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Gu Qinger jumped off the cliff to commit suicide

In his disappearing state, Xu Xiaoshou was so shocked by this funny scene that his jaw almost dropped.

He could tell that the golden Sword Will that had infiltrated the battle between him and Rao Yaoyao was really released by Gu Qinger.

However, why did this fellow appear, how did he become so strong, why did he save him, and why did he commit suicide in shame after saving him…

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know the answer to any of these questions.

After all, he didnt know anything about the outside world.

He could only read “social death” from Gu Qingers expression just now.

However, currently, he didnt have the time to figure out why Gu Qinger had such a reaction.

Lei Xiers condition was really bad.

With her path level only at the Sovereign stage, forcefully controlling Rao Yaoyao and Wang Dachui had used up too much of her strength.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately landed beside Lei Xier after he saw the chaos on the battlefield.

Before everyone could react to Gu Qingers strange actions, he waved his hand and pulled Lei Xier into the Yuan Mansion World.

Lei Xier was the ultimate life demon physique after her life-devouring wood physique had been unsealed.

As long as she returned to the Yuan Mansion World and sat under the spirit mark of life for a while, she would be able to quickly recover her combat strength.

Xu Xiaoshou had finally opened his eyes to the power of the God Devil Eyes.

With a wolf in front and a tiger behind, he felt that he might really need Lei Xier to lend him a hand.

As for Greedy the Cat Spirit…

This little white cat had been secretly kept away by Xu Xiaoshou when he had transformed into Yi.

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Xu Xiaoshou did not know if Rao Yaoyao had discovered that Greedy the Cat Spirit was actually a real ghost beast.

He felt that the other party should have discovered it, but she did not care at all.

After all, even if the boss of Yama, Huang Quan, worked with the ghost beast, what had it got to do with him, Saint servant Xu Xiaoshou

“Headmaster, its time to find an opportunity to leave.”

Xu Xiaoshou, who had only revealed a little bit of the skin around his mouth, whispered in Ye Xiaotians ear after collecting Lei Xier.

He did not plan to take the headmaster into Yuan Mansion World as well, because he still needed the latter to lower his guard and accept him completely.

However, during the battle just now, he had played the role of Huang Quan very successfully.

Even now, the Dean was still a little wary of him, so how could he let down his guard so easily

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshou also believed that with the headmasters strength of the sovereign stage and the completion of Space Upanishad, having lost the shackles that were similar to the spatial world of Storytellers records just now, where could the headmaster not go

Ye Xiaotians body tensed up when he heard that.

Then, he relaxed slightly, but his heart was still uncertain.

“Xu Xiaoshou, hes still Xu Xiaoshou! He really turned into Huang Quan and deceived everyone…”

“No, maybe this is still Huang Quans scheme.

He still wants to take me”

Ye Xiaotian had long detected the spatial passageways power that flashed away just now.

Lei Xier had disappeared instantly because she was covered by this spatial power.

The only thing he was glad about was that this guy, who he wasnt sure was Huang Quan or Xu Xiaoshou, didnt use this method to recruit him.

Compared to placing his hopes of escaping the battle on a character who might be the eldest disciple of his outer yard, Ye Xiaotian was actually more inclined to protect himself.

Not to mention, whether the real Xu Xiaoshou was alive or dead, and whether he had really been replaced by Huang Quan a long time ago, were all questions that were hard to determine.

“Take care.”

Ye Xiaotian whispered to “Xu Xiaoshou/Huang Quan” who was somewhere.

Spatial power surrounded his body, and he was about to escape.

“Trying to escape!”

At this moment, Rao Yaoyaos cold eyes swept over.

With a flash of sword energy, she tore apart the mountain between the cliffs, interrupting Ye Xiaotians movements and almost sending him flying down the cliff.

To her, the most detestable person who had broken the Divine World had already jumped off the cliff, and his whereabouts were unknown.

In that case, no matter how chaotic the scene was, with the addition of a few mixed stowaway auras, she had to return to the earlier battle.

This was because the most crucial person, Huang Quan, had long disappeared without a trace in the previous chaotic situation.

However, the silver-haired woman with the God Devil Eyes also disappeared in the next instant.

This meant that Huang Quan was still here.

And the white-haired boy, Ye Xiaotian, had been with Huang Quan earlier.

As long as she could still capture him, she might really be able to force Huang Quan to appear.

Rao Yaoyao had expected this, so she raised her sword and rushed toward Ye Xiaotian without saying a word.

At the same time, everyone on Lone Cliff also reacted.

The only stowaway who revealed his true form was this white-haired boy.

Everyone immediately turned their eyes and hundreds of gazes were fixed on Ye Xiaotian.

They quickly followed Rao Yaoyaos figure and rushed forward.

The 13 higher voids under Teng Shanhai did not take action because this was not the credit that was promised to them.

If they forcefully took action, and an accident resulted in the persons successful escape was to happen, they might bear the responsibility of being “Partial”.

Bai Lian and Mu Ling were also indifferent.

Their eyes wandered around, searching for something.

Unless necessary, they also did not want to interfere in the internal affairs of the Holy Divine Palace.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was in the disappearing state, appeared anxious.

He was glad that he had stopped early and was not greedy enough to open a spatial passageway for the headmaster to enter the Yuan mansion.

This was because if the headmaster hesitated, Rao Yaoyaos quick reaction would really catch the spatial traces and expose everything.

However, at the same time, Xu Xiaoshou was also worried about the safety of the headmaster.

Under the disappearing state, he could have just run away, but he had fallen into this situation to save the headmaster.

If he ran away now, he would be like a stray dog, and also like a fence-sitter who sought ease and comfort over self-improvement.


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