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“I…shouldnt…have turned… to look at him…”

Situ Yongrens thoughts were unusually slow.

A piece of the jade pendant on his body exploded, and the crystal shards scattered with abang, sparkling and beautiful.

The muscles on his face seemed to be under the impact of the airwaves, slowly rippled outward, twisted and strange.

His throat bulged.

Situ Yongren subconsciously opened and closed his mouth.

In the next second, dark red blood stains appeared on his bright and clean teeth and were slowly spurting out.



The devilish blood red slowly dyed the color of this world.

It made people realize that the great battle had already begun, the enemy had attacked, and there was no turning back.

“Theres no time!”

Xu Xiaoshou snorted coldly.

He did not expect that his aura, which could crush the will of a cutting path, could not even knock out a tiny Situ Yongren.

All he did was blow up a jade pendant on his opponents body.

Moreover, at this moment, his time delay was almost at its limit, and simultaneously, he was unable to rescue the “Night Guardian”.

After all, no matter how slow Rao Yaoyao was, the tip of her sword had already reached his face!

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This thought appeared in Xu Xiaoshous mind.

Under the effect of time delay, he could actually stand up from the space chair and take a step back.

Even if it was just a step away, for Rao Yaoyao and the others, under the unequal time, it would be extremely difficult for her to continue pushing the tip of the sword forward by an inch.

However, although he knew that he could retreat, he could not do so with the aura ofSwallow the Mountains and Rivers!

If he really had to take a step back, even if it was just one step…

Not only would the insufferably domineering aura that he had just accumulated dissipate on the spot, but “Huang Quan” would also no longer have any pressure on the surface, nor would he have any internal strength.

Even Rao Yaoyao could easily know that his identity as Huang Quan was fake and that he did not dare to challenge her.

Then, what could happen next…

Would be even more dangerous!

At this moment, Lei Xier seemed to notice that Xu Xiaoshou was in a difficult position.

As the only person in the arena who hadnt been affected by the power of time delay, she didnt hesitate to move.

The law enforcers had helpers…

Xu Xiaoshou was not fighting alone either!

In a short period of time, Lei Xier ignited her energy reserve and pushed her abilities to the limit.

The God Devil Eyes in her eyes were like gears that were embedded withtime acceleration.

At this moment, they spun and emitted a majestic black and white fog.

“Devils Might!”

Lei Xier opened her red lips and the power of the Devil Eye in her right eye reflected the charging Rao Yaoyao.

The world seemed to have gained a dark color at this moment.

No one could see it with their naked eyes, but at the bottom of the world that their spiritual senses could see, there was a black spider lily that bloomed in its prime.

Moreover, at the center of the flower tassel was Rao Yaoyao, who was pointing at Huang Quan with her sword.


Rao Yaoyao cried out in pain as devilish energy flashed in her eyes.

She was shocked.

She had never thought that she would be affected by the power of a mere sovereign, especially the power of “Devil Invasion”.

After all, when she practiced the Secular Sword, the first stage she went through was the “Secular Heart Refinement”.

After overcoming this stage, ordinary Devil Invasion power could not affect her at all.

However, the “God Devil Eyes” was never ordinary, not to mention that this was the power that Lei Xier had unleashed to her limit.

Right after the devilish energy flashed in Rao Yaoyaos eyes, Xu Xiaoshou, who had transformed into Huang Quan, could clearly feel that Rao Yaoyaos aura, which was very close to him, had changed!

In an instant, her face changed into countless expressions.

There was the delicate and pitiful appearance of a sorrowful woman, the seductive and charming appearance of a woman, and the dignified and holy aura of a fairy…

The seven emotions and six desires transformed into countless contradictory combinations as they were fully displayed on Rao Yaoyao.


In just an instant, an endless amount of devilish energy exploded from Rao Yaoyaos body.

She almost couldnt even hold her sword.

With great difficulty, she lifted her head and her body fell down.

“This is… the… power… of the God Devil Eyes”

Wang Dachui followed closely behind Rao Yaoyao.

He was the first to think that Rao Yaoyao would not be so easily bewitched because she had experienced the Secular Heart Refinement.

However, should she become bewitched, she would be even more unsolvable and out of control.

With the support of time delay, he turned his head and glared at Lei Xier, who had silver hair, behind him.

Lei Familys eyes were indeed not to be underestimated!

While everyones attention was on Huang Quan, the little girl tricked them from behind!

This girl must not be left alive!

As this thought flashed through his mind, all Wang Dachui could do was bend and raise his knee.

He was attempting to leap through space and use the recoil force to push himself away.

At the edge of Lone Cliff, Lei Xiers right eye was dripping with blood and tears, and her expression was very dispirited.

She had sensed Wang Dachuis intention to rush in her direction, but she knew that his actions would definitely not go as he wished under the influence of the time delay.

Moreover, the distance between the two was so long that it was enough for her to catch her breath before attacking again.

“Gods Fall!”

Lei Xier formed a hand seal.

This time, she had no choice but to form a hand seal to condense a small amount of spiritual source.

When she softly shouted the word “Gods Fall”, her left eye exploded like before, and a white mist instantly enveloped her entire body.

In the spiritual senses of everyone present, the black spider lily suddenly changed color and turned into a holy white.

At this time, the one who landed in the center of the flower stamen was Wang Dachui.


Wang Dachui, who only had time to complete a knee lift, felt as if his mind had received a heavy blow.

This glance from the God Devil Eyes was like the hammer of the thunder god, and it almost caused his will to collapse on the spot.


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