cauldron!”

He spat out the words calmly.

Powerful energy came out of the energy reserve and turned into a domain.

It then rushed toward Teng Shanhai and surrounded the higher voids in the arena.

Bounded domain

The higher voids were shocked.

A cutting path against a higher void Moreover, a higher void who was good at fighting

Bai Lian was seeking death!

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It was clear to everyone that Teng Shanhai didnt want to hurt him, but wasnt this emissary from the Holy Palace a little too arrogant

However, something even more unexpected happened.

Not only did Bai Lians bounded domain seal off Teng Shanhais movements, but after he attacked first, he shot a glance at Teng Shanhai, who was wearing the Cang God Armor.

White Flame suddenly ignited on Teng Shanhais body.


This light sound shocked the higher voids.

Infernal White Flame

They finally realized the reason why Teng Shanhai did not dare to attack Bai Lian and why was he rushing the process.

It was because he insisted on not acknowledging Bai Lians identity so that he could interrupt the ancient swordsmans breakthrough.

“Holy Palace, Infernal Lineage”

“Who can afford to provoke such a person”

After realizing this point, the 13 higher voids no longer had the intention to help Teng Shanhai.

With the current situation…

It would be better for them to watch the fight from the side instead of intervening!

They could also pray that they didnt draw the attention of the other party to themselves!

In the distance, Teng Shanhai, who was surrounded by the bounded domain and had his energy reserve burned through by the white flame.

At the same time, his spirit and will were in pain.

However, compared to the pain, he was more shocked and angry.

He turned around in anger and shouted, “Bai Lian, do you know what you are doing If Sword Deity Raos battle plan is destroyed, you must bear the primary responsibility!”

This furious shout resounded throughout the bounded domain, the “World Within The Cauldron”, scaring the 13 higher voids to the point that they kept silent.

They realized that Teng Shanhai really had his own reason for forcefully making a move, which was to cooperate with Sword Deity Rao.

However, Bai Lian was not scared at all.

After all, he had been scared by his supreme master, Mu Ling, ever since he was young!

He laughed coldly and said calmly, “Teng Shanhai, you still know that my name is Bai Lian”

He paused for a moment, and his eyes narrowed.

The aura of a person in a high position burst forth.

He flew up, looked down from above, and announced,

“Since you know that my name is Bai Lian, you should know that I am the director of the infernal lineage of the Holy Palace, one of the five great authorities of the Holy Palace.

I am on the same level as the Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace, Dao Qiongcang!”

“As for your combat division, one of the six divisions, you are under the jurisdiction of Dao Qiongcang.

You have violated one of the authorities of the Holy Palace with the title of the Chief of the Combat Division… you have violated the authority of the Holy Palace.

You have violated the authority of the Holy Palace.

This is the first offense!”

“You have the heavy responsibility of a law enforcer.

Yet you have ignored the life and death of a trial-taker.

You have used some nonsense as an excuse to put the future seedling of the Holy Palace in danger… you have failed to distinguish between the importance of different matters.

You have put the cart before the horse.

This is the second offense!”

“Knowing that the Holy Palace trial is imminent, during the imperial city trial, all actions are based on the rules of the Holy Palace, and the rest of the rules are secondary, yet you ignored the rules and put your own interests at the forefront… to act without respect, without restraint, this is the third crime!”

Bai Lian did not express his emotions, and his words were calm.

After listing the three crimes, he sneered and said, “I dont need to do anything.

With these three crimes of yours and my words, you will fall into the Dead Sea.

Do you know that”

When he finished speaking, the 13 higher voids were already covered in cold sweats.

It was too terrifying…

Was this the pressure of the five great authorities of the Holy Palace…

Before the fight had even started, the Chief of the Combat Division, Teng Shanhai, had already carried out three crimes.

If these were reported to the Holy Divine Palace, where rewards and punishments were clearly defined, it would definitely be considered a dereliction of duty!

After listening to these words in a daze, Teng Shanhai felt as if he had lost a mouth.

At this moment, he was like a mute, unable to say anything.

“F*ck, I havent even done anything and Im about to die” He thought.

“I…” Teng Shanhai almost lost the ability to speak.

“Have you calmed down” Bai Lian didnt give him a chance and interrupted him.

Teng Shanhai froze.

He wanted to retort, but the white flame burning all over his body made him feel pain.

He immediately said, “Ive calmed down.

You take away white flame first.”

Bai Lian snorted coldly.

He raised his hand and removed the infernal white flame.

Teng Shanhai looked behind him and asked, “Then what about this bounded domain”

Bai Lian laughed coldly and took back the “World Within The Cauldron”.

When an expert above the Sovereign stage made a move, they would either fly up into the sky or open up a bounded domain.

This rule was made by the authority of the first generation of the Holy Palace and the Lord of the main hall of the Holy Divine Palace.

He, Bai Lian, would not recklessly make a move and hurt the innocent.

He would not even allow a chance for others to talk bad about him.

Teng Shanhai exhaled slightly as if he had completely calmed down.

Then, he glanced at Bai Lian, who was standing with his hands behind his back.

When he saw the inquisitive gaze of the other party, he lowered his head slightly.

Very good, he was unprepared…


With this thought in mind, Teng Shanhai stomped on the air and charged toward the direction of the golden sea of swords with the help of the recoil.

In the Yunlun mountain range, he already knew who he should listen to.

Since the battle at the Lone Cliff had forced out the internal world of the Divine world, there must be a powerful enemy.


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