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Ye Xiaotian thought as he gave Mu Ling and Bai Lian a look that expressed his rejection of their actions.

At this moment, Rao Yaoyao and Wang Dachui had already broken through “Close, yet worlds apart” and rushed over.


Ye Xiaotian stopped his actions and made a difficult decision.

He suddenly didnt want to fight anymore.

This was because he knew that even if he used all his combat strength and displayed a stance that would rather be destroyed than live in disgrace, he would at most be able to fight against Rao Yaoyao, Wang Dachui, and the others until both sides suffered heavy losses.

But for what

Why would he go to such an extent

“Im just a small stowaway who came for theSaint Origin Crystal.

Now that theSaint Origin Crystal is gone, I only have Aje on me and if I were to hide it, they wouldnt be able to find it.”

“If I really think about it, other than the stowaway stain, I didnt really have anything to do with Huang Quan.

I can let Rao Yaoyao investigate it as she pleases.”

“So, why dont I just surrender”

Ye Xiaotian felt that his conscience was clear and there was nothing to be afraid of.

If it was anyone else, they might have a reason to kill a stowaway.

However, he still had the identity of a former disciple of the Holy Palace in name.

Rao Yaoyao would definitely not be able to do much to him.

As for running…

Ye Xiaotian wanted to run, but he knew that Rao Yaoyao and Wang Dachui were completely focused on him.

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He could run, but what about after he ran

Wouldnt that be the same as having a guilty conscience

If the Holy Divine Palace accused him of being “Yamas accomplice”or “Saint Servants accomplice”, wouldnt the losses outweigh the gains

Ye Xiaotian thought of this and immediately raised his hands.

With a bitter smile, he said, “I sur…”

Before he could say the wordsurrender, he suddenly stopped.

Because he saw the ruthlessness in Rao Yaoyaos eyes!

The other party had completely seen through his plan, and the moment he opened his mouth, she raised the Cang Godhood Sword high up…

“Secular Sword!”

The delicate shout completely suppressed Ye Xiaotians words ofsurrender, causing him to understand that the other party did not intend to let him off.

“I can accept the normal red-clothed and white-clothed interrogation process, but Rao Yaoyao wont give me a chance.

She knows that I have a problem.”

“Through theSecular Heart Refinement, she can ask about Huang Quan… No, ask about Xu Xiaoshou.

None of this matters because I also dont know where Xu Xiaoshou went.”

“But, I absolutely can not accept theSecular Heart Refinement!

“Because I still have Aje, and I still have Qiao Qianzhi who is studying the secret of the divine puppet.

If they find out…”

Ye Xiaotians thoughts flew in a flash, and he understood Rao Yaoyaos plan.

Smart people could guess each others thoughts.

Under the opposition of both sides, how could they give each other a chance

“Im going all out!”

Ye Xiaotians raised hands suddenly clenched tightly, and he hammered down.

The Spatial Upanishad formation under his feet shone brightly, and the surrounding space suddenly cracked.

At this moment, at this critical moment.

Just as Ye Xiaotian was about to forcefully reject Rao Yaoyaos “Secular Sword”, a strange-looking young lady with a huge cauldron on her shoulder suddenly flew over from the sky.

The young lady was wearing the black robe of the trial officer.

She looked like she had accidentally passed by this place and then glanced down.

“Huh Isnt this my… Martial Granduncle”

She looked as if she had just seen the coming clash of weapons between the two sides, and then she suddenly dropped down.

With a flip of her hand, she raised her cauldron and stood between Rao Yaoyao and Ye Xiaotian.

“Sword Deity Rao, stop.

This is my Elder Ye.

Hes from the Holy Palace!”


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